VIDEO: Some of the awful, wasteful provisions of the CRomnibus bill

While there’s a lot to hate about the recently passed 1,606 page “CRomnibus” spending bill, here’s just a few of the key highlights.

Robert Reich on Job Creators and the Minimum Wage

More to come on minimum wage…but let’s start here on a rainy Sunday:

Stay classy, Meghan Dwyer (VIDEO)

While accepting a Midwest Emmy award on November 1, WITI FOX 6 reporter Meghan Dwyer was booed off the stage when she declared “Public schools suck!” during her acceptance speech.

Here’s Dwyer’s acceptance speech, complete with her rant about public schools.

And in a bizarre turn, in a post-show interview Dwyer claimed claimed she […]

Howard Dean: ‘Where the Hell Is the Democratic Party?’ (VIDEO)

During a recent appearance on Meet the Press, former Vermont Governor Howard Dean said he believes Democrats suffered a bad midterm election because they lacked a clear message. “Where the hell is the Democratic party?” Dean asked. “You’ve got to stand for something if you want to win.” Here’s video of Dean’s appearance on Meet […]

A conservative defense of President Obama’s first term in office

During an appearance on Real Time with Bill Maher, conservative John Avlon praised the job President Barack Obama has done during his two terms in office. “We are ten days out and there is a sense that President Obama’s poll numbers are down,” said John Avlan. “They are around forty percent. So everyone is running […]

Gov. Scott Walker: using “divide and conquer” to the bitter end

At a campaign appearance today in Pewaukee, Gov. Scott Walker continued the “divide and conquer” rhetoric he’s made a hallmark of his political career. In the tightest race of his political career, Republican Gov. Scott Walker turned up the rhetoric Thursday by saying many voters in the liberal bastion of Madison are driven by anger […]

New Burke ad: “Tara”

This is an excellent ad.

Unfortunately Tara’s story is a story that hits close to home for many Wisconsin families.

VIDEO: A public servant shares her story of Act 10’s impact on her family

This is a powerful video.

My own thoughts on the impact of Act 10 on public employees are well-documented, but Monologues of Dissent summed up my thoughts perfectly. This is my boat, and the boat of so many other state workers who were barely getting by prior to the “modest concessions” and cuts imposed […]

Mary Burke has two nice things to say about Gov. Scott Walker (VIDEO)

During her interview this week with the Editorial Board of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Democratic gubernatorial candidate Mary Burke was asked to name a “couple of admirable traits” about Gov. Scott Walker. Here’s what Burke came up with.


VIDEO: Florida Gov. Rick Scott refuses to debate Charlie Crist because of a small fan

In one of the most bizarre politically-related situations I’ve ever seen, a debate between Florida Gov. Rick Scott and his Democratic challenger Charlie Christ was delayed nearly four minutes after Gov. Scott refused to take the stage because of a small fan located in Charlie Christ’s podium.

Watch for yourselves.

While I appreciate the […]

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