BREAKING: AG Van Hollen stricken by sudden bout of decency and common sense

Staffers for Attorney General JB Van Hollen rushed him to a Madison emergency room earlier today after what one staffer described as ” a sudden, inexplicable seizure-like bout of decency and common sense “. DOJ spokeswoman Dana Brueck told local reporters ” it was really, really scary. He just suddenly started talking about how we […]

The United States: now backing ____________

This cartoon from David Pope really does sum up the efforts of the United States to “stabilize” the Middle East.

A draft of Scott Walker’s Labor Day speech

Via The Political Environment comes this gem. A reader dropped this off. She said she found it on the back of a George Webb’s paper place mat, and I spent the morning getting the hand writing verified by a palm reader south of town and at two area Walgreen’s pharmacies, so here’s the transcription, verbatim, with his […]

“The New World Horror” Fundraiser – A Film About Tea Party Zombies

So, we’re making a horror movie this summer about Tea Party zombies. Yeah, I know. Zombies are everywhere. Well this zombie movie is, hopefully, going to be different. It will have blobs, demons and of course, patriots. So unlike those Rants Without Pants videos you may have seen me on, we have decided to actually […]

Off the Square: Mary Burke’s Incredibly Moderate Campaign for Governor

I just had to share this.

Courtesy of Alan Talaga & Jon Lyons

Holy Shit!

I had no idea election fraud in Wisconsin was so ubiquitous until I read this story from Media Trackers from last November. Brace yourself because this will come as a shock.

65 charges of election fraud have been filed in Milwaukee since 2008! Holy shit! That means an average of roughly 11 per year! That’s […]

Taylor Palmisano is back with a new email asking for money

Just felt like sharing this parody email, in light of the bizarre fundraising email sent out by Gov. Scott Walker’s reelection campaign, and email that undoubtedly led to Walker campaign aide Taylor Palmisano being dumped from the campaign shortly thereafter for some racist tweets she sent out two years ago.



Westboro Mingle

This is hilarious. From the folks at The Shorts Show.

Burkeing Bad

Hey all you Blogging Blue readers. I was just sitting around the other day and suddenly got this great idea for a dramatic TV series, so I thought I’d run it by all of you to sort of ” workshop ” it as they say in the writing game. Here’s a synopsis of the first […]

Is David Clarke really Andy Kaufman?

As someone who lives almost 350 miles from Milwaukee and only gets to read about the ongoing and bizarre antics of Sheriff David Clarke, it seems entirely possible to me that he’s actually Andy Kaufman.

I don’t have any evidence to swing the question one way or the other right now,( and the beauty of […]

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