A few days ago I wrote a post about Dick’s and guns, and some readers seemed to lose their ever-loving minds over it, on both sides. I tried to run interference and ask commenters to be civil, with some level of success. But it pissed me off, because there is absolutely no excuse for Wisconsinites […]

Intermittent Blogging Outages

Amy and I are prepping our house for sale. So we’re both busy, busy, busy with cleaning, spackling, painting, grouting, cutting, mowing, scrubbing and other fun tasks. My blogging will therefore be intermittent for the next few weeks.

So if you or anyone you know is looking for a house that was built in […]

Ann Romney Didn’t Really Say This

Of course she didn’t. She’s just not stupid.

Here’s the quote, supposedly spoken by Ann Romney at a “Moms for Mitt” group outside Philadelphia. It is satire from this Free Wood place, but someone at DailyKos got fooled.

“Why should women be paid equal to men? Men have been in the working world […]

The Comments Section

This is hilarious….

Holy new dashboard, Batman!

I don’t know how many of you use WordPress as your blogging software, but I just upgraded to WP 2.7, and the change is dramatic! This is definitely going to take some serious getting used to…

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