Wisconsin GOP Hypocrisy On Outside Campaign Money!

A number of outside groups affiliated with Democrats are spending $1 million in Wisconsin in support of long shot Democratic candidates.

But what’s most interesting from this article is the Republican Party response:

Alec Zimmerman, a spokesman for the state Republican Party, said the effort shows Democrats are committed to spending as much as they can to try to get control of state government.

“This just confirms what Republicans have been saying all along — outside money from liberal special interests is pouring into Wisconsin to undo Republican reforms and take Wisconsin backward,” he said by email.

Uhmmm….and there is absolutely no outside money in Wisconsin supporting GOP candidates? I bet there is [sarcasm]!

Anyway, if this is such a concern about outside money pouring into the state, I will be waiting for Republican legislation in the next session to put a lid on it. I suppose I shouldn’t hold my breath.

Whoa, Wait, What? Rep Jim Sensenbrenner Disagrees With President Trump.

In Iowa, the president supported having 15% Ethanol fuels (E15) available year round. It is currently off the menu in the summer.

The Trump Administration is planning to allow E15 sales year-round. During the White House agriculture roundtable Thursday, President Trump announced his support for E15 sales year-round without a cap on RIN prices, according to attendee, Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley. Ethanol groups have argued that allowing year-round sales of 15 percent ethanol blended fuels would be a “win-win” for agriculture and refiners, who have alleged that RIN prices are overburdensome.

But whoa, US Representative Jim Sensenbrenner (WI-05-GOP) thinks that’s a bad idea.

“The Renewable Fuel Standard violates free market principles, puts consumers at risk, and is harmful to the environment. Expanding the sale of E15 will increase the danger of misfueling, causing damage to engines and voiding consumer warranties. I urge the EPA not to move forward with this plan.”

Click through on the link above. Rep. Sensenbrenner mixes a stew of free market, environmental, small government, consumer protection, etc to protest the move to year round E15. A kinda interesting read.

But it is interesting that he has gone public with his opposition to the president’s announced policy. And personally I am surprised by his resistance to ethanol. Now Wisconsin isn’t Iowa but it still produces its share of ethanol…but I guess maybe not much going on in his 5th Congressional District anymore…strip mall central, urban sprawl poster child land that it is.

Mueller Investigation Yields Third Conviction:

Since the original plea was entered last February, the actual conviction and sentencing that occurred this week has been largely overlooked. Now this third tier scumbag isn’t actually related to the Trump campaign, but he helped enable Russian interference in the 2016 US presidential election: Richard Pinedo becomes third person sentenced in Robert Mueller’s Russia probe

A federal judge in Washington, D.C., sentenced Richard Pinedo on Wednesday to six months in prison followed by six months in home detention for his role in Russian meddling in the 2016 election. Pinedo, whose website sold Americans’ bank information online, pleaded guilty in February to one count of identity fraud. Although he is not as well known as other individuals charged by special counsel Robert Mueller, Pinedo is the third person to be sentenced in connection to the investigation.

After his initial sentence, he will serve two years of supervised release. Judge Dabney Friedrich decided not to impose a fine because he determined Pinedo would not be able to pay it. He will undergo location monitoring for six months and computer monitoring, which will be determined by the probation office. Pinedo will voluntarily surrender to the Bureau of Prisons back home in the central district of California.

Witch Hunt my eye!

Just How Far Afield Health Costs In Wisconsin Have Gotten in 50 Years

Here’s an article from the Green Sheet in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel this morning. It recounts the first heart transplant in Milwaukee, way back in 1968.

The procedure, completed by 9:30 p.m. the same day, was the first heart transplant in Wisconsin, and just the 58th worldwide. The operation, The Milwaukee Journal reported on Oct. 22, 1968, made Milwaukee “the sixth or seventh center in the United States where heart transplantation has been accomplished.”

(Betty) Anick went home on Nov. 25, 1968. Exiting the hospital, she was greeted by a score of reporters and photographers.

“I feel wonderful, real happy to go home,” she said, according to The Journal’s Jo Sandin in a front-page story.

We all realized that we were living in an era of a new miracle in medical history…at the time nearly every transplant was reported in the press…now unless it is a celebrity…it goes largely unnoticed by the public at large.

But how far afield have we gotten? Most all of you have had some type of medical procedure performed. Many of you have had friends or family that have visited an emergency room or had out patient or inpatient surgeries performed. Many of you have had children. You know the bills. You know the thousands of dollars involved. You know what you pay and what your insurance company has covered.

What do you think a heart transplant cost in 1968? A procedure that at the time was still highly experimental. One that probably required hours in the operating room and a team of surgeons and support staff? The 58th hear transplant surgery in the entire world? How much?

In December 1968, both papers (The Milwaukee Journal and The Milwaukee Sentinel) reported that all but $252 of the $18,669 hospital bill was covered by John Anick’s Wisconsin Blue Cross from his employer, American Motors.

How far afield have we gotten in the past fifty years on the costs of health care?