Whoa, Wait, What? Rep Jim Sensenbrenner Disagrees With President Trump.

In Iowa, the president supported having 15% Ethanol fuels (E15) available year round. It is currently off the menu in the summer.

The Trump Administration is planning to allow E15 sales year-round. During the White House agriculture roundtable Thursday, President Trump announced his support for E15 sales year-round without a cap on RIN prices, according to attendee, Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley. Ethanol groups have argued that allowing year-round sales of 15 percent ethanol blended fuels would be a “win-win” for agriculture and refiners, who have alleged that RIN prices are overburdensome.

But whoa, US Representative Jim Sensenbrenner (WI-05-GOP) thinks that’s a bad idea.

“The Renewable Fuel Standard violates free market principles, puts consumers at risk, and is harmful to the environment. Expanding the sale of E15 will increase the danger of misfueling, causing damage to engines and voiding consumer warranties. I urge the EPA not to move forward with this plan.”

Click through on the link above. Rep. Sensenbrenner mixes a stew of free market, environmental, small government, consumer protection, etc to protest the move to year round E15. A kinda interesting read.

But it is interesting that he has gone public with his opposition to the president’s announced policy. And personally I am surprised by his resistance to ethanol. Now Wisconsin isn’t Iowa but it still produces its share of ethanol…but I guess maybe not much going on in his 5th Congressional District anymore…strip mall central, urban sprawl poster child land that it is.

Is Evers Making A Hillary Mistake?

Remember when the post election autopsy of the 2016 Presidential Campaign faulted Democratic Candidate Hillary Clinton for not campaigning in Wisconsin? Are we making a similar mistake in the 2018 Gubernatorial Campaign?

Let’s not be that race?

The biggest GOP advantage is, oddly enough, in the very Democratic TV market of Madison, an 11-county area anchored by ultra-blue Dane County. That is largely because Democrats have declined to devote TV resources to a region they expect to dominate in November.

Walker has aired more than $500,000 in TV ads in the Madison market since mid-August, an effort to hold down his losses there. Evers has aired less than $15,000. In fact, while it is one of the state’s three biggest TV markets, Madison has been the target of only 4 percent of the broadcast spending in the race because it is also the most one-sided TV market in the state in its political make-up.

Don’t take anything…not anything…for granted this time!

Who Is Guarding The Hen House In Madison

My goodness, the news coming out of Madison this week makes it seem that nobody but nobody in Governor Walker’s administration has any idea on how to responsibly run the joint! I mean really!

First we have reports that the Wisconsin Department of Transportation has overpaid at least one contractor for work that wasn’t performed! It seems so egregious that US Representative Gwen Moore is suggesting that we need a federal investigation into the state’s use of federal highway funds.

Meanwhile, Gov. Scott Walker acknowledged the department’s misspending on the contract calling it “completely wrong, completely unacceptable.”

He said changes were made in the aftermath of the 2015 case to help prevent additional waste.

“There should never be a situation like that,” he said earlier this week.

The Journal Sentinel’s investigation detailed how WisDOT was using special provisions on megaprojects in the state’s southeast region that made it difficult to track spending on certain items. In at least one case, the arrangement resulted in a contractor double billing for about 1,500 truckloads of gravel, and the state knowingly paying for it.

The special provisions were used another 30 times for work on the Zoo Interchange, making it impossible for taxpayers to know if another $1.6 million was spent on work never done or materials never received.

Department officials say they have changed policies and beefed up oversight to ensure the practice has not continued.

But they shouldn’t have had to change policies…we’ve been building highways in this state since we were a state. We’ve had to follow federal laws on how to account for federal highway funds for nearly as long. This isn’t rocket science, it’s basic accounting practice. So something is rotten in Denmark…and it shouldn’t have taken the Journal Sentinel’s report to get the state in line. (voters: a valid reason to support political candidates who support freedom of the press and transparency in government).

And then we have same problem, different pew! Next we find that the Wisconsin Medicaid Program paid for care for people who were already dead.

A federal audit of Wisconsin’s Medicaid program found that nearly $600,000 was paid to managed care organizations on behalf of patients who already had died.

The finding comes from an audit by the U.S. Office of Inspector General covering the years 2010 through 2015. During that period, $589,478 in erroneous state Medicaid payments were made on behalf of dead people to managed care groups.

The Wisconsin money involved 1,654 so-called capitation payments, which are monthly fixed payments on behalf of enrolled individuals who are low-income or who have disabilities. Medicaid is jointly administered by states and the federal government.

So this one came up in a federal audit of the period from 2010 to 2015. Solidly in the Walker era. Again this is a simple accounting practice that should have been in place and continued. I mean, Medicaid has been around a significant time period. There isn’t anything new going on here.

