Walker insider Cindy Archer gets hired for cushy state job without applying

Earlier this week Ed wrote about the new state job Cindy Archer, a former aide to Gov. Scott Walker, was just hired for, but while Ed noted the 31% pay increase Archer received over her predecessor, what wasn’t known at the time is that Archer was hired for her new position in Gov. Walker’s administration […]

Scott Walker’s son served as witness at same-sex marriage

Awkward… As Gov. Scott Walker was supporting Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen’s fight to uphold Wisconsin’s same-sex marriage ban last month, his teenage son was busy serving as an official witness to a family member’s own same-sex marriage.

An official state record shows Alex Walker, a UW-Madison student whose Facebook page lists him as an […]

One man’s story about why he’s working in Minnesota instead of Wisconsin

This sums up why “It’s Not Working” in Scott Walker’s Wisconsin. I am working in MN for a number of reasons. I have family support, I have to work where I can find it and MN has better paying opportunities than WI.

I have been in manufacturing since I got out of the army […]

71 year-old woman files brutality complaint against Wisconsin Capitol Police officer

Welcome to Scott Walker’s Wisconsin, where his Capitol Police brutalize 71 year-old activists simply for exercising their rights. Ann Fleischli said she was collecting signatures on the Capitol Square during the Dane County Farmers’ Market on Saturday when Officer Michael Syphard arrested her. Syphard took her into an office in the state Capitol, Fleischli said, […]

When Will The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Drop Rick Esenberg’s Blog?

There’s been some conversation on Facebook about Christian Schneider’s op ed pieces in MJS. Liberal posters have accused him of being a hack and a direct mouthpiece of the Republican Party of Wisconsin. MJS editor Ernst-Ulrich Franzen stepped up to defend him as a paid columnist. All well and good…well not really good…but you know […]

Al Jazeera America’s Fault Lines presents: “Wisconsin’s Mining Standoff”

On Saturday, June 14, Al Jazeera America’s award-winning investigative documentary program “Fault Lines” will travel to Wisconsin to delve into the Battle over Wisconsin’s natural resources between corporate interests and citizens intent on preserving the environment. Here’s more about the show. “Fault Lines” correspondent Josh Rushing travels to the farthest reaches of northern Wisconsin, 200 […]

Federal judge strikes down Wisconsin’s same-sex marriage ban

This is kind of a big deal…

U.S. District Judge Barbara Crabb Friday overturned Wisconsin’s gay marriage ban.

The measure was overwhelmingly passed through a state constitutional amendment in 2006.

The Wisconsin case comes amid a broad shift in public opinion about same-sex marriage.

Nationwide, same-sex couples have the right to marry in 19 states […]

Walker Administration gives double-digit raises to high-level Corrections staff

This is completely unsurprising. The state Department of Corrections gave at least eight high-level workers up to 15% in pay increases over the past year, including four who collected three raises or bonuses in six months.

The significant raises for the prison psychologists were among those uncovered in a new review of salary increases in […]

Walker administration job creation numbers in 2013 hit three-year low

But wait….I thought Wisconsin would be “Open for Business” under Republican Gov. Scott Walker. Gov. Scott Walker’s administration reported Thursday that just over 28,000 private-sector jobs were created in Wisconsin last year, the lowest annual amount since Walker took office.

Walker promised during the 2010 election, and again during the recall less than two years […]

Rest In Peace Patrick Lucey

Rest In Peace, former Gov. Patrick Lucey Former Wisconsin Gov. Patrick J. Lucey believed he was a man without charisma, but whatever he may have lacked in that department he made up for as a tenacious organizer.

Lucey moved in political circles for more than four decades — he was chairman of the state Democratic […]

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