Bizarre Brett Hulsey is no fan of Mary Burke

“Democratic” State Rep. Brett Hulsey is off his rocker (emphasis added). With embattled Rep. Brett Hulsey, you never know what to expect.

This started out being a post on Hulsey’s unusual use of campaign funds to buy an old convertible and register for a triathlon. But by the end of two chats on Monday, the [...]

Brett Hulsey may leave Democratic Party because “If you’re an independent, you don’t have a primary challenge”

“If you’re an independent, you don’t have a primary challenge,”

That’s “Democratic” Rep. Brett Hulsey’s explanation as to why he’s considering leaving the Democratic Party and becoming an independent.

After all, Brett Hulsey’s all about his own ego and saving his a– in the next election, but unfortunately for Hulsey (and fortunately for his constituents) [...]

Brett Hulsey considering becoming an independent?

So apparently Democratic State Rep. Brett Hulsey, who’s more effective an embarrassment to Democrats than he’s been as a legislator, is considering becoming an independent. Democratic state Rep. Brett Hulsey of Madison is considering switching his party affiliation to become an independent.

Republican Assembly Speaker Robin Vos says Hulsey told him and Democratic Assembly Leader [...]

Senate Hearing On Bill 95 – the Bill to Reform Milwaukee County Government

Senate PUBLIC HEARING Elections and Urban Affairs

The committee will hold a public hearing on the following items at the time specified below: Wednesday, April 24, 2013 9:30 AM 411 South

Senate Bill 95 Relating to: changing the compensation structure by which a Milwaukee County supervisor may be paid, changing the term length of [...]


(MILWAUKEE) – The Milwaukee County Board’s budget will be cut by 50 percent under a bold new set of initiatives proposed before an “Our Milwaukee County” listening session Thursday night.

The major initiative includes but is not limited to government streamlining, mandatory training for County Supervisors to clarify roles and responsibilities in County governance.

“This [...]

OUR Milwaukee County: Special Announcement Before Next Listening Session!

MEDIA ADVISORY Important Announcement by Milwaukee County Supervisors, State Legislators, Community Leaders :

There will be an important announcement by County Supervisors, State Legislators and community leaders during a news conference at the Washington Park Senior Center in Milwaukee at 6 p.m. Thursday.

The important announcement will be followed by an “OUR Milwaukee County” [...]

Whither MKE County: People Who Keep Bringing Up Stuff That Isn’t Part of the Bill

I have seen this idea mentioned several times by people who should know better. And here’s the latest example from the testimony from Tia Torhorst in her support of Representative Joe Sanfelippo’s Assemby Bill 85 (as reprised by Zach earlier this week):

I would sit in a County Board committee meeting with 4 or [...]

What Does $11.53 Per Hour Mean

Do you have friends or relations who work full time and earn $11.53 per hour? Do you know people who work really hard full time and make less than $11.53 per hour? Do you feel that’s a reasonable full time hourly rate? Is it livable rate?

Now, why am I picking on $11.53 per hour? [...]

OUR Milwaukee County: Next Listening Session Hosted by Bowen And Stamper

Joint Listening Session on County Government to be Held at Washington Park Senior Center April 18

(MILWAUKEE) – Milwaukee County Supervisor David Bowen and Supervisor Russell W. Stamper II will hold a joint “OUR Milwaukee County” listening session at 6:30 April 18 at the Washington Park Senior Center, 4420 W. Vliet St.

“These listening sessions [...]

You Can’t Deny That It’s Personal

County Executive Chris Abele has protested that his support of Assembly Bill 85 isn’t personal so frequently that it’s nearly a cliche. The variety of additional follow up comments he has provided have often totally negated the not personal statement on many levels.

But assembly Democrats aren’t helping any by taking the same low road [...]

Blogging Blue’s “14 in ’14″

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