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Wisconsin Progressives Need To Make Up Their Mind

After Mary Burke announced her candidacy for governor in 2013, the pundits and progressives across the blogosphere and social media were heard weeping, whining and gnashing their teeth about the hand picked candidate of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin. Everyone wanted anyone but the anointed Ms. Burke.

Some of us suggested that those unhappy […]

Root River Siren says farewell to the Cheddarsphere

This is so true… “When a college drop-out with 6 friends and staff members found guilty of corruption wins against a Harvard graduate from a proud Wisconsin family with global name recognition – there is simply no amount of snark or cleverness to make sense of this reality.

No photoshop magic can make it palatable […]

Republican State Rep. Scott Krug threatens to sue blogger for libel

As reported by Jessica VanEgeren of the CapTimes, Republican State Rep. Scott Krug is threatening to sue blogger Michael Leon of MAL Contends after Krug’s feelings were hurt by by a piece Leon wrote regarding efforts by Rep. Krug to support a proposed confined animal feeding operation, or CAFO, that will have at least 1,000 […]

A great post-primary review of two SE Wisconsin races

With the partisan primary elections officially largely in the books (with a few races left to recounts), there’s no shortage of post-primary reviews. This post-primary review from the Root River Siren is definitely worth a read, as it breaks down the race between Democrats Rob Zerban and Amar Kaleka in the 1st Congressional district, as […]

3000 doors?

The left leaning Cheddarsphere and social media in Wisconsin are all a twitter after Mike Tate released his statement that Wisconsin voters don’t care about the allegations of a Walker controlled ” criminal scheme “contained in the John Doe II document dump. People are outraged that Tate would say such a thing, but the real […]

Waukesha Wonk shutting down

Some disappointing news from within the Cheddarsphere, as Lisa Mux of Waukesha Wonk has announced she’s shutting her blog down for good, though it appeares she’ll still be maintaining her presence on Twitter.

Here’s what Lisa wrote regarding her decision to retire from blogging. Unlike many of my fellow progressive activists, I was not jolted […]

(Updated) Anyone who suggests WI Democrats should sit on their hands in 2014 is misguided

UPDATE: While I had initially referred to those who might “sit out” the 2014 gubernatorial election as a form of protest against the Democratic Party of Wisconsin as morons, it’s been pointed out that my rhetoric was overly harsh and inflammatory.

It’s no secret that I’m not a fan of having a Democratic gubernatorial candidate […]

Congratulations to Cognitive Dissidence!

Last week I noted that Blogging Blue had been named as one of the best state-based political blogs by the Washington Post’s The Fix blog, and so I’d be remiss if I didn’t note that Cognitive Dissidence has been added to that list. Chris and his fellow contributors at Cognitive Dissidence do some great work, […]

Fill the information void, Give Sly The Mic

By now you may have heard about the grassroots movement currently underway to return John “Sly” Sylvester to the airwaves after WTDY silenced him last week. “Give Sly The Mic” is an attempt to persuade the powers that be at The Mic 92.1 to give Sly his own show, so that Wisconsin Progressives can continue […]

Gov. Walker’s conjured jobs numbers were not actually confirmed by the BLS

I’ll give Fred Dooley credit….he’ll believe anything that comes out of the mouth of a Republican, whether it’s actually based in reality or not.

Not one for fact-checking, Dooley saw fit to attack Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett in a recent blog entry, claiming the jobs numbers conjured up by Republican Gov. Scott Walker’s administration were […]