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April 2015
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Bruce Murphy: Will County Pass Another Pension Giveaway?

I’m going to post this without comment for you all to read, digest, and discuss, because it seems like something worth discussing. Few county officials were more adroit at milking the taxpayers than Tom Zablocki. Zablocki served as county clerk for 20 years, from 1968 to 1988. During his last term, two investigations by the […]

Murphy’s Law: Did Gov. Walker Have a Secret Email System?

As reported by Bruce Murphy of Urban Milwaukee, a source has indicated an internet/email system was in place in Gov. Walker’s gubernatorial offices to allow his staff to do “off the books” campaign work on government time. Such a system would be remarkably similar (if not identical) to a system in place in Walker’s County […]

Murphy’s Law: David Clarke the False Conservative

This is worth a read… If you’re a numbers-crunching fiscal conservative like Abele, one obvious place to look for cuts is the Sheriff’s Department. In the decade prior to Abele’s election, the sheriff’s  budget had risen 61 percent, far faster than any other county department. It was something of a sacred cow under former county […]

Bruce Murphy: The High Cost of the County Board

