Jay Bullock: I’m so sorry about Brett Hulsey

Once again, Jay Bullock kills it.

That’s right, I considered, almost kinda sorta seriously, offering a primary challenge to Burke’s left. I knew it could be done, and done thoughtfully. Beyond Burke’s statements vaguely in favor of liberal causes, there is a lot of room for a platform calling not just for the rollback of the Republicans’ recent agenda (Act 10, voter ID, gutting school education), but for moving beyond that: single-payer health care reform like Vermont, higher minimum wage like Seattle, demand-side jobs bills rather than tax giveaways. I’d even go crazy and push hard for legal same-sex marriage like in that well-known hotbed of marxism, Iowa.

And I would totally fivethirtyeight.com my campaign, using the good data that are out there about not just the efficacy but the popularity of these issues as the centerpiece of my run. Sociologists have long known that people tend to believe that their neighbors are more conservative than their neighbors really are, and so they try to moderate their actions to fit in (a recent example is here: both Protestants and Catholics think the vast majority of people in their faiths oppose same-sex marriage, but that’s not true!). I’d ask Wisconsin to live up to its potential, and I’d try to run that campaign from the best season of “The West Wing,” when President Bartlett gets elected by being the smart, classy one in the race.

Brett Hulsey is not running that kind of campaign. Instead, he’s ordered a Gimmick of the Week package from the back pages of a comic book, advertised there next to the Sea Monkeys and X-Ray Specs. So far Hulsey has toured the state handing out fake checks, dressed up like “Confederate General Bass Ackwards,” and in a moment pulled directly from the worst season of “The West Wing,” considered sending a chicken-suited supporter to taunt Burke about her not wanting to debate him. His Twitter feed has turned into Selfie Central, with the candidate’s gap-toothed smile turning up in front of anyone or anything holding still enough to be caught on cameraphone.

You should click the link I provided and read the rest of Jay post; it’s most definitely worth a read.

It’s Time for Brett Hulsey to Fold Up His Tent

I thought he’d just be a little bit of a side show for a week and everyone would just forget about him. But he’s turned into a first class clown and it’s time he folded his tent and just went home. We certainly don’t need the distraction.

From Mike Tate, chair of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin:

MADISON — Following is a comment from Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate on Brett Hulsey’s offensive behavior.

“We may disagree with the policies of this Republican Party, but this type of behavior is completely unacceptable and grossly inappropriate.”

Be Careful What You Wish For…

The saying essentially says, Be careful what you wish for, you just might get it!

And this may seem like piling on since Zach already published a piece about State Representative Brett Hulsey’s announcement that he will oppose Mary Burke for the Democratic ticket for Wisconsin Governor.

So now what does the party purist, anti-Burke contingent going to do? I can’t imagine a less viable Democratic candidate for governor than Rep. Hulsey in the whole state…really. MJS tagged his career as controversial…and I think that is being kind.

We’ll see if he even makes the primary ballot. sheesh!!

Brett Hulsey announces candidacy for governor

No doubt hilarity will ensue…

Democratic Assemblyman Brett Hulsey is running for governor, according to a news release issued Monday.

Hulsey said he has a plan to invest $1.2 billion to create clean energy jobs, increase job training, invest in public education and reverse tax increases and protect communities against strip mining. He said he would also create a state park out of an area in northern Wisconsin under consideration for an iron ore mine.

Hulsey said he would reverse pay cuts to government workers and strengthen workers’ rights.

While announcing his candidacy, Hulsey wasted no time taking a shot at the personal wealth of fellow Democrat Mary Burke, saying, “I’m a regular working person. I make about what the typical Wisconsinite makes. I’m running against a rich millionaire, who’s clearly sort of out of touch with Wisconsin.”

Bizarre Brett Hulsey is no fan of Mary Burke

“Democratic” State Rep. Brett Hulsey is off his rocker (emphasis added).

With embattled Rep. Brett Hulsey, you never know what to expect.

This started out being a post on Hulsey’s unusual use of campaign funds to buy an old convertible and register for a triathlon. But by the end of two chats on Monday, the Madison lawmaker was openly contemplating a run for governor after dismissing the leading Democrat eyeing a bid.

“I was at an event with Mary Burke the other day,” said Hulsey, a Democrat. “She’s got the charisma of a turnip.”

Not content to trash Mary Burke, Hulsey went on to float himself as a possible gubernatorial candidate, though it’s not clear from Dan Bice’s report if Hulsey would run as a Democrat or as an independent.

Brett Hulsey may leave Democratic Party because “If you’re an independent, you don’t have a primary challenge”

“If you’re an independent, you don’t have a primary challenge,”

That’s “Democratic” Rep. Brett Hulsey’s explanation as to why he’s considering leaving the Democratic Party and becoming an independent.

After all, Brett Hulsey’s all about his own ego and saving his a– in the next election, but unfortunately for Hulsey (and fortunately for his constituents) changing his party affiliation is only going to delay his inevitable ouster from elected office in 2014.

Brett Hulsey considering becoming an independent?

So apparently Democratic State Rep. Brett Hulsey, who’s more effective an embarrassment to Democrats than he’s been as a legislator, is considering becoming an independent.

Democratic state Rep. Brett Hulsey of Madison is considering switching his party affiliation to become an independent.

Republican Assembly Speaker Robin Vos says Hulsey told him and Democratic Assembly Leader Peter Barca on Tuesday he was considering the switch.

