County Supervisor Wants Us Working On The Chain Gang

We all realize that this winter has been one of the hardest on our streets and highways. All of us have certainly hit potholes that rattled our filings when they couldn’t be avoided. But I am not sure that using inmates from the County House of Corrections to fill the potholes is the correct answer. [...]

Toll roads in Wisconsin? No, no, and no!

This is a terrible idea. The state spends billions of dollars on road construction, and the gas tax is not drawing in as much revenue as cars become more efficient.

WISN 12 News caught up with one lawmaker who believes the toll road solution is gaining support.

“Long term, we have to look at toll [...]

Hey Governor Walker, Wisconsin Isn’t A Best State For Business!

I am highly dubious of the various Forbes Best of lists…they seem contrived and simply audience building exercises…not real news topics. But in their latest Best States For Business…while our neighbors Minnesota, Iowa and Indiana are all in the top 25 states listed…Wisconsin is nowhere to be found. Just sayin’!

UPDATE: Where Are Our Train Sets: DOT Considers Hiawatha Service Expansion

From today’s Milwaukee Journal Sentinal (aka JSOnline) concerning expansion of the Milwaukee to Chicago Hiawatha route:

Encouraged by ridership that has doubled over the past decade and standing-room-only conditions on some trains, the Wisconsin Department of Transportation has plans to add three express trains to the Hiawatha route, boosting the number of trips a day [...]

Local Control and the Republican Wisconsin Legislature

Local Control used to be a sacred tenet…particularly in the Republican arena…and in a way it still is but the Republicans in the Wisconsin Legislature have a funny way of expressing it.

Because a certain county executive got in a snit about being stymied in his efforts to make county government over in his own [...]

Scott Walker’s irrational hatred of trains

Michael Horne of Urban Milwaukee has the whole story… Milwaukee’s ambitiously named “Milwaukee Intermodal Station” lands rail passengers inside a 1960′s shed that one would never confuse with the Gare du Nord.

The state is under federal orders to improve the station to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act provisions, and former Governor Jim [...]

If I Only Had a Train!

When Governor Walker killed the almost high speed rail between Milwaukee and Madison, he not only turned down the $800 million for construction, but he killed the jobs that went along with the train building and maintenance facilities here in Milwaukee. And of course the resulting economic development along the upgraded rail corridor and the [...]

Problem With Walker Budget Means Borrowing $1 Billion

On Friday the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel featured an article quoting the Wisconsin State Legislature’s budget office had reported that under Governor Walker’s budget proposal, the state would be required to borrow nearly $1 billion dollars over the two year period. Most of that money, $994 million, would go to the transportation budget. Now, I am [...]

Whither MKE Cnty: Maybe a County Convention Is In Order

Yesterday marked the first forum that I am aware of that was aimed to discuss possible futures for Milwaukee County. County Supervisor Deanna Alexander held a town hall to gauge the interest in changing the make up of county government. The article in today’s Milwaukee Journal Sentinel says that only about two dozen people were [...]

Whither MKE Cnty: Referendum? They’ve Already Lied to You!

As State Representative (and former County Supervisor) Joe Sanfelippo fine tunes his referendum to dismantle MKE County government as we know it, he’s now decided to only include the changes to County Supervisor pay and benefits in a binding referendum. This is his suggestion to reduce supervisor salaries to $15,000 per year compared to their [...]

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