Cudahy Alderman Randy Hollenbeck caught lying about fake Facebook identity during 2013 election

On March 12, 2013, then-candidate Randy Hollenbeck posted a blog entry questioning why I had not answered questions posed to me by “Jon Schmidt.” In his blog entry, Hollenbeck wrote, “I have been asked by Jon Schmidt a few times why Zachary Wisniewski will not answer questions of this nature,” and while that sentence seemed [...]

Why is Scott Fitzgerald blocking oral chemotherapy coverage?

Why is State Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald blocking a bill that would mandate health insurers provide coverage for oral chemotherapy? I’m inclined to agree with Worley Dervish’s assessment.

Sister says convicted ex-Walker aide’s life is ruined

Cry me a river… The sister of Kelly Rindfleisch, the former deputy chief of staff for Scott Walker, has launched an attack on Milwaukee County prosecutors, accusing them of ruining Rindfleisch’s life with their John Doe investigation.

In a letter to the editor of the Baraboo News Republic, Anne Hollinsed said her sister can’t get [...]

Cudahy Alderman Randy Hollenbeck does a little Facebook “roleplay”

Earlier today, Cudahy Alderman Randy Hollenbeck took to Facebook to post a comment on this thread in the Cudahy Town Hall Facebook community. In his comment (which he appears to have deleted immediately after posting), Hollenbeck posted as if he were a teenager, not a grown adult.

See for yourselves.

I’m not sure how [...]

House GOP hypocrites: fans of “states rights” until states start passing laws Republicans don’t like

Apparently Republicans LOVE them some states’ rights when it comes to things like banning same-sex marriage, making it harder for people to vote, and restricting the ability of women to make their own reproductive decisions, but when it comes to issues like the legalization of marijuana, Republicans can’t help but step all over states’ rights. [...]

Leader of Catholic groups calls for liberal academics to be “taken out and shot”

During an appearance Wednesday on American Family Radio, Austin Ruse, the president of the nonprofit research group Catholic Family and Human Rights Institute, opined that liberal leaders of “modern universities” should “all be taken out and shot.” That is the nonsense that they teach in women’s studies at Duke University, this is where she learned [...]

What have Republicans in the legislature done this week?

Here’s a little recap of what Republicans in the Legislature have done this week.

Voted to get more money for their campaigns from lobbyists while they’re still in session. Passed a bill to make it harder for Wisconsinites to vote. Voted against military veterans and cancer patients.

Yep, it sure was a busy week for [...]

Paul Ryan cites ‘white nationalist’ to blame poverty on lazy men in ‘inner cities’

Well this is certainly something…

Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) on Wednesday suggested that men in “inner cities” who refused to work were one of the main causes of poverty in the United States.

In an interview with conservative radio host Bill Bennett that was first noticed by Igor Volsky at Think Progress, Ryan reflected [...]

GOP Chair Priebus discloses true nature of right-wing coordination for Scott Walker

And here’s GOP Chairman Reince Priebus admitting the state Republican Party coordinated political efforts with outside groups like Americans for Prosperity, tea party groups, and the Grandsons of Liberty, among others. [National GOP chair Reince] Priebus made his comments on a Saturday morning CPAC panel addressing how conservatives could fight and defeat organized labor state [...]

Sheriff David Clarke promotes crony despite past misconduct

This is absolutely disgraceful.

Milwaukee County Sheriff David A. Clarke Jr. recently promoted Nancy Evans to the captain overseeing airport security, even though Clarke’s own internal investigation found she had committed a “clear act” of misconduct in office just 18 months ago.

Prosecutors decided last year not to press charges against Evans because they couldn’t [...]

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