Tea Party Radio Squawker Goes Over The Edge

Jay Weber of WISN AM radio got just a little out there recently when taking about the prescription pain killer problem at the Tomah VA hospital and Wisconsin Senator Tammy Baldwin and the slow reaction by anyone to solve the issue:

…every once in a while, one of the Milwaukee-area talkers crosses the line with something clearly objectionable.

Jay Weber of WISN-AM (1130) did just that a few weeks ago when discussing U.S. Sen. Tammy Baldwin, a Wisconsin Democrat.

“Maybe if those dead vets had been gay or lesbian, she would have acted — and they’d still be alive today,” Weber said.

I am not going to go into the obvious issues with Mr. Weber’s statement, but I do have one question for him:

How do you know that there aren’t any gay and lesbian vets at the Tomah hospital?

Shabby Real Estate Deals and M(B)illionaires!

This is absolutely one of the most bizarre letters to the editor I have seen in quite some time. Who is the billionaire in the room? Who is the epitome of shabby real estate deals? Donald Trump is the champion of the little guy? Go figure:

On Nov. 2, 1982, Bill Clinton was elected governor of Arkansas at a salary of $35,000 per year, four years after he and Hillary were involved in a shabby real estate deal with James and Susan McDougal’s Whitewater Development Corp.

Today, 34 years later, both Bill and Hillary are worth millions. Hillary says she is still fighting for the little guy. The ruling class is embracing the American dream; how is the little guy doing?

Is it any wonder the ruling class doesn’t want Donald Trump to end the gravy train? The train is overflowing with passengers who want to live the good life at the expense of everyone else.

Miles Dake

If the writer had said all of these things and then compared them to Sen. Bernie Sanders…well…it would have made some sense. But this?

Sheriff’s Associations Endorse Chisholm for MKE County DA

That partisan pariah (in GOP and Tea Party circles), Milwaukee County District Attorney John Chisholm has been endorsed for re-election by both of the Milwaukee County Deputy Sheriffs’ Association and the Milwaukee County Retired Deputy Sheriffs’ Association. Law enforcement officers think he’s doing a good job apparently.

“John Chisholm has been dedicated to keeping our community safe for the last two decades,” said Roy Felber, president of the Retired Deputy Sheriffs’ Association and business agent for the Milwaukee Deputy Sheriffs’ Association. “John Chisholm works tirelessly to improve our criminal justice system, and his leadership has allowed more resources to be directed to getting dangerous criminals off the street.”

Go figure…

Did Trump Break One of the Few Remaining Campaign Laws?

There’s a grand article or two running all around the internet and social media about Stephanie Cegielski who supposedly was a key advisor to Donald Trump who finally wised up and jumped from the campaign. In an open letter to Trump supporters, Ms. Cegielski opens with this:

Even Trump’s most trusted advisors didn’t expect him to fare this well.

Almost a year ago, recruited for my public relations and public policy expertise, I sat in Trump Tower being told that the goal was to get The Donald to poll in double digits and come in second in delegate count. That was it.

The Trump camp would have been satisfied to see him polling at 12% and taking second place to a candidate who might hold 50%. His candidacy was a protest candidacy.

And I am now taking full responsibility for helping create this monster — and reaching out directly to those voters who, like me, wanted Trump to be the real deal.

Well needless to say the left is having a field day with this…a Trump insider leaving the campaign and spilling the beans on the campaign and the person.

But I got to wonder about something. In the above quotes she said she was recruited for her PR expertise and met with apparently his campaign staff. But her actual job was with a super PAC. So was this illegal co-ordination?

Last summer, I signed on as the Communications Director of the Make America Great Again Super PAC.

That remains a legitimate question despite the Trump campaign’s denial of Ms. Cegielski and the apparent inflation of her role by Ms. Cegielski herself…from Snopes:

Complicating things, the headline appeared to contradict the body of the article. xoJane identified Cegielski as Trump’s “top strategist” in their title, but Cegielski identified herself as the “Communications Director of the ‘Make America Great Again’ Super PAC” in her open letter to Trump supporters:

Cegielski was identified as a “spokeswoman” for the super PAC in an August 2015 article published in Politico, and Cegielski called herself a “consultant” on her LinkedIn profile.

While Cegielski’s official title may be unclear, it’s certain that labeling Cegielski “Trump’s top campaign strategist” is incorrect. Cegielski worked for a super PAC (which, despite the name, is not legally recognized as a political action committee and by law cannot contribute directly to or coordinate with a political campaign, although they can use raised funds to campaign independently) and not for Donald Trump’s presidential campaign. [emphasis mine]

And the denial from the Trump campaign via Snopes:

Hope Hicks, a spokesperson for the Trump campaign, told Yahoo News that Cegielski was never employed by Donald Trump’s presidential campaign:

Evidently she worked for a Super PAC which Mr. Trump disavowed and requested the closure of via the FEC.

