“Fair and Balanced” Fox News hires former Tea Party Rep. Allen West

Via Politico…

Fox News has hired former Tea Party congressman Allen West to serve as a network contributor, according to a report in The Washington Post.

West served for just two years in Congress after a career in the military. Since losing his seat in Flordia’s 22nd (after being redistricted into Florida’s 18th), he has been hosting a show for “Next Generation TV,” which is owned by conservative website PJ Media.*

“Representative West’s congressional and military experience along with his fearless approach to voicing key issues will provide a valuable point of view to the Fox News lineup,” Fox News Vice President Bill Shine said in a statement.

Allen West will not go quietly into that good night….

Despite having clearly lost his bid to be reelected to the U.S. House of Representatives, tea party Republican Allen West just doesn’t want to honor the democratic process.

Firebrand Republican Rep. Allen West was defeated by Democratic challenger Patrick Murphy, according to the state’s vote count Saturday, but the incumbent won’t concede.

The state issued complete but unofficial results showing Murphy with a lead of 2,442 votes, or 50.4 percent. That’s beyond the half-percent margin needed to trigger an automatic recount. A handful of overseas and military ballots remain outstanding, but under state law the decision for a recount is based on Saturday’s count.

Rep. West has refused to concede the election based on his allegations of misconduct on the part of elections officials and fraud on the part of voters, without providing a shred of evidence to back up his claims.

To be honest, I’m not a bit surprised that Allen West is refusing to concede his election, because he doesn’t strike me as the type who’d be anything but a sore loser.

Do not go gentle into that good night: Rep. Allen West

Carpet Bagger and Tea Partier Extraordinaire Representative Allen West (R -FLA) was soundly beaten in his race to remain in the US House of Representatives in his newly chosen district…except he isn’t accepting defeat.

Although well outside the margin of error that would suggest a recount was in order, Rep. West is going to demand a recount and possibly pursue his loss in court. How could he have possibly lost? Considering he’s lost nearly every screw he was born with, I can’t imagine how he could have possibly ever been elected in the first place or why anyone would support him for re-election. But, it is after all Florida!

Even though the polls are closed, the ballots are counted, and the margin of victory for Patrick Murphy is outside any legal reason to require a recount, Allen West is demanding a recount.

Specifically, West and his campaign are demanding a recount in St. Lucie County. They’re also claiming that the St. Lucie County Supervisor of Elections Office was complete chaos last night. Oh and that they’re incompetent. Because, of course they are.

Here’s the rest of the circus that is Rep. West’s campaign.

And if you don’t find that amusing enough, here’s a piece on the heavy emotional toll that Mr. Romney’s loss is taking on the Palm Beach GOP chair Sid Dinerstein!

“Something has happened in the country,” Sid said. “It’s not our country — citizens are now consumers. It’s a big shopping mall, a paradigm change. The game is: ‘How do they get our money?'”

Sid called last night’s election the dead end of “a 95-year path” that began with the Wilson administration and the creation of the progressive income tax and the Federal Reserve. “Tonight was America’s last chance to embrace exceptionalism,” he said. “America had a choice, and we voted to be poor.”

You will never hear surf music again!

American Enterprise Institute and Brookings Institute Scholars Agree: Republicans are the Problem

Thomas E. Mann (Brookings) and Norman J. Ornstein (AEI) agree that the problem in Washington lies completely with the modern Republican party.  A must read!

Rep. Allen West, a Florida Republican, was recently captured on video asserting that there are “78 to 81” Democrats in Congress who are members of the Communist Party. Of course, it’s not unusual for some renegade lawmaker from either side of the aisle to say something outrageous. What made West’s comment — right out of the McCarthyite playbook of the 1950s — so striking was the almost complete lack of condemnation from Republican congressional leaders or other major party figures, including the remaining presidential candidates.

It’s not that the GOP leadership agrees with West; it is that such extreme remarks and views are now taken for granted.

We have been studying Washington politics and Congress for more than 40 years, and never have we seen them this dysfunctional. In our past writings, we have criticized both parties when we believed it was warranted. Today, however, we have no choice but to acknowledge that the core of the problem lies with the Republican Party.

What I love most is how they call out the false equivalence meme that has captured the media.

When one party moves this far from the mainstream, it makes it nearly impossible for the political system to deal constructively with the country’s challenges.

“Both sides do it” or “There is plenty of blame to go around” are the traditional refuges for an American news media intent on proving its lack of bias, while political scientists prefer generality and neutrality when discussing partisan polarization. Many self-styled bipartisan groups, in their search for common ground, propose solutions that move both sides to the center, a strategy that is simply untenable when one side is so far out of reach.

It is clear that the center of gravity in the Republican Party has shifted sharply to the right. Its once-legendary moderate and center-right legislators in the House and the Senate — think Bob Michel, Mickey Edwards, John Danforth, Chuck Hagel — are virtually extinct.

Lunatic Wingnut Allen West Channels his Inner Joseph McCarthy [UPDATE 1]

Uhhh, what?