I look forward to Brett Hulsey making the switch from being a Democrat to an independent, because his time in the Assembly hasn’t been short enough.

Senate Hearing On Bill 95 – the Bill to Reform Milwaukee County Government

Elections and Urban Affairs

The committee will hold a public hearing on the following items at the time specified below:
Wednesday, April 24, 2013
9:30 AM
411 South

Senate Bill 95
Relating to: changing the compensation structure by which a Milwaukee County supervisor may be paid, changing the term length of a Milwaukee County supervisor, affecting the right of an annuitant under the Milwaukee County Employee’s Retirement System to be rehired by Milwaukee County, limiting the authority of Milwaukee County to enter into certain intergovernmental agreements, removing and clarifying some authority of the Milwaukee County board, increasing and clarifying the authority of the Milwaukee County executive, deleting obsolete statutory references, and requiring a referendum.

By Senators Darling, L. Taylor, Vukmir, Lazich and Farrow; cosponsored by Representatives Sanfelippo, Kooyenga, Hutton, Craig, Kuglitsch, Knodl, Stone, J. Ott, Honadel, Pridemore, Weatherston, Stroebel, Brooks, LeMahieu, Bernier and Tittl.
Senator Mary Lazich


(MILWAUKEE) – The Milwaukee County Board’s budget will be cut by 50 percent under a bold new set of initiatives proposed before an “Our Milwaukee County” listening session Thursday night.

The major initiative includes but is not limited to government streamlining, mandatory training for County Supervisors to clarify roles and responsibilities in County governance.

“This comprehensive package is the kind of bold reform our constituents asked for during the ‘OUR Milwaukee County’ sessions and various town hall meetings across the County,” said Board Chairwoman Marina Dimitrijevic. “We’ve had listening sessions in more than half of the County, and Milwaukee County residents want to see reform done locally, not imposed on the County by the state Legislature. This is the one of the most significant and dramatic overhauls of Milwaukee County government in history, and this is what our constituents have demanded.

“We listened to everyone – county residents, state legislators and local officials – to create realistic Board reform. This package reflects that. It’s been said that we would never reform ourselves, that we would never cut our own salaries, and that we would never cut our budget. But this package demonstrates clearly that not only have we listened, we’ve acted with a commitment to true, realistic, locally generated reform.”

Dimitrijevic said that with seven new Board members “it is a new day for County government.”

“These reforms are proof that this is a new Board with a new outlook on reform,” she said. “We have a new chair, and seven of the 18 members of the Board are new. Everyone on the Board – new members and long-time Supervisors – is committed to locally generated change.”

Supervisors’ pay will be cut by 20 percent under the proposal, and the board budget would be cut $2.75 million, which could be used for transit, parks, mental health and other County services.

The reforms mean that beginning in 2016 supervisors pay would be reduced to about $40,000, and that the Chairperson’s salary would be less than that of the Waukesha County Board chairperson.

A majority of people who spoke at the “OUR Milwaukee County” sessions said they favored reform, but not reform imposed on the County Board by the state Legislature, she said. Assembly Bill 85 would reduce the Board’s budget to .4 percent of the County tax levy while cutting Board staff by about 70 percent. The bill, sponsored by Rep. Joe Sanfelippo, would strip the Board’s ability to govern effectively, Dimitrijevic said.

“The fact is, the County Board matters, and our constituents care deeply about it,” she said. “They want to be part of the reform process that is taking place on County governance.

“This reform package is real reform generated locally, and we believe our constituents will agree that this package is far preferable to one imposed by the state. There is more than one way to reform, and the most successful way is locally.”

Among other reforms announced were:
· Definition and clarification of roles and responsibilities of both the Board and the County Executive, which agree the Board is a policy-making body and the County Executive is manager of day-to-day operations, with mandatory training for supervisors.
· Creation of an independent Office of Intergovernmental Relations, which will report to both the County Executive and the County Board Chair.
· Changes to contracting policy.
· Requirement of an efficiency audit for all levels of County government and use of a mediator to enforce those efficiencies. Recommendations for additional efficiency measures in governance and operations. Follow-through on the efficiency audit for additional governance measures and County-wide operational efficiency measures.
· Transfer of the Community Development Business Partners department from the Board to the independent office of the County Comptroller.
· There would be no future pension benefit provided to Supervisors unless they choose to pay the full-cost beginning with the 2016 term
“Everything is on the table,” Dimitrijevic said. “We have said that this new board is committed to reform, and we have presented a bold new look for the County Board. We believe this is what the people of Milwaukee County want – change on a local, not state, level.

“This is the beginning of a new chapter in County governance. The people of Milwaukee County spoke, and we listened.”

OUR Milwaukee County: Special Announcement Before Next Listening Session!

MEDIA ADVISORY Important Announcement by Milwaukee County Supervisors, State Legislators, Community Leaders :

There will be an important announcement by County Supervisors, State Legislators and community leaders during
a news conference at the Washington Park Senior Center in Milwaukee at 6 p.m. Thursday.

The important announcement will be followed by an “OUR Milwaukee County” listening session with Supervisor
David Bowen and Supervisor Russell W. Stamper II at 6:30 p.m.

Who: County Board Supervisors, State Legislators and community leaders

What: Important announcement

Date: Thursday, April 18

Time: 6:00 P.M.

Location: The Washington Park Senior Center, 4420 W. Vliet Street