Why I’m convinced Darren Wilson is lying

In short, Darren Wilson wants us to believe that Michael Brown, after sustaining two gunshot wounds to the chest and one to the forehead, while facing Wilson, was able to muster the extraordinary and near superhuman will necessary to lower his head and charge Wilson from roughly 8-10 feet away, at which point Wilson had no choice but to pump one last round into the top of Brown’s head. It’s worth noting that former New York City medical examiner Michael Baden, (who conducted an independent autopsy at the request of Brown’s family), was more specific, saying that the forehead shot shattered Michael Brown’s right eye.

So not only did Michael Brown shake off the shot that shattered his right eye, he also shook off two shots to his chest before he lowered his head and charged Wilson.

I think that’s a great big load of bullshit. Here’s a more likely scenario.

There was an altercation at the patrol car during which Wilson quickly pulled his gun and pointed it at Brown. Brown, rather than attempting to gain control of the weapon to shoot Wilson, grabs at it in a failed attempt to keep Wilson from shooting him. Wilson shoots, striking Brown’s thumb. Brown flees as Wilson exits the patrol car and shoots again, which prompts Brown to stop, turn around, and perhaps start toward Wilson. Wilson opens fire yet again, from 20-30 feet away, striking Brown twice in the chest, once in the forehead, and then in the top of the head as Brown is falling forward, or maybe even after he’s already on the ground.

For an example of how St Louis area police will shoot a suspect who is starting toward them, continue shooting after that suspect is already on the ground and then lie about what happened, presumably in order to justify the shooting in the public’s mind, take a look at what happened to Kajieme Powell. Powell was shot and killed ten days after the killing of Michael Brown.

Shortly after the Powell shooting St Louis police Chief Sam Dotson held a press conference and said that Powell was within 2-3 feet of his officers, holding a knife high in an overhand grip, and reaching for his waistband when officers shot him. What Dotson didn’t know at the time was that a citizen had captured the entire event on a cellphone, and that the film revealed that almost none of what Dotson said was true. The video shows clearly that Powell is perhaps 6-8 feet from the officers, his hands are at his sides, and he does not, at any time after police arrive, reach for his waistband. Powell is shot by police at least twice after he’s already on the ground. It’s worth noting that Darren Wilson, in his interview with George Stephanopolous, claims that just as Michael Brown started back toward him after initially fleeing………….. wait for it……………….  was reaching for his waistband.

Either Sam Dotson knowingly lied to the press and public about the circumstances surrounding the killing of Kajieme Powell, or the two officers who did the shooting lied to Dotson.

And I think Darren Wilson is lying too.

Something is profoundly wrong here

Some of the controversy stemming from the killing of Michael Brown is due to the fact that we simply don’t know, and will almost certainly never know, exactly what happened in the final moments of his life. But such is not the case in the killing of Milton Hall, a 49 year old African American man suffering from both mental illness and homelessness.

Two and a half years ago, in July 2012, eight Saginaw Michigan police officers opened fire on Hall in what appears to be a mall parking lot. They fired a collective 46 shots. Hall reportedly had pulled out a pen knife in response to the presence of a police dog at the scene.  Watch for yourself.

This is somewhere beyond horrifying. Hall looked to be a good 20-25 feet away from the nearest cop. What is perhaps even more horrifying is that a Justice Department investigation found no evidence of willful misconduct on the part of the police officers involved. What? This is established standard operating procedure in police departments across the country? This is how they’re trained to deal with situations like this?

Something is profoundly wrong here.