The “Make America Great Again” super PAC went dark as of October 2015 amid ongoing scrutiny of where the money was coming from and going to, and whether the committee had direct ties to the Trump campaign.

Given the nature of the Trump campaign it is hard to determine what can and what can’t be believed…but looking into funding for this super PAC and any cross pollination with the Trump campaign should get a cursory look see by the FEC or DOJ.

Go Back To Africa

Go back to Africa…a little bit if vitriol that should never have survived into the 21st Century.

Go back to Africa…something I wouldn’t be writing about except it’s being re-voiced by supporters of GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump.

Go back to Africa…being said to people whose ancestors have been Americans for generations…in most cases far longer than the familial lines of the racists who are shouting it.

Go back to Africa…go back to what? these people are wholly Americans!

And the response in some of the videos I’ve seen have included Go back to Europe…which often leaves the racists sputtering and only able to shout back F*ck You! But that isn’t equal…not by a long shot…my ancestors came here voluntarily…could settle anywhere they wanted…and could return home if they desired. They weren’t torn from their families and communities and culture and sold to slavers. If they were lucky enough to survive the journey to America they were trapped under institutional slavery. So by no means does Go back to Europe carry the weight that Go back to Africa bears.

The only maybe benefit coming out of the Trump campaign is the nakedness of racism and xenophobia in America being exposed for all thinking people to see. That we aren’t a post racial society…we haven’t yet attained the land of the free and the home of the brave…not by a long shot.

Go Back To Africa…when someone says that: they OWN Slavery.

Are They Right? Trump Is Obama’s Fault?

From the front page of the March 13, 2016 Sunday New York Times: Donald Trump’s Presidential Run Began in an Effort to Gain Stature

Donald J. Trump arrived at the White House Correspondents’ Association Dinner in April 2011, reveling in the moment as he mingled with the political luminaries who gathered at the Washington Hilton. He made his way to his seat beside his host, Lally Weymouth, the journalist and socialite daughter of Katharine Graham, longtime publisher of The Washington Post.

A short while later, the humiliation started.

The annual dinner features a lighthearted speech from the president; that year, President Obama chose Mr. Trump, then flirting with his own presidential bid, as a punch line.

He lampooned Mr. Trump’s gaudy taste in décor. He ridiculed his fixation on false rumors that the president had been born in Kenya. He belittled his reality show, “The Celebrity Apprentice.”

Mr. Trump at first offered a drawn smile, then a game wave of the hand. But as the president’s mocking of him continued and people at other tables craned their necks to gauge his reaction, Mr. Trump hunched forward with a frozen grimace.

After the dinner ended, Mr. Trump quickly left, appearing bruised. He was “incredibly gracious and engaged on the way in,” recalled Marcus Brauchli, then the executive editor of The Washington Post, but departed “with maximum efficiency.”

That evening of public abasement, rather than sending Mr. Trump away, accelerated his ferocious efforts to gain stature within the political world. And it captured the degree to which Mr. Trump’s campaign is driven by a deep yearning sometimes obscured by his bluster and bragging: a desire to be taken seriously.

So a thin skinned insecure megalomaniac takes on the political establishment to show he’s important? Did the fact that president was black have anything to do with his fascist race baiting or was that just a convenient usurpation of the prevailing undercurrent in the Republican Party? So when the rightwing pundits or Fox News say that President Obama is to blame for the Trump phenomenon, are they right?

If Kloppenburg Wins, This Might Be Coming To Wisconsin

Since Scott Walker’s Wisconsin often resembles Sam Brownback’s Kansas…a win by Judge JoAnne Kloppenburg might upset the current conservative majority on Wisconsin’s Supreme Court…we might see the Wisconsin legislature take up a Kansas proposal one more time. Like relaxing the requirements to impeach judges:

A bill declaring that Kansas Supreme Court justices can be impeached for meddling too much in the state Legislature’s business cleared its first big hurdle toward passage Thursday.

The Republican-dominated Senate Judiciary Committee approved the bill on a voice vote, sending it to the full chamber for debate. It’s the latest in a series of measures from GOP conservatives in recent years that have put Kansas at the center of a national effort to remake state courts.

The bill supplements a provision of the state constitution that says Supreme Court justices can be impeached and removed from office for treason, bribery or “other high crimes and misdemeanors.” The bill outlines a list of misconduct covered by the latter phrase, including attempting “to usurp the power” of the Legislature or executive branch of state government.

The committee rewrote the bill, with some supporters seeking to make the measure seem less of an attack on the state Supreme Court. But lawmakers are considering it amid widespread dissatisfaction among GOP conservatives with decisions in recent years overturning death sentences for convicted murderers and requiring lawmakers to boost spending on public schools.

“We have arrived at a point today in this country and this state where, specifically, Supreme Court justices have become kings, and there is no check,” said Sen. Forrest Knox, a conservative Altoona Republican and one of the bill’s 18 sponsors.

Can you imagine that? Kings wanting to spend more money on public education per the Kansas Constitution?

