The myth of Scott Walker as a budget hawk

Over at the Milwaukee JournalSentinel’s “Purple Wisconsin” blogs, Jimmy Anderson has a great piece debunking the myth of Gov. Scott Walker as a budget guru. Here’s a snippet from Anderson’s piece. It’s hard to deny the numbers. Since Walker took over, revenues have consistently come in less than expected due to a combination of below […]

GOP continues to support #3 House Republican who spoke at white supremacist event

Well isn’t this awkward?!? House Majority Whip Steve Scalise (R-LA), the #3 Republican in the U.S. House, has Speaker John Boehner’s (R-OH) “full confidence as our Whip,” according to a statement put out by Boehner’s office. That’s despite the fact that Scalise spoke at a white supremacist event in 2002.

This sentiment is echoed […]

Scott Walker erroneously thinks he’s smart, speaks on foreign policy & immigration

Apparently Our Dumb Governor thinks he knows better than President Obama how to . Walker, who is mulling a run for president in 2016, joined a lawsuit earlier this month seeking to block Obama’s executive action sparing as many as 5 million people living illegally in the United States from deportation. Obama announced the action […]

The Political Environment: The GOP says Obama ruined everything…

This is brilliant! Here’s what’s facing the righty bench as it starts to take back the country: * A surging economy, reports The Washington Post today.

The U.S. economy grew at its fastest rate in more than a decade between the months of July through September, according to government data released Tuesday morning, marking the latest sign […]

Fox station deceptively edits protesters’ chant into a ‘Kill A Cop’ chant

Yesterday frequent Blogging Blue commenter Denis Navratil commented about protesters shouting “What do we want! Dead cops! When do we want it! Now!” Here’s Denis’ comment:

At face value, protesters screaming about wanting dead cops seems pretty awful, but what’s more awful is that the protesters in question never said anything about wanting dead […]

Was it really necessary for Gov. Scott Walker to call up the National Guard?

Calling out the National Guard to quell peaceful people protesting the use of violence is absolutely idiotic. ne day after more than 70 were arrested for protesting the Dontre Hamilton shooting, the National Guard has been called up to help.

A spokesperson from Wisconsin National Guard says soldiers are being notified of the call up.


State’s costs could exceed tax collections by $1 billion over two years

But remember, Gov. Scott Walker and the Republican rubber stamp legislature are fiscally responsible!

Over the next two years, the state’s costs to keep up its current services will outstrip its expected tax collections by more than $1 billion, according to the Legislature’s nonpartisan budget office.

The brief analysis by the Legislative Fiscal Bureau provides […]

Jessica McBride On What’s Wrong With Right To Work

(Yes that Jessica McBride)…in a blog piece for, Jessica McBride opines on all of the things that Governor Scott Walker can’t seem to make up his mind about. You can read the whole article if you like…it does have a certain entertainment value…but here are her opinions on the misnamed mission of destiny for […]

Scott Walker response to letter regarding Menorah: “Thank You and Molotov”

What a grade-A moron…

One Wisconsin Now dug up an undated letter that Walker sent in response to chairman Franklyn Gimbel’s request that he display a menorah during the holiday season:

Walker told Gimbel his office would be happy to display a menorah celebrating “The Eight Days of Chanukah” at the Milwaukee County Courthouse, and […]

Conservative activist Orville Seymer attempting to get government help erasing his debts

There’s a healthy amount of irony in this… Long a local government watchdog and critic, conservative activist Orville Seymer is now asking the federal government to help him sort out his money troubles.

Seymer – a top official with Citizens for Responsible Government — filed for bankruptcy last month, listing $147,126 in assets and more than […]

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