The conservative tea party icon also got in shots at Democrats and President Obama, who spoke Tuesday at Florida Atlantic University. West said Obama was “scared” to have a discussion with him. He later said “he’s heard” up to 80 U.S. House Democrats are Communist Party members, but wouldn’t name names.

Communists???  Really?  That’s the best you can do?

This stinks of echoes “Tailgunner Joe” and his infamous Lincoln Day “Enemies Within” speech.

This is glaringly true in the State Department. There the bright young men who are born with silver spoons in their mouths are the ones who have been most traitorous. . . .

I have here in my hand a list of 205 . . . a list of names that were made known to the Secretary of State as being members of the Communist Party and who nevertheless are still working and shaping policy in the State Department. . . .

As you know, very recently the Secretary of State proclaimed his loyalty to a man guilty of what has always been considered as the most abominable of all crimes—being a traitor to the people who gave him a position of great trust—high treason. . . .

 Oy vey…  Regressing, regressing, regressing…
[UPDATE 1] Congressman West’s office issued the following “clarification” of his statement:
“The Congressman was referring to the 76 members of the Congressional Progressive Caucus.  The Communist Party has publicly referred to the Progressive Caucus as its allies.   The Progressive Caucus speaks for itself.  These individuals certainly aren’t proponents of free markets or individual economic freedom.”
So if the American Nazi Party lists Congressman West as an “ally,” that makes him a Nazi.  Ok, got it.

Rep. Allen West: true American patriot!

To call freshman Republican Rep. Allen West a patriot would be a gross understatement. After all, look at the man – he’s scuba diving with an American flag! It doesn’t get much more patriotic than that, does it?

Image courtesy Associated Press

Oh wait….what’s that you say? Scuba diving with the American flag isn’t patriotic, but it might actually violate federal law?

Surely you’re kidding, right? Wait, you’re not?

(b) The flag should never touch anything beneath it, such as the ground, the floor, water, or merchandise.

Considering Allen West is a veteran of the U.S. military, I’d expect him to have a basic understanding of proper flag etiquette, not to mention a little more respect for Old Glory.

Republican Rep. Allen West: “I will take my hands off Medicare when there is no Medicare”

During a recent town hall meeting with his constituents in Pompano Beach, Florida, “Tea Party” Republican Rep. Allen West drew the ire of elderly constituents in his district who were upset with Rep. West’s vote in favor of the 2012 Paul Ryan budget, a budget that would end Medicare and Medicaid as we know them.

During the town hall meeting, Rep. West was asked by one constituent why he went along with almost all of his Republican counterparts in the House in voting to end Medicare. In response, West asserted he didn’t “think it [Ryan budget] destroys Medicare.” West’s response drew hoots from the audience, along with a chant of, “hands off Medicare! Hands off Medicare!” Rebutting the chant, West said, “I will take my hands off Medicare and when there is no Medicare, then I will come see you sir.”

Here’s video of the exchange.

Something tells me Rep. West, who was elected in the Republican wave in 2010, might want to start updating his resume.

He who would be King

Paul Ryan has had a series of \"listening sessions\". The problem is, for the first time in ryan’s career, his constituents are actually paying attention. They do not like what they see. Ending Medicare, along with tax cuts for the rich are not as popular in the 1st congressional District as it was was when he ran to California as the Koch Brothers servant. Now he puts on an hour and a half “listening” session with lots of (taxpayer funded) pretty charts and graphs. He also tried to filibuster as much as possible and take as few questions as he is able. yesterday was a new experience, as ryan snuck out the back and left in a (taxpayer funded) police car(driven by a public worker). He dodged a close call of having to actually deal with his constituents(AKA voters) up close and personal. We all know that the rabble is below Royalty so he left a staffer to drive his car through the crowd(no word yet on if his staff taste tests his food first also).

In his defense, he probably knew what kind of danger

Dan Kapanke and his car was in and wanted no part of it. Hence the staffer, since they are replaceable.

Meanwhile Harry Reid is paying attention as he is is going to schedule a vote in the Senate on the Ryan budget. Reid wants to make the Senators go on record supporting Ryan or not, and those that do go home and campaign for re-election on ending medicare(The republican senators are not too pleased). On the flip-side the Washington self absorbed punditocracy actually are running a Ryan for president campaign!

I agree with with this alternet article: PAUL PLEASE RUN FOR PRESIDENT. Except for maybe Representative Allen West, no one deserves nationwide humiliation more!

Which leads me to Thursday Music, ever wonder why the republicans have to leave public events via the back door, tunnels, etc???

Ballots vs. Bullets

Watch and listen as Joyce Kaufman, who will serve as the chief of staff to newly elected Republican Congressman Allen West of Florida, describes in July 2010 how she’d resort to armed violence if Republicans didn’t get the outcome they wanted in the 2010 midterm elections:

In addition to espousing violence as a means of dealing with electoral frustration Kaufman, a conservative talk radio host, has also advocated a rather unique solution to illegal immigration, saying on her radio show back in 2007:

“If you commit a crime while you’re here, we should hang you and send your body back to where you came from, and your family should pay for it,”

And these are the folks our “leaders” in Washington are going to have helping them make critical decisions over the next two years…