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Watch Scott Walker tie his tongue in knots. Priceless.

Center for Media and Democracy files IRS complaint against WI Club for Growth

On Monday the Center for Media and Democracy filed a complaint with the Internal Revenue Service requesting that agency strip the Wisconsin Club for Growth of its nonprofit status for spending millions of dollars to help Gov. Scott Walker and other Republicans during the recall elections here in Wisconsin. Here’s more about the complaint.

According to a copy of the 25-page complaint, the center asserts that officials with Wisconsin Club for Growth misled federal regulators by saying they are a social welfare group that spent nothing on campaign activities in 2011 and 2012.

In reality, Fischer states in the complaint that the conservative group spent an estimated $9.1 million on ads promoting political candidates during the recall races and funneled another $9.6 million to other groups that then spent the cash on campaign ads.

Wisconsin Club for Growth spent a little more than $20 million in the two-year span.

A conservative defense of President Obama’s first term in office

During an appearance on Real Time with Bill Maher, conservative John Avlon praised the job President Barack Obama has done during his two terms in office.

“We are ten days out and there is a sense that President Obama’s poll numbers are down,” said John Avlan. “They are around forty percent. So everyone is running away from Obama. Right? So perspective is the thing we have the least of in our politics. But let’s keep a reality check here. One thing about being a centrist, we can use an equal standard. The standard of executive leadership is, are things better when someone leaves office than when they entered? And as of today the country is in objectively better shape than it was when President Obama took the oath of office. In terms of jobs. In terms of the deficit. In terms of issues like the environment even working with the Republican Congress. And issue like gay rights, a gay civil rights movement where the country is much more united than we were in the past on this issue. So look, is he perfect? No.”

Here’s some video of Avlon’s remarks.

Conservative gives Obama praises by ewillies

Brad Schimel says thank you with a “blah blah blah”

Seen on the website of Republican Attorney General candidate Brad Schimel:

Brad Schimel blah blah blah

And this man wants to be Attorney General.

Jason “Red” Arnold is back with an epic rant…and it’s a doozy!

In a recent “press release” (and I use that term very loosely), Republican State Senate candidate Jason “Red” Arnold shows a very poor grasp of the fact surrounding the implementation of Act 10, legislation enacted by Republican Gov. Scott Walker and his rubber-stamp Republican-controlled legislature. Here’s Arnold’s assertion:

It was a law which stated that educators and public employees now had to pay 50% toward their pension and 12.6% towards their health insurance from the previous contribution of 0

While it’s convenient for Republicans who support Gov. Walker and Act 10 to trot out that little nugget, repeating a lie simply doesn’t make it true. The fact is, many thousands of public employees had to pay into their pensions and health care premiums before Act 10, and Jason Arnold’s inability to get such a basic fact right makes me think he’s got a “FOX NEWS IQ” rather than a “MENSA IQ.”

Not content to get a basic fact about public employee benefits wrong, Arnold’s press release then proceeded to call African-Americans who support Democrats “pawns.”

The black pawns of the ruling class whose lives these people like to toy with have been living under the blanket of injustice that the Civil War supposedly fought to abolish.

Given how far out of the mainstream Jason Arnold’s views are, I’m gonna go out on a limb and say he loses to Chris Larson by twenty points.

I’ve got a question about voter ID for supporters of voter ID

So here’s what I’m wondering. How does it makes sense to require voters to present an ID card to vote while individuals wanting to buy a gun at a gun show are not required to provide an ID?

Voter ID vs. guns

Republican State Rep. Bill Kramer gets plea deal with reduced sexual assault charges from DA Brad Schimel’s office

(Pic by DINESH RAMDE — Associated Press)

(Pic by DINESH RAMDE — Associated Press)

After initially being charged with two felony counts of second-degree sexual assault, Republican State Rep. Bill Kramer (pictured, right) has agreed to plead no contest to reduced charges of two misdemeanor counts of fourth-degree sexual assault. In exchange for his plea, Rep. Kramer will get a receive leniency in the form of a recommendation from the District Attorney’s office of three years of probation and the accompanying conditions of probation, including just nine months in jail with work-release privileges. It’s worth noting that with good behavior, that nine months is jail will likely be more like 6 months in jail. What’s more, as a part of the sweet plea deal Rep. Kramer worked out with District Attorney Brad Schimel’s office, Kramer will not have to register as a sex offender, which to me is the really galling thing about the plea deal.