But this might not be as big an issue for Wisconsin since we elect Supreme Court justices and in Kansas, the governor appoints them…and they only come up for ‘retention’ votes every six years…so what is the much put upon legislature to do?

Four of Kansas’ seven Supreme Court justices were appointed by Democratic Gov. Kathleen Sebelius, who served from 2003 to 2009, and two by her predecessor, Bill Graves, a moderate Republican. Only one was appointed by current Gov. Sam Brownback, a conservative Republican.

Conservatives are expected to push this year for Kansas voters in the November election to remove four justices — two Sebelius appointees and the two Graves appointees.

Sen. Greg Smith, an Overland Park Republican and another sponsor of the bill, said he has little faith in retention elections as a check on the court. No Kansas justice has ever been ousted.

But this has nothing to do with the court…honest!

Smith also argued that the bill wasn’t an attack on the Supreme Court. At his urging, the committee added a similar list of specific grounds for impeachment for the governor, lieutenant governor, attorney general and secretary of state.

“It has nothing to do with court cases,” Smith said. “It is simply guidelines defining this term, ‘high crimes and misdemeanors.'”

Somehow I find that hard to believe.

Did anyone notice that there was no impeachment enhancements mentioned for the state legislators??? Can’t imagine how that go overlooked.

But let’s watch and see what happens this fall when Judge Kloppenburg wins…and let’s be prepared to fight back!

GOP Led Senate Finds Another Way To Avoid Doing Their Job

In their first approval of a nominee of President Obama since retaking the majority in the Senate, the Senate Banking Committee led by Alabama Republican Richard Shelby confirmed Adam Szubin to a post in the Treasury Department.

I am not sure what the total elapsed time from appointment to confirmation was but hearings were held mid-September 2015. But here are some of the doozy reasons that the majority party couldn’t confirm him earlier:

The committee’s chairman, Sen. Richard Shelby, R-Ala., had delayed action on Szubin’s and all other nominations before his panel, stubbornly refusing to act until winning his re-election primary last week. It’s the panel’s first confirmation vote since Republicans regained control of the chamber last year.

Seriously? The chair had to wait until he finished campaigning? Or was it a case of waiting until the people could voice their opinion at the polls?

The committee approved Szubin’s nomination on a 14-8 vote that reflected sweeping GOP opposition to President Barack Obama’s controversial nuclear deal with Iran, which involves the lifting of sanctions on the longtime U.S. adversary.

And because the Republicans don’t like the Iran deal, they held up an appointment at Treasury?

“I think he’s a nice man, and he’s obviously well-educated and qualified for a lot of jobs, probably that,” Shelby said after the vote. “But the policies he’d have to carry out, a lot of us oppose them.”

So because you don’t agree with policies, you don’t let the man have the job? You do understand how this works? SOMEONE in Treasury is carrying out these policies whether Mr. Szubin is there or not…but wouldn’t it be nice to make sure the person in charge is identified and qualified…which the committee actually admitted?

Naw…just the continued flat out obstruction of the President’s administration again and again and again.


Gannett Papers and Governor Chris Christie

In what may be an indication of what Milwaukee may expect from Gannett Newspapers when they complete their acquisition of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel…six of their New Jersey papers have called for the resignation of New Jersey Governor Chris Christie

Six New Jersey newspapers issued a joint editorial calling on Christie to resign following his failed presidential campaign and subsequent endorsement of Republican frontrunner Donald Trump.

“We’re fed up with Gov. Chris Christie’s arrogance,” the papers wrote. “We’re fed up with his opportunism. We’re fed up with his hypocrisy. We’re fed up with his sarcasm. We’re fed up with his long neglect of the state to pursue his own selfish agenda. We’re disgusted with his endorsement of Donald Trump after he spent months on the campaign trail trashing him, calling him unqualified by temperament and experience to be president.”

The newspapers — the Asbury Park Press, the Bridgewater Courier-News, the Cherry Hill Courier-Post, the East Brunswick Home News Tribune, the Vineland Daily Journal and the Morristown Daily Record, each owned by Gannett — published the call for Christie’s resignation a day after the governor held a contentious press conference where he refused to answer questions related to his endorsement of Trump because, he said, “I don’t want to.”

“For the good of the state, it’s time for Christie to do his long-neglected constituents a favor and resign as governor,” the papers wrote. “If he refuses, citizens should initiate a recall effort.”

The papers concluded: “New Jersey needs someone whose full attention is devoted to making life better for New Jersey’s citizens. That won’t happen until Christie steps down or is forced out.”

Some of this reminds me of our Governor Walker…at least the part about the inattention to the needs of Wisconsin and his protracted absences for his own campaign.

But then it gets worse for Governor Christie…the New Hampshire Union-Leader took back it’s endorsement of Governor Christie in his presidential bid:

The New Hampshire Union-Leader would like to take back everything nice it said about New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie.

“Christie was our bad choice,” Joseph McQuaid, the publisher of the paper, wrote in an editorial on Monday night. “Boy, were we wrong.”