Thad Nation: “I run a firm with a lot of different clients. We work with both Republicans and Democrats and we employ Democrats and Republicans.”

Bruce Murphy of Urban Milwaukee has an excellent report on a recent revelation by blogger Aaron Camp that Thad Nation, the principle behind Nation Consulting, has strong ties to a number of right-wing organizations, including at least four that are funded either directly or indirectly by the Koch Brothers. Camp doesn’t like two of the […]

County Ethics panel finds Sup. John Weishan may have violated ethics rules

Well this is something… The Milwaukee County Ethics Board has found probable cause that Supervisor John Weishan violated the county ethics code by using tax dollars to send a mailing to voters in a state Assembly district where he later ran unsuccessfully for office.

A closed-door hearing on the matter had been scheduled for this […]

Sen. Tammy Baldwin will not return campaign money received from indicted fellow Senator

This is disappointing… A number of Democrats are returning campaign money they have received from New Jersey Sen. Robert Menendez in the wake of his federal bribery indictment.

Not U.S. Sen. Tammy Baldwin.

A spokesman for the Wisconsin Democrat said Baldwin will wait to see the outcome of the Menendez case.

“Senator Baldwin believes the […]

Wisconsin Democrats Go Stone Cold Tone Deaf

The Wisconsin State Assembly passed the Right to Work bill on Friday by a straight party line vote of 62 to 35. Since the bill already passed the state senate last week, Governor Walker has announced that he will sign the bill on Monday at Badger Meter in Brown Deer.

We all knew this bill […]

Marc Pocan: Democratic Party lost from fear to express progressive values

During an interview on February 7, 2015, Democratic Rep. Marc Pocan shared his thoughts on the path forward for the Democratic Party in the wake of its crippling electoral losses last year.

Report: Sen. Tammy Baldwin had report detailing excessive opiate prescriptions at Tomah VA for months

This is an absolute travesty. Sen. Tammy Baldwin’s office received an inspection report last summer detailing high amounts of opiates prescribed at the Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Tomah, but there is no indication her office took action on the findings until last week, when she called for an investigation after a news report revealed […]

Why did Sen. Tammy Baldwin vote for the awful CRomnibus bill?

On December 13, the Democratic-controlled Senate voted 56-40 to approve H.R. 83, the so-called “CRomnibus” bill, a $1.1 trillion, nine-month omnibus spending bill that will keep the federal government fully funded through September 2015.

Among the Democratic Senators who voted for the CRomnibus bill was progressive Sen. Tammy Baldwin of Wisconsin, and as the […]

Bar owned by Peggy Romo West closed due to delinquent taxes

A south side tavern owned by Milwaukee County supervisor Peggy Romo-West has been closed since Nov. 26, the result of a state action over unpaid taxes. A spokesperson for the Wisconsin Department of Revenue confirmed late Tuesday that Romo’s Silver City Sports Bar had its permit to do business revoked.

“Romo Enterprises LLC does […]

William Greider: How the Democratic Party Lost Its Soul

This is a must-readfrom William Greider of The Nation.

The blowout election of 2014 demonstrates that the Democratic Party is utterly out of touch with ordinary people and their adverse circumstances. Working people have known this for some time now, but this year, the president made the disconnection more obvious. Barack Obama kept telling folks […]

Stay classy, Mike Tate & the Democratic Party of Wisconsin (UPDATED)

UPDATE: I have received information that in addition to receiving a call from Doug Haeffle of the ADCC on Thursday morning, Chris Miller was contacted by Democratic State Reps. Andy Jorgensen and Steve Doyle after Miller sent out an email Wednesday thanking his supporters.

I’ve long had a bone to pick with the Democratic Party […]