Donald Trump’s New Year’s Message (Tweet):

Happy New Year to all, including to my many enemies and those who have fought me and lost so badly,
they just don’t know what to do, Love!

[copied from news account not actual twitter feed]

Does that actually sound like a uniter who will be president of all of the people or still an overbearing egotist who will continue to gloat (for how long)?

You won, get over it!

Too Bad That What Happens In Reno Doesn’t Stay In Reno.

A scuffle apparently broke out yesterday at a Trump rally in Reno when a self-proclaimed Republican protester tried to wave a “Republicans Against Trump” sign at the rally. Trump supporters reportedly attacked him and tackled him in an attempt to take the sign away from him. Somewhere in the melee a member of the crowd yelled “GUN” and the Secret Service rushed Trump from the stage. But there was no gun, there was no threat, there was just the usual storm around the groundlings at a Trump rally.

But it gets more interesting…the Trump campaign on several counts is calling this an assassination attempt and despite the fact that no weapon was found and no body has been taken into custody…they aren’t backing off of the story. I can’t understand why they can continue to get away with such nonsense.

Shouldn’t the individual who yelled “GUN” be held accountable? Isn’t this akin to the oft quoted yelling “FIRE” in a theater?

But let’s get back to the gun thing for an instant. Isn’t the candidate in full and total support of the 2nd Amendment? So shouldn’t a gun not be an unusual occurrence at a Trump rally? Shouldn’t we be assuming that many of his core supporters are packing? Why would a gun be a big surprise? Oh wait, only good guys with guns count.

And a number of videos are running around of the protester. Here’s an interview with Good Morning America.

Trump Turns His Vindictive Eye on Kasich and Cruz

Didn’t take 24 hours and Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump is turning on his former opponents…go figure (didn’t Gov. Walker tell him to avoid doing his stuff?)”:

Donald Trump is reportedly planning on bankrolling super-PACs that would oppose Gov. John Kasich (R-Ohio) and Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas), two of his former primary opponents who snubbed him during the party’s convention this week.

Bloomberg, citing one unidentified source, reported the Republican candidate’s plans to target Cruz’s and Kasich’s future campaigns on Friday.

The source said that Trump would be willing to invest $20 million or more into the project, which could involve one or two super-PACs.

And people think that Mr. Trump has the aptitude and temperament to be president?

One final quote:

“Are you allowed to set up a super-PAC…if you are the president, to fight someone?”

Let’s not find out!

The Star Isn’t The Real Problem

This has been making the rounds all week…Donald Trump (or the keeper of his Twitter account) retweeted an image of Hillary Clinton against a background of money with a red solid six pointed star…which contained the text: most corrupt candidate ever. The media and public and Anti-Defamation League went nuts saying it was anti-Semitic. I won’t weigh in on that at this point…but the campaign quickly replaced the star with a circle.

What is amazing is how Donald Trump keeps this thing alive…until you get down a little deeper. It isn’t about the damn star it’s about the original source…an anti-Semitic white supremacist message board…and the campaign’s repeated failure to vet the stuff that they are disseminating. In other words lazy shoot out of the ass from the hip and who cares. But it’s a continued failing and hardly presidential…not even good business for a self-proclaimed mogul.

Here’s some of the background context:

Trump on Saturday tweeted and then deleted a graphic that branded Hillary Clinton the “most corrupt candidate” alongside a six-pointed star evoking the Star of David. But the uproar only increased on Sunday when reports emerged that the graphic had first been posted on an Internet message board loaded with anti-Semitic conspiracy theories and neo-Nazi ideology.

“Dishonest media is trying their absolute best to depict a star in a tweet as the Star of David rather than a Sheriff’s Star, or plain star!” the real estate mogul tweeted Monday morning, in his first comment on the controversy.

“These false attacks by Hillary Clinton trying to link the Star of David with a basic star, often used by sheriffs who deal with criminals and criminal behavior, showing an inscription that says ‘Crooked Hillary is the most corrupt candidate ever’ with anti-Semitism is ridiculous,” Trump said in a statement.

Trump’s statement did not address the fact that the campaign tweeted an image that had previously been posted on an anti-Semitic, white supremacist message board. His statement also didn’t explain where the campaign obtained the image.

And that very last statement pretty much sums it up: “His statement also didn’t explain where the campaign obtained the image.” No control, no management, no responsibility, no ‘splainin’, NO TRUMP~

Rep Brandtjen Plays the Fear and Loathing Card

Representative Janel Brandtjen (R – Menomonee Falls) represents Wisconsin’s 22nd Assembly district which includes portions of Washington, Waukesha and Milwaukee counties…including a portion of the City of Milwaukee. Despite that it seems she only became aware of urban crime earlier this month when a police chase ended in Washington County and resulted in a lock down of the area while police officers searched for the miscreants. So she only became incensed because her constituents were at risk and the sanctity of their Washington county communities were violated.

Brandtjen issued a news release Tuesday complaining about how residents in her district spent last Thursday morning in fear for their lives as police searched for five teens who had carjacked a woman’s Honda Civic at gunpoint in Milwaukee on Wednesday afternoon.

Police spotted the teens shortly after midnight on Thursday morning and chased them into Washington County. The teens abandoned the car after it got a flat tire and fled on foot. Officers spent hours searching for them in the dark before finally capturing them without incident, according to a Milwaukee Journal Sentinel report.

Brandtjen said in her release that homeowners were held hostage in their own homes and “families were forced to unlock their gun cabinets and instruct their loved ones to shoot to kill. The violence and crime that has plagued Milwaukee for decades has now begun to spill over into Milwaukee’s suburbs. I lay the responsibility for this growing and out of control problem at the door of the Mayor’s office.”

No apparent concern for the victim of the initial car jacking but I digress.

What action does she want to take to prevent a reoccurrence? This is totally rich:

A suburban Republican lawmaker ripped into Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett on Tuesday and said she would push for funding cuts to the city unless steps are taken to slash Milwaukee’s crime rate.


Better answer would have been: Mayor Barrett is facing some serious issues in the City of Milwaukee and when I get back to Madison I will introduce legislation that will proved Milwaukee with the resources it needs.

Despite being caught up in the urban macro-environment that is seeing increases in street crime, how did Milwaukee get into the fix?

In response, Barrett’s office issued a chart showing state aid to Milwaukee has dropped over the past decade, even as the police budget has climbed.

And who is one of the representatives in Madison who votes on state aid to Milwaukee? Rep. Brandtjen…who represents portions of Milwaukee.

Beyond the obscene and ridiculous response to crime…Rep. Brandtjen is an elected official who we send to Madison to provide leadership…and solutions to the problems we experience in Wisconsin. This isn’t leadership…just another ideologue throwing a tantrum.

Vote her out!

Short Takes: Beer, Guns, Trump and UWM

I should be writing about a lot of other things tonight but I am lazy and watching returns and can’t even motivate to go to one of the five campaign parties I’ve been invited to.

The Boulder Junction Shooting Range, a non profit organization that runs one of the DNR gun ranges in northern Wisconsin blasts the state for changing the rules and starting a ban on alcohol at state owned ranges. I mean beer and guns…what could possibly go wrong! (yes I know they only sell alcohol after a shooter is done on the range per NRA suggested rules but…).

And although the big news about Donald Trump’s appearance at UWM yesterday surrounds the fact Milwaukee Police officers covered their names while patrolling the protests…to me the bigger issue was the UWM faculty attitudes. Several professors complained to the Chancellor in an open letter that the university should not have rented a theater facility to the candidate. That’s utter nonsense. The letter is correct when it states the fact that Mr. Trump is a racist, misogynistic, xenophobic, fascist…but he is still a candidate for president and he should be heard on campus…AND the campus should come out in protest just like they did.

OTOH: why didn’t the actual protest get any press??

Go Back To Africa

Go back to Africa…a little bit if vitriol that should never have survived into the 21st Century.

Go back to Africa…something I wouldn’t be writing about except it’s being re-voiced by supporters of GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump.

Go back to Africa…being said to people whose ancestors have been Americans for generations…in most cases far longer than the familial lines of the racists who are shouting it.

Go back to Africa…go back to what? these people are wholly Americans!

And the response in some of the videos I’ve seen have included Go back to Europe…which often leaves the racists sputtering and only able to shout back F*ck You! But that isn’t equal…not by a long shot…my ancestors came here voluntarily…could settle anywhere they wanted…and could return home if they desired. They weren’t torn from their families and communities and culture and sold to slavers. If they were lucky enough to survive the journey to America they were trapped under institutional slavery. So by no means does Go back to Europe carry the weight that Go back to Africa bears.

The only maybe benefit coming out of the Trump campaign is the nakedness of racism and xenophobia in America being exposed for all thinking people to see. That we aren’t a post racial society…we haven’t yet attained the land of the free and the home of the brave…not by a long shot.

Go Back To Africa…when someone says that: they OWN Slavery.