A draft of Scott Walker’s Labor Day speech

Via The Political Environment comes this gem. A reader dropped this off. She said she found it on the back of a George Webb’s paper place mat, and I spent the morning getting the hand writing verified by a palm reader south of town and at two area Walgreen’s pharmacies, so here’s the transcription, verbatim, with his [...]

Pat Bomhack declared winner in 17th Senate district Democratic primary despite missing ballots

According to according to unofficial results reported to the state Government Accountability Board on Thursday, Democrat Pat Bomhack was declared the winner of the Democratic primary recount over Ernie Wittwer in the 17th Senate district. Wittwer was originally declared the winner of the primary by a narrow 7 vote margin, and a recount of the [...]

Voter Suppression in Wisconsin

It used to be that if you wanted to do voter registration in Wisconsin you could get trained by the Government Accountability Board as a Special Registration Deputy(SRD), be assigned an SRD number, and then travel anywhere in Wisconsin to register voters. Not anymore.

The Voter Photo ID law stripped the GAB of any authority [...]

Gender matters with Burke & Happ at top of Democratic ticket

This is an exellent read…thanks to commenter Duane12 for sending me the link. “The gender is interesting,” said Happ, who got 52 percent of the vote in a primary against two men. “I think women are saying, ‘Listen, we want more representation in our elected officials.’ Because we are woefully underrepresented.”

Win or lose, having [...]

State tax collections fall $281 million short of projections

I guess now we know why Gov. Scott Walker was so nervous about the roughly $25 million casino payment the Potawatomi Tribe withheld this week. State tax collections fell short of expectations by $281 million last year, providing potential difficulties in the future for the state budget and immediate fodder for this fall’s tight governor’s [...]

Wisconsin Club for Growth engages in express advocacy in email against Happ

As I’ve mentioned here before, a number of years ago some anonymous hater, whose soul must be a pit of dark matter as dense as a collapsed star, signed me up for weekly emails from the Wisconsin Club for Growth. Most of the time, I just ignore them, as their constant stream of “global warming [...]

More than 100 ballots missing in 17th State Senate Democratic primary recount

This is more than a little disconcerting. More than 100 ballots are missing in the 17th Senate District Democratic primary recount, a city clerk in Green County said Tuesday.

Official results showed Ernie Wittwer leading Pat Bomhack by just seven votes out of more than 7,600 cast, prompting Bomhack to request a recount, which began [...]

VIDEO: WisconsinEye interviews Assembly candidate Chris Miller

Before my doctor-imposed break from blogging begins, I wanted to post a few things that caught my eye.

First up is an interview WisconsinEye did with Democrat Chris Miller, who’s vying to unseat incumbent Republican Rep. Ed Brooks in the 50th Assembly district. Chris is a great candidate well worth supporting, but watch for yourselves.


Gov. Walker admits withheld casino payment impacting state’s limited reserves

On Tuesday it was reported the Forest County Potawatomi tribe, the operators of a casino/hotel in Milwaukee, are withholding their $25 million casino fee to the state as part of an ongoing brouhaha over the Menominee tribe’s proposed off-reservation casino/hotel in Kenosha. Gov. Walker was supposed to make a decision on whether to approve or [...]

PolitiFact? More like PolitiFarce!

How desperate have the folks at the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel’s PolitiFact gotten? So desperate they’ve taken to determining the accuracy of statements Mary Burke made about her preferred beer. During a “getting to know you” Q&A with ABC News, Democrat Mary Burke fielded a question that hardly will change the course of Wisconsin’s future.

But [...]

Blogging Blue’s “14 in ’14″

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