And then we find that Wisconsin prison officials have investigated prison staff for 132 incidents of prison staff sexually abusing or harassing inmates?

Wisconsin prison officials investigated more than 100 complaints of correctional officers and staff sexually abusing or harassing inmates in one year, state records show.

Among the allegations reviewed, Department of Corrections officials found enough evidence to prove just 11 percent of the claims, or 15 cases involving correctional staff in positions of power creating intimate interactions or relationships with inmates they were charged with supervising, according to documents released under the state open records law.

The prison staff — including one guard trained in preventing such behavior — are accused of having sexual intercourse and forging romantic relationships with inmates, spanking them and making sexually harassing comments, among other allegations.

This on top of the multitude of issues surrounding the juvenile detention facility at Lincoln Hills makes it seem like the Department of Corrections staff is out of control.

So Governor Walker thinks he deserves a third term? These three failures at management alone should indicate he is incapable of running the great state of Wisconsin! No way that he deserves another four years at the helm.

Governor Walker Decries Outside Money in Wisconsin Gubernatorial Race!

While taking a desperate swipe at his opponent for governor, Wisconsin’s Superintendent of Public Instruction Tony Evers, GOP incumbent Governor Scott Walker decried the amount of outside money being spent to support Mr. Evers.

GOP Gov. Scott Walker accused his opponent Wednesday of being “bought and paid for by the unions” and decried spending by outside groups, even though Walker has gotten more than $40 million in help from such groups over the years.

So the $40 Million Man thinks the pittance that the teachers’ unions still have available to spend on elections is a bought and sold situation for Mr. Evers. What an incredible hypocrite in the governor’s office…but we all knew that already.

Two simple solutions Gov. Walker:

Demand that third parties stop spending money in support of your campaign…essentially put your mouth where the money is.

Your first item of business in Madison this fall…get rid of third party and dark money from Wisconsin campaigns. I dare you!!

And why is the governor mentioning this now?

Tuesday’s poll showed Evers leading Walker 49 points to 44 points.

Editor’s update 9/20/18: Bruce Murphy’s take on this subject: The Best Governor Money Can Buy

Our Friends at Emerge Wisconsin Are Planning Their Class for 2019!

If you are a Democratic woman who is interested in running for public office or know a Dem woman who is considering it, here’s the place to apply.

And here is the general info:

Applications for the 2019 Emerge Wisconsin training are open!
Please read through all of the information below in its entirety. It is important to have a complete understanding of the application process and training program before you apply.

Emerge Wisconsin seeks Democratic women who are committed to effective elected leadership, are interested in running for elected office and who have:

Evidence of professional or voluntary public policy or political leadership experience;
Meaningful involvement in their community;
Interest in running for political office;
Ability and desire to build effective networks;
Ability to articulate a personal political vision; and
Commitment to full participation and attendance requirements of the trainings.

Emerge Wisconsin will select about 25 women from across the state who best meet the criteria above and who we believe have the potential to be elected leaders.

Emerge embraces diversity and encourages applications from all individuals who identify as women regardless of age, race, color, national or ethnic origin, marital status, religious affiliation, sexual orientation, socio-economic status or physical ability. Our mission to build the bench of Democratic women ready to run for office acknowledges both systemic and historic barriers to running for office.

To be considered for the 2019 Emerge Wisconsin training program, applicants must complete a written application by November 9th 2018. Written applications will be evaluated by a selection committee and qualified applicants will be invited to an interview in late November/early December. Invitations to join the 2019 class will be extended by December 31st, 2018.

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Time Commitment

The success of the Emerge Wisconsin program depends upon commitment to the program’s entire schedule by each participant. Over the six-month period, approximately 70 program hours are scheduled. Some time outside of regularly scheduled trainings will be necessary for homework and training preparation. While emergencies sometimes arise, attendance at the first day of training is mandatory and absence for any reason will result in a deferral to the following year. Please review the schedule below to ensure your availability to attend every training day.
2019 Training Dates

Trainings will take place on the following dates. Locations are TBD.

January 19 & 20 – Absolutely Mandatory Attendance

February 23 & 24

March 16 & 17

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May 18

June 1 & 2 (at WisDems State Convention)

We will also schedule a shadow day. We typically schedule on a Wednesday in February or March as soon as the legislative calendar is known. Attending Shadow day is HIGHLY encouraged, but we will work with you if there is a conflict.
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Payment plans are available and Emerge Wisconsin will assist program members with fundraising their tuition if needed.

The six-month program does take place in various parts of the state. Travel and overnight accommodations may be necessary depending on your location to trainings. Emerge Wisconsin will endeavor to assist with supporter housing when needed, but travel costs are not covered by the program.

Thank you!

Erin E Forrest

Executive Director, Emerge Wisconsin