In avoiding a felony conviction, the plea deal Rep. Kramer worked out with DA Schimel’s office will allow Kramer to remain in office through the end of his term in the State Assembly, which ends in January 2015.

You may remember Rep. Kramer was charged earlier this year with two felony counts of second-degree sexual assault after it was alleged that in 2011 he shoved a woman into a car, tried to kiss her, touched her indecently and made inappropriate comments to her outside a Republican Party event at a Muskego tavern. At the time he was charged, Rep. Kramer vehemently asserted his innocence, with his attorney stating Kramer was “confident that he will be exonerated.” While Kramer was not exonerated, it certainly seems like he got a pretty good plea deal from DA Brad Schimel’s office, especially considering the fact that Kramer will not be required to register as a sex offender despite having committed sex offenses.

Freakin’ Halloweekend: Spotlight on The Have Nots (as X)

Freakin' Halloweekend

In anticipation of “Freakin’ Halloweekend” – coming Oct. 31 and Nov. 1 at the High Noon Saloon in Madison – we’re taking a moment to profile and interview some of the bands who will be donning musical costumes for the occasion.    Please see the schedule below. 

What band are you performing as for Freakin’ Halloweekend?



Who are your members in your band and are they in other local Madison bands? If so, what are they?

T.B. Bonebrake (Goat Radio, Knuckel Drager), Nikxene Cervenka (The Lurkhards), Kurty “Zoom” Johnson (Knuckel Drager, Rodeo Bums), Jack Doe (Goat Radio and a bunch of Milwaukee bands)


When you were younger (or heck, even now), what band/musician did you want to be (or dress up as for Halloween) when you grew up?

Younger: Kiss. Now: Not Kiss.


What do you think the band you’re being would think if they saw you? Would they be flattered? Outraged? Impressed?

Billy Zoom would probably beat the sh!t out of us while smiling in a creepy manner. He seems angry that way.


Are you dressing up as the band?

Only if we can find a black see-through mesh sleeveless shirt for Jack


What other band playing at FHW are you most excited about seeing?

All of them!


What experience do you want the audience to take away from your show?

To feel like they’re at the Whiskey in 1982 all hopped up on goofballs.


Tickets ►

FRIDAY 10/31
12:30am The Have Nots as X
11:30pm Junkhead as ALICE IN CHAINS
11pm – 11:30pm Costume Contest Train/Winners
10pm Velcro Fly as ZZ TOP
9pm Red Rose playing 90’s HIP HOP CLASSICS
8pm The Shirley Manson Family as GARBAGE
8PM | $8 | 21+

Saturday 11/1
12:30am No Class as MOTORHEAD
11:30pm The Old Pornographers as THE NEW PORNOGRAPHERS
11pm – 11:30pm Costume Contest Train/Winners
10pm The Bobby McGees as JANIS JOPLIN
9pm The Little Bitches as THE SPECIALS
8pm Blink One Eighty Boo as BLINK 182
8PM | $8 | 21+

Presented by WORT FM & MadCity Music Exchange

Costume contest with prizes at 11PM each night!

Click here for the Facebook Event

Gov. Scott Walker: using “divide and conquer” to the bitter end

At a campaign appearance today in Pewaukee, Gov. Scott Walker continued the “divide and conquer” rhetoric he’s made a hallmark of his political career.

In the tightest race of his political career, Republican Gov. Scott Walker turned up the rhetoric Thursday by saying many voters in the liberal bastion of Madison are driven by anger and that his supporters need to counter that tide by showing up at the polls.

During an appearance in Pewaukee, Walker quoted former Gov. Tommy Thompson as saying, “Unfortunately, anger is a greater motivation than love.”

Walker’s use of rhetoric intended to “divide and conquer” to attempt to pit Wisconsin’s voters against each other should come as absolutely no surprise to anyone who’s been paying attention to Walker over the past three years.

Scott Walker’s “divide and conquer” campaign is the basest, most cynical, most negative approach I’ve ever seen a campaign take towards voters, and that’s saying something considering how negative and cynical politics can be.

Ron Johnson holds event, only ten people show up

What happens if an elected official (a sitting U.S. Senator no less) held an event and ten people showed up?

I don’t know, but I suppose you could ask Republican U.S. Senator Ron Johnson.

U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson’s first visit to the Viterbo University campus provided students with an introductory course on conservative politics.

The Wisconsin Republican spoke to a gathering of about 10 Viterbo students Thursday afternoon.

That’s just plain awkward.

Blogging Blue’s “14 in ’14”

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