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It’s the meanies vs. the weenies

Former Democratic Rep. Alan Grayson: “The real two-party system in America is the Meanies and the Weenies. The Meanies want to take away your benefits and the Weenies want to compromise with them.”

Yep, that just about sums up our nation’s political system…meanies and weenies.

Alan Grayson on Occupy Wall Street

Alan Grayson for President! He get’s it. Here’s former Congressman Grayson on Real Time.

Paul Ryan is fighting for you!

If your last name is Koch or you have a 9 digit bank account, if not well then not so much! From JSONLINE and the Kaiser Family Foundation, a non-partisan health care research group.

Paul Ryan’s budget plan to convert Medicaid into a block grant and repeal the new health care law would […]

The End of Grayson or the End of Journalism….

Alan Grayson, a hero to the left, recently lost his re-election campaign and just finished up his term. He was recently the subject of an interview with the NY Times, the so called paper of record.

While Congressman Grayson gave a very frank and (in my view) on the money assessment of the current […]

Grayson on the Limbaugh/Beck/Palin Tax Cuts

Watch as Rep. Alan Grayson explains who stands to benefit from an extension of the Bush-era tax cuts for the top two percent of incomes in the United States: So when you hear that Republicans are blocking an extension of the Bush-era tax cuts for the middle class, just keep in mind that they’re obstructing […]

Thank you Republican Party!

Democratic Rep. Alan Grayson of Florida’s 8th Congressional District took the floor of the House last week Wednesday to give a few suggestions on how the top one percent of income earners in the U.S. – folks who make an average of $1.4 million a year – can spend the extra $83,347 a year they’ll […]

Alan Grayson discusses what it means to be pro-life

There’s a reason I’m a fan of Rep. Alan Grayson, and this is it:

H/T to Down With Tyranny!.

Grayson’s anatomy

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No one elected Olympia Snowe president

Rep. Alan Grayson talks health care with Wolf Blitzer

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