Thursday Music: Black Angels: Linda’s Gone

More Thursday Music: Field Report – I Am Not Waiting Anymore

This is a great song and great video from Wisconsin based Field Report, fronted by songwriter and Eau Claire native Christopher Porterfield. This was filmed in Milwaukee, I’m pretty sure.

Thursday Music Twofer: Jackson Browne – The Rebel Jesus and Steve Carlson – A Hell of A Time

I had the distinct pleasure this week of seeing Mike McCabe write on his Facebook page that my Christmas song, ” A Hell of A Time ” reminded him of Jackson Browne’s ” The Rebel Jesus ” so I couldn’t resist re-posting my song next to Jackson’s. Thanks for putting up with me and Happy […]

Thursday Music: Cranberries: Zombie

What’s in your head…In your head…Zombie, Zombie, Zombie!

To all of my favorite commenters:

Thursday Music: Handel’s Water Music

Some festive Baroque music for you to enjoy on this family holiday. Happy Thanksgiving to each of you!

Thursday Music: Foo Fighters: Something From Nothing

Thursday Music: Jefferson Airplane: Volunteers Of America

For those of you in Madison…I think you know who you are:

Thursday Music: Tears of Rage Two Fer

the original from the BAND:

and my favorite from Gene Clark (of the Byrds) [altho this video is rather lame]:

Thursday Music: Bon Iver- I Can’t Make You Love Me.

Eau Claire’s Justin Vernon nails a heartbreaker.

Thursday Music: Counting Crows: Elvis Went to Hollywood

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