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March 2015
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Republican State Representative: Watching Rape Makes a Great Party (VIDEO)

Watch as Connecticut Republican State Rep. Mike Bocchino joked that witnessing rape makes for “a great party.”

Kathleen Vinehout endorses Martha Laning for DPW Chair (VIDEO)

During an interview with WisconsinEye on March 19, Democratic State Senator Kathleen Vinehout shared her thoughts on the state of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin. During that interview, Sen. Vinehout endorsed former Democratic State Senate candidate Martha Laning to replace Mike Tate as Chairperson of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin.

Here’s Sen. Vinehout’s interview. Her […]

VIDEO: Seth Meyers absolutely skewers Senator Ted Cruz

On Tuesday Republican Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas appeared on “Late Night with Seth Meyers,” where Meyers took the opportunity to absolutely skewer Cruz. Watch for yourselves.

Ronald Reagan: Collective Bargaining = Freedom (VIDEO)

I’m sure I’ve shared this here before, but it seems appropriate given efforts by Republicans here in Wisconsin to weaken labor unions.

VIDEO: Scott Walker compares peaceful labor protesters to ISIS terrorists

Protesters = Isis?

While addressing attendees of the Conservative Political Action Conference on Thursday, Gov. Scott Walker was asked by an audience member to explain how he’d deal with the threat of the ISIS if he were elected president. Walker started his response by noting he receives FBI threat briefings from his adjutant general before pivoting and asserting […]

“Democrat” Dan Adams badmouths possibility of 2016 Senate run by Russ Feingold (VIDEO)

UPDATE: After posting the original piece, I was contacted by someone with knowledge of Chris Abele’s intentions, and it was made clear Chris Abele has absolutely no intentions of running for the United States Senate in 2016.

During a February 22 appearance on Sunday Insight with Charlie Sykes, Democrat (seemingly in the loosest definition of […]

Marc Pocan: Democratic Party lost from fear to express progressive values

During an interview on February 7, 2015, Democratic Rep. Marc Pocan shared his thoughts on the path forward for the Democratic Party in the wake of its crippling electoral losses last year.

Jane Curtin drops a bomb on Fox News (VIDEO)

During Sunday’s Saturday Night Live 40th anniversary special, former Weekend Update anchor Jane Curtin joined fellow former anchors Tina Fey and Amy Poehler for a segment. During the Weekend Update segment, Curtin unleashed this doozy about how things have changed since she first sat at the Weekend Update desk in 1976. “Times have changed since […]

Scott Walker on evolution: No thanks, I’ll punt! (VIDEO)

During a question and answer session after a speech in London on Wednesday, Gov. Scott Walker declined to answer a direct question about whether he believes in evolution. You may remember Gov. Walker is visiting England in a blatant attempt to accumulate some semblance of foreign policy experience on a four-day trade mission.

Watch for […]

VIDEO: Scott Walker’s absolutely painful non-answer on ISIS

Watch as Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, who some consider to be a frontrunner for the Republican presidential nomination in 2016 stumbles through a question from Martha Raddatz of ABC News on how he’d handle ISIS if he were elected president.

This is yet another example of why Gov. Walker should absolutely NOT be taken […]