2014 Will Mould 2016 for Scott Walker

Many Wisconsin Progressives are extremely unhappy with the candidacy of Trek Executive, Mary Burke. Nary a day goes by without Facebook posts about Burke’s lack of a progressive outlook and Vinehout’s expected announcement.

Most recently a member of the Solidarity Sing-A-Long put up a post stating that “Burke is among the one percent” and “she [...]

Ron Johnson’s Approval Rating at 28%

The latest Marquette Poll shows that Ron Johnson’s approval rating is at a meager 28%. Johnson rode into office on a wave of anti-incumbent, anti-progress Tea Party voters in 2010. He defeated three-term Senator and progressive icon Russ Feingold in a stunning upset. Although Johnson was leading in the polls, many progressives and media figures [...]

Apparently Ted Cruz thinks he’s the “decider” on what passes Constitutional muster

Republican Sen. Ted Cruz really is arrogant, isn’t he? Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) said he doesn’t accept Monday’s federal court declaration that part of a new Texas abortion law that required doctors performing abortions to have admitting privileges at nearby hospitals is unconstitutional.

“Texas passed commonsense legislation to protect the health of women and their [...]

From Women’s Eyes

From women’s eyes this doctrine I derive:

They sparkle still the right Promethean fire;

They are the books, the arts, the academes,

That, show, contain and nourish all the world.

~Lord Berowne

This passage from the Fourth Act of Love’s Labour’s Lost encapsulates one thematic undercurrent of the play: the inspiration derived from women.


Conversational Items

Diana Nyad

Conversational item #1: At age 64 Diana Nyad is the first swimmer to cross the Florida Straits without a shark cage. Yikes. But wow. Nyad swam for 53 hours from Havana to Key West. Wow again. An incredible feat for any human being, and an inspiration to all but especially inspirational for [...]

Mark Ruffalo actually trusts the women he knows


Trusting the women you know to make decisions for themselves? Yeah, sounds like a concept many conservative men simply can’t grasp.

Emerge Wisconsin Gets Noticed By The Republican Party of Wisconsin

From my email inbox this afternoon:

GOP Target Democratic Women

Madison – Emerge Wisconsin recently learned they were the subject of an open records request by the Republican Party of Wisconsin. The request appeared to be targeting the Emerge Wisconsin Alumnae. There are currently eight Emerge women who are serving in the state legislature: [...]

An Open Letter to Texas State Senator, Jane Nelson (R) – (VIDEO)

Dear “Honorable” Jane Nelson:

It simply amazes me, that folks such as yourself, spent the entire day of testimony regarding this particular bill, (SB 1), denigrating women using every single slur known to man, and yet, when a woman testifies before you, exercising HER freedom to speak, you censor her by calling in the security [...]

Federal judge issues injunction blocking part of Walker’s anti-choice bill

At the end of last week, Republican Gov. Scott Walker signed his bill requiring women to undergo a state-forced transvaginal ultrasound before being able to obtain an abortion. It was clear when Gov. Walker signed the bill (done in private and on Friday of a holiday week) that he didn’t want a lot of fanfare [...]

UPDATED: Scott Walker signs transvaginal ultrasound bill on holiday weekend so you won’t notice

Earlier today Republican Gov. Scott Walker signed into law a bill requiring women who want to get an abortion to undergo an invasive transvaginal ultrasound.

No doubt Gov. Walker chose today to sign the bill into law because he’s hoping folks won’t notice that he signed it, given that it’s a holiday weekend. After all, [...]

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