An open letter to Sheriff David Clarke: Dude, get some help!

Dude, with all due respect, you’re a disgrace to law enforcement all over the country. Cheer up, snowflake? Really? The official Facebook page of the Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Department reads like a Christmas card from Tony Soprano?

And then you tell a gang of so-called alt-righters that you’d only reach across the aisle to get a democrat by the throat?

And four people have died in your jail in the last nine months?

And you threatened the Milwaukee medical examiner’s license?

And if you were the Director of Homeland Security you’d round up maybe a million Americans and send them to Gitmo? Are you aware that Gitmo has room for maybe 1,000-2,000 people, tops?

Listen, man. I taught a class on mental health at Lac Courte Oreilles Ojibwa Community College many years ago, and while I’m no psychiatrist, one doesn’t need to be a baker to recognize a doughnut.

Dude, get some help!

Oh Cripes: Twitter Diplomacy!

And no, this time I am not talking about President-elect Donald Trump. It’s the Russian Embassy!

President Obama expels 35 diplomats in Cold War deja vu. As everybody, incl people, will be glad to see the last of this hapless Adm.

I guess we don’t need diplomats anymore or ambassadors for that matter. We can essentially shut down the state department and hire a bunch of people with Twitter accounts and off we go…negotiating trade deals and cease fires or declaring war in 140 characters or less! How charming!

It will get really scary if Twitter starts to allow edits post publication, aina?

Late add (12/30/16 14:17): Mr. Trump’s reply:

Immigrants Need To Assimilate!

During the campaign and since the election of President-elect Donald Trump…as part of the undercurrent of the anti-immigrant rhetoric there has been the continued story that immigrants need to assimilate. That they don’t do that. But they do…they do it very effectively…even if it isn’t on the schedule that the right thinks is normal.

My paternal grandfather spoke German when he came to this country…but none of his children or grandchildren did (in retrospect I wish he had allowed a bilingual family). My maternal great-grandparents spoke German and Irish but none of their children or grandchildren did.

In the early 20th Century there were dozens of foreign language newspapers across the nation and I believe at one time Milwaukee had more German language papers than English. Those are all gone now.

So what is the fuss? Our memory is short. Many of the new immigrants will take on American culture as they add unique new aspects to it. It just might not happen as quickly as someone thinks it should.

But immigrants haven’t always been so good at assimilation. If they had you’d be reading this in Ojibwe right now!

Thinking About Voting Third Party?

No I am not going to bust your chops about a vote for a third party candidate is a vote for Donald Trump or Secretary Clinton or anything like that. I don’t care if it’s a protest vote or not.

But my one question to you is: If Dr. Stein or Gov. Johnson were to get elected, without party members in Congress, just exactly what do you expect them to do for the next four years?

TV station rejects pro-Johnson ‘cow manure’ ad

OK! Now we are starting to have some fun!

The pro-Ron Johnson super PAC Let America Work said Monday that a Milwaukee television station has refused to air an ad that includes an image of a steaming pile of cow manure and use of the word crap.

Let America Work senior adviser Graham Shafer called the decision by WISN-TV (Channel 12) “political censorship at its worst. It’s also comical hypocrisy.”

A notation of “copy unacceptable” was written in the ad file by a station employee.

I don’t have a whole lot of problems with the word crap and I hear it in public quite often…but I don’t think it is that common on very many over the air public media outlets. So I understand WISN-TVs reticence to air the ads. Clearly not doing so will cost them some money.

But here is where the real fun starts:

Shafer said: “When compared to the off-color language and indecent images that appear on WISN every single night, our ad is very tame.

He forgot to mention that most of the off-color language and indecent images are coming from their republican candidate for president…

Protect yourself from identity theft

Got this email today…sounds like something we should all be concerned about and maybe I should consider taking advantage of their offer.

When it comes to keeping your personal and financial information safe, it’s important to be proactive. Attend this 30-minute webinar, where our presenter will discuss:

Fraud prevention tips
How to reduce your risk of identity theft
Steps to take if identity theft happens to you

But here’s the amazing thing…this email was sent by the biggest identity theft artists of the past 10 years!

Who would that be? WELLS FARGO BANK!

Writing In Mike Pence?

After the recent cat controversies around Donald Trump plus his dismal showings in the debates…more than a few mainline Republicans have said they won’t be voting for Mr. Trump. But being mainline Republicans, they can’t vote for Secretary Clinton either.

So how does one cast a protest vote? They say they are going to write in Mike Pence. WTF? Mike Pence didn’t even run for president! Shouldn’t you at least write in one of the 16 other actual presidential candidates?