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Reports out of Asia suggest that North Korea has also experienced illnesses related to the coronavirus that originated in Wuhan China. The country has taken additional measures to isolate itself from the world and particularly China to prevent the spread of the disease.

But it is suspected that it already has a foothold there and that their weakened economy is ill equipped to handle it.

It has always seemed to me, in similar situations around the world, that the United States should step up and offer medical or relief assistance, even to adversarial nations, just because it is the right thing to do.

After announcing that Reince Priebus and Sean Spicer were returning to the White House to join a special commission for the president, now the New York Times is saying that Hope Hicks is joining Jared Kushner’s office.

Is President Trump bringing all the rats back home to roost before they can be called to testify in some new round of investigations or write their own tell all books?

Hope Hicks, a close aide to President Trump who resigned nearly two years ago, will return to the White House in a new role, administration officials said Thursday.

Ms. Hicks, 31, worked on Mr. Trump’s 2016 campaign from its inception and followed him to the White House after he was elected, eventually becoming communications director. Her return will come as his re-election campaign intensifies and as his advisers say the superstitious president has talked about recreating some aspects of that first race.

Ms. Hicks’s title when she left belied her influence with Mr. Trump, who felt more personal comfort with her than with almost any other adviser. But on her return, she will report to Jared Kushner, the president’s son-in-law and senior adviser, and work with the White House political director, Brian Jack. Her title will be “counselor to the president.”

I really hoped I would never have to write about these people again…

So, I got my wish. We ‘lost’: Andrew Yang, Deval Patrick, and Michael Bennet.

Is there anyone that I missed?

I guess the big question is when will Tulsi Gabbard and Tom Steyer see the light.

Apparently President Donald Trump rehired former Chief of Staff Reince Priebus and former Press Secretary Sean Spicer to a White House Commission:

President Donald Trump has rehired his former chief of staff Reince Priebus and former press secretary Sean Spicer almost three years after both men unceremoniously departed the White House.

Priebus and Spicer will each join the President’s Commission on White House Fellowships, according to a White House announcement Tuesday. As a part of the commission, the pair will interview and recommend to their former boss national finalists for appointments.

Cripes…I don’t know who is seems more desperate and out of options here…the president or Priebus and Spicer. This just seems unbelievable.

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Yes, I understand that Senator Bernie Sanders carried the day in New Hampshire. But it wasn’t the resounding win that he experienced in 2016 against a very well known opponent.

But this time the moderates clearly won. If you take Sen. Sanders vote total and Senator Elizabeth Warren’s vote total, you get 103,711 for the progressive wing of the party.

If you consider the moderates to be former Vice President Joe Biden, Senator Amy Klobuchar, and upstart Pete Buttigieg, their vote total was 159,174.

Shrug. So South Carolina will be very very interesting…as maybe Nevada will be.

Paul Rasky is a resident of the Bay View neighborhood of Milwaukee and an independent candidate for: Mayor Of Milwaukee, County Supervisor from the 4th District, and City Alderman from the District. And he is in Tuesday’s primary (February 18th) in all three races.

This alone is rather remarkable but other than one mention on social media last week, I have never heard of him nor am aware of him, even though he is running for alderman for my district and mayor in my city.

So I don’t think he’s going to get past the primary but after our discussions about signatures and nomination papers, it is amazing that he garnered enough support make the ballot for three different races.

And in a Google search, a small article came up from the Marquette Wire, since Mr. Rasky is a Marquette grad. From this article it seems that his major concern is education. Yet none of the three positions he is vying for have much influence or control over education. That would require a position on the school board or the state legislature.

So good luck to Mr. Rasky and I’ll give him points for enthusiasm, I think.

Here is his Facebook page:

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