Thursday Music – “Reach Out Richard”

It occurred to me that I haven’t posted any Thursday Music here on Blogging Blue in a good long time.

With that in mind, here’s “Reach Out Richard” by Mayer Hawthorne.

VIDEO: Irish Senator David Norris delivers a scathing rebuke of Israeli human rights violations in Gaza

On July 31, Irish Senator and internationally recognized human rights activist David Norris delivered a powerful speech in the Irish Parliament regarding the recent situation in Gaza. In his speech Norris attacked the human rights violations of Israel carried out with the support of the United States, as well as the complacency of the international [...]

USW makes a big ad buy for Sara Geenen (VIDEO)

As noted over at Wisconsin Soapbox, the United Steel Workers made a big ad buy this week, purchasing air time for Democrat Sara Geenen, who’s one of four Democrats running to replace Rep. Jon Richards in the 19th Assembly district.

While rightly viewed as a woman with a bright future in politics, Geenen isn’t seen [...]

HuffPo: This Is What Happens When A Politician Really Doesn’t Want To Answer A Reporter’s Question

This cracks me up.

Chris Moews: Sheriff David Clarke is a “sideshow” (VIDEO)

During a recent appearance on UpFront, Democratic Milwaukee County Sheriff candidate Chris Moews explained why he believes Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke is a sideshow who lack competency when it comes to law enforcement in Milwaukee County.

Watch for yourselves.

Sunday Music: R.I.P. Johnny Winter

This week Texas Blues guitar legend Johnny Winter passed away at the age of 70, and so I wanted to post one of my favorites of his. Here’s “Be Careful With A Fool.”

VIDEO: Republican mistakes kids attending YMCA camp for illegal refugees

Meanwhile in Arizona…

After being warned by local sheriff Paul Babeau that buses of immigrant kids were being transported into town, a large protest was organized to block the them. To be fair, another group also showed up to welcome the kids.

Republican state legislator and congressional candidate Adam Kwasman rushed in to take advantage [...]

Justin Moralez: “Those on the road simply want [potholes] fixed” (VIDEO)

During a recent interview with Steve Walters of WisconsinEye, Cudahy Alderman (and current State Assembly candidate) Justin Moralez was asked a question about the gap in the state’s transportation fund for road reparis. In response to Walters’ question, Moralez explained that “Those on the road simply want them fixed – they want those nasty potholes [...]

VIDEO: Mary Burke releases new ad “Working For You”

Democratic gubernatorial frontrunner Mary Burke is out with a new ad, and this one contrasts what she’d do as governor Gov. Scott Walker’s record.

Watch for yourselves.

VIDEO: The corruption at the heart of American politics

Whether you’re a fan of actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt or not, he raises some great points about how broke our nation’s political system really is and how important it is that we work towards a government that actually works for the people. Watch for yourselves.

As Joseph Gordon-Levitt mentioned, Lawrence Lessig gave a fabulous TED [...]

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