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Something that’s been bugging me

By now I’m sure some of you know about the “difficulties” Lisa and I have had with James Wigderson and Brian Fraley of the right-wing MacIver Institute, and if you haven’t been following, you can get up to speed HERE and HERE.

What’s curious about everything that happened this week is that Lisa and I […]

Beware of the MacIver spin machine

Read the entire opinion column over at Citizen Action Wisconsin’s “No Sacred Cows” blog.

A series of FACTS about the MacIver Institute & its employees/associates

Here’s a series of FACTS about the folks working for (or associated with) the John K. MacIver Institute:

FACT #1: Brian Fraley, the Communications Director for the MacIver Institute, is a former national insurance industry lobbyist who was director of the Senate Republican caucus during part of the time of the “Caucus Scandal” in which […]

MacIver Outs Themselves!

The MacIver Institute bills itself as the “Free Market Voice For Wisconsin” As a matter of fact they are so proud of this they have it plastered on their website next to a picture of Dick Van Patten.

The John K. MacIver Institute for Public Policy is a Wisconsin-based think tank that promotes […]

Pot Meet Kettle

The Wisconsin State Journal had this story about some protestors wearing their welcome thin. This story was meant to take a serious look at the protestors actions at the Capitol, after the latest BeerGate Scandal. The barley and hops shampoo of Robin Vos has left all of the republicans suffering from (no not a 12% […]

Send your open records requests for Rep. Leah Vukmir to Brian Fraley of the MacIver Institute

Several weeks ago, blogger Cory Liebmann of the Eye On Wisconsin blog submitted an open records request to State Rep. Leah Vukmir’s office, and as I write this, Liebmann still has not received a response to his request. However, while Liebmann hasn’t received a response from Rep. Vukmir’s office to his open records request, Brian […]

Follow the timeline

Follow the timeline and see if you notice anything odd:

September 4, 2008 – Brian Fraley announces his new gig as Executive Director of the Wisconsin Institute for Leadership, and in describing his new job, Fraley said it was, “nonprofit, nonpartisan and issue-focused.”

December, 2008 – Fraley distributed a note via email, along with an […]