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Milwaukee singer-songwriter Micah Olsan will be releasing his next EP, Open Space, on Friday, Dec 8 and will celebrate the release the night before with a show at Anodyne Coffee.

But for our readers here at Blogging Blue, you can listen to the premiere of the title track, Open Space, available for your enjoyment here!!!

And for our previous interview with Micah about a recent album: “highs, lows, peaks, rivers, valleys”

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Hey look over there…a pool of oil! Just months after authorizing the new Keystone pipeline, the Trump administration faces issues with the existing one:

The Keystone pipeline running from Canada across the Great Plains leaked Thursday morning, spilling about 5,000 barrels of oil — or 210,000 gallons — southeast of the small town of Amherst in northeast South Dakota.

The spill comes just days before a crucial decision next Monday by the Public Service Commission in Nebraska over whether to grant a permit for a new, long-delayed sister pipeline called Keystone XL, which has been mired in controversy for several years. Both are owned by Calgary-based TransCanada.

Nothing to see here folks…just a little oil on some cropland. What’s the current phrase? This is a nothing burger?

“Based on what we know now, the spill has not impacted a surface water body,” Walsh (an environmental scientist manager at the South Dakota Department of Environment and Natural Resources) said. “It has not done that. So that’s good news.”

Other reports say that state officials don’t believe the leak has affected any drinking water systems or sources. I imagine it’s a little early to tell but I am surprised they’d make mention of that until they know for sure. Well see where this goes next.


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Some of you have implied that because you hadn’t seen them, the Tim Burns ads that I complained about yesterday didn’t exist. And yes the first one that I am showing here is from my Facebook timeline. It appears several times each evening. The second smaller one appears in rotation with typical click bait ads in the right hand sidebar in FB and other places. I originally didn’t want to publish ads that I found offensive but that was the wrong decision. If I am going to point something out I need to publish it as well as talk about it.

Now, if Mr. Burns were running for mayor or governor or senator or state rep, I probably wouldn’t have published yesterday’s post nor followed up with this one.

I appreciated Mr. Burns’ speech at the DPW convention. I was looking forward to his campaign. But I am not anymore.

And I can’t help it that I feel that I have to hold a candidate for the Wisconsin Supreme Court to a higher standard than anyone running for partisan offices. And I don’t feel any of us should continue to tolerate ads that keep trending down the ladder instead of going high.

Timeline ad:

Sidebar ad:

For those of you who aren’t following the Wisconsin State Supreme Court race yet, Tim Burns is a Madison lawyer who is running for the seat currently held by Justice Michael Gableman. I heard him speak at the 2017 Democratic Party of Wisconsin Convention and was eager to see how his campaign would unfold.

Well I am tired of his already. And no, not because of the daily emails from his campaign. I expect that and have the same volume of emails from a lot of candidates running for elected offices in 2018.

No I am tired of his negative advertising campaign against opponent Judge Michael Screnock. Now I realize that state Supreme Court races have grown far more partisan over the last dozen years and parties are far more involved than I remember. The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel published an article a few weeks ago detailing a number of protest incidents thirty years ago that resulted in Judge Screnock’s arrest. The media did it’s job and wrote about a candidate’s history. Something that the electorate might be interested in. Should be end of story.

But Mr. Burns has continually targeted advertising in social media linking to the MJS story…day after day after day. Along with comments questioning Judge Screnock’s bias or ability to be fair. I am tired of looking at it every time I log in.

I don’t support Judge Screnock’s views. I would never consider voting for him. But I hate the level of conversation this race as taken this early in the campaign. This is beneath the level of discourse we should be having in a Supreme Court race. This is demeaning. This is mean spirited. For me it rules out Tim Burns as a candidate. Can’t we even run a court race without sinking to this? There aren’t points of law that Wisconsin cares about that can’t be discussed instead?

Although an ‘adversary’ we aren’t technically at war with Iran (well yet anyway). Would the offer of a helping hand (which probably wouldn’t be accepted) be a good way to smooth the waters a bit and refurbish our place in the world view?

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Well this is awkward…

A former Kentucky campaign official for President Donald Trump is due in court on Friday after being charged with human trafficking in the U.S. southern state.

Timothy Nolan, a retired district court judge, was arrested last month and charged with forcing a minor to engage in commercial sex around August 2016.

He is also charged with inducing a minor to engage in sexual activity and giving alcohol to a minor, according to the complaint.

Nolan’s defense attorney said he denied all the charges.

The 70-year-old was appointed to chair Trump’s electoral campaign in Kentucky’s Campbell County last year, according to court documents in an unrelated civil suit in which he was the plaintiff.

Of course this news comes as supporters of President Donald Trump are defending Roy Moore, the Republican U.S. Senate candidate in Alabama, after allegations were made that Moore sexually assaulted a 14 year-old girl when he was 32 years-old.

And while you’re at it, if you want a real laugh, go visit Twitter and read the #boycottKeurig feed, because it’s chock full of conservative snowflakes caterwauling and destroying the Keurigs they already paid for after Keurig pulled its ads from Sean Hannity’s TV show after Hannity defended Roy Moore.

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Thank you to all of our veterans, our active military and the families who support them in their endeavors.

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I can’t believe I wandered out into the real world this morning without posting a Thursday Music post!

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