Campaign 16: Taking The Oath on the Constitution, Not A Bible

Way back during President Obama’s 2013 Inauguration, I waxed poetic about discarding the practice of using a Bible and suggested that the proper protocol would to be take the oath of office with your hand resting on a copy of the US Constitution…the very document that you are swearing to uphold.

If elected, I will do so…and I will support legislation that requires using the Constitution and prevents the use of any religious book or text.

President To Take Oath of Office on MLK and Lincoln Bibles But WHY?

First of all I don’t understand why he needs two bibles…but then on the other hand I don’t understand why we are using bibles at all…the President and every elected and appointed official who has to take an oath of office should be using a copy of the US Constitution…it is after all the document that they are actually swearing to uphold.

One of my resolutions this year will be to provide the Library of Congress and the White House with a formal nicely bound copy of the US Constitution for future use!