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Are New Bucks Owners Actually Putting Up Their Own Money

Recently the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel published an article about financing arrangements that are available through the National Basketball Association. And although the Bucks were quoted in the article saying they might use the credit facility to expand business opportunities around the new arena…some of the writing seemed to indicate that the $150 million that they’ve […]

Five Reasons A New Bucks Arena Isn’t Economically Important:

One of the debate points around building a new Bucks arena in downtown Milwaukee is the additional development that will occur in the general vicinity of the new arena. This despite no evidence that there was any significant development around the Bradley Center after it was built. It’s pretty much Major Goolsby’s and that was […]

Common Ground activists call Bucks owner Wesley Edens a “slumlord”

On Thursday leaders of the community organization Common Ground called Milwaukee Bucks’ co-owner Wes Edens a slumlord while demonstrating in front of a foreclosed and distressed house owned by a company under Edens’ control. Edens’ Fortress Investment Group owns a majority stake in Nationstar Mortgage, a mortgage services company. Edens is chairman of the company.


So let’s talk about the “economic impact” a new Bucks arena would really have for the City of Milwaukee

Yesterday it was reported Gov. Scott Walker supports the state of Wisconsin borrowing $220 million to help the billionaire owners of the Milwaukee Bucks build a shiny new arena from which they can draw greater profits to line their pockets, and the issue quickly became a hot topic among folks from both sides of the […]

A tale of two headlines, courtesy of Scott Walker

This just speaks volumes about the state of our state under Gov. Scott Walker.

While I understand that Gov. Walker’s decision to cut $300 million in funding from the UW system is not tied to his decision to borrow $220 million to help build a basketball arena for the billionaire owners of the Milwaukee […]

A little piece of my heart

What makes the end of the season for Green Bay yesterday particularly awful for me is the loss of solidarity in Wisconsin. For 20 short weeks, all of Wisconsin is pretty much united behind the Pack. Granted, we have differences of opinion about the plays, the coaching, the players and even the weather during the […]

Sen. Ron Johnson invites Jonathan Lucroy to State of the Union

Two of my great passions – the Milwaukee Brewers and politics – have officially collided in a big way, as U.S. Senator Ron Johnson has invited Brewers catcher Jonathan Lucroy to attend the State of the Union address next week. Brewers All-Star catcher Jonathan Lucroy is not an elected official, but that isn’t stopping him […]

New York Bozo!

This just cracks me up… On second-and-2 on the Green Bay Packers‘ opening drive on Sunday against the Dallas Cowboys, quarterback Aaron Rodgers called out an audible that — best guess — had a funny little double meaning.

“New York Bozo! New York Bozo!” Rodgers shouted as he scanned over the defense.

Hmm, let’s […]

Washington Redskins lose trademark protection for their offensive nickname

This is great news. In a major blow to the Washington Redskins, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office on Wednesday canceled six federal trademarks of the team name because it was found to be “disparaging” to Native Americans.

“We decide, based on the evidence properly before us, that these registrations must be cancelled because they […]

VIDEO: Hands down the best political ad of 2014

It’s likely this is the best political ad any of us will see this year.

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