Ron Johnson holds event, only ten people show up

What happens if an elected official (a sitting U.S. Senator no less) held an event and ten people showed up?

I don’t know, but I suppose you could ask Republican U.S. Senator Ron Johnson. U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson’s first visit to the Viterbo University campus provided students with an introductory course on conservative politics.

The […]

Emails show Walker campaign treasurer John Hiller got inside information on real-estate deal

C’mon conservatives….defend this. The campaign treasurer for Gov. Scott Walker got detailed financial information from a top Walker aide about a real-estate deal he was bidding on, according to correspondence included in thousands of emails released Tuesday related to the closed John Doe investigation.

The probe, which began when Walker was serving as the Milwaukee […]

Green Bay Alderman Chris Wery demands condemnation of Islamic groups from Muslim citizen

Earlier this week Heba Mohammad, a resident of the city of Green Bay, sent this email to Alderman Chris Wery, a Republican who represents Green Bay’s 8th Aldermanic district on the Green Bay Common Council.

As shown in the email, Mohammad clearly articulated a valid concern about the ability of some voters in Green […]

Wisconsin “Jobs Coalition” attacks Democratic Assembly candidate….but not on the jobs issue

Recently the “Jobs First Coalition,” a dark money organization, sent out a nasty mailer attacking Democrat Dana Duncan, who’s running to unseat incumbent Republican State Rep. Scott “CAFO” Krug in the 72nd Assembly district. Because the Jobs First Coalition is registered as a 501(c)4, its funding sources don’t need to be publicly disclosed, but as […]

Co-chair of Republican National Committee: Wisconsin voters are dumb

This is sure to help Republicans build their base here in Wisconsin. Speaking at a Republican Party field office in Waukesha on Monday, the co-chair of the Republican National Committee talked up the closeness of the governor’s race in Wisconsin and the need to get Scott Walker supporters to the polls.

Sharon Day, the co-chair, […]

Brad Schimel’s cowardice

During a meeting Thursday with the Editorial Board of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Republican Attorney General candidate Brad Schimel showed his political cowardice by refusing to directly call his opponent Susan Happ a liar while standing by statements made by his campaign calling Happ a liar.

“I’m not going to accuse her of lying. But […]

VIDEO: Florida Gov. Rick Scott refuses to debate Charlie Crist because of a small fan

In one of the most bizarre politically-related situations I’ve ever seen, a debate between Florida Gov. Rick Scott and his Democratic challenger Charlie Christ was delayed nearly four minutes after Gov. Scott refused to take the stage because of a small fan located in Charlie Christ’s podium.

Watch for yourselves.

While I appreciate the […]

Scott Walker: “I don’t think the minimum wage serves a purpose”

I’m sure Gov. Scott Walker’s big business benefactors just loooooove this.

There’s absolutely no doubt in my mind that if the monied special interests who Gov. Walker serves had their way, we’d revert back to the good old days when workers could be forced to work as many hours as their employer saw fit […]

Sean Duffy’s Covert Ops Guy

This story is just too good to not post here. Sean Duffy’s campaign field director, Jake Thomforhda, has been put on leave after it was discovered that he misrepresented himself to the press.

I’m guessing Sean read too much “ Spy vs Spy ” when he was a kid?

A question for all you conservatives out there

It’s been roughly three days since the U.S. Supreme Court’s refusal to hear appeals on same-sex marriage in Wisconsin and four other states, and here’s a question I’m hoping our conservative readers can answer.

How many “traditional marriages” do you know that have broken down since same-sex marriage became legal in Wisconsin?

After all, didn’t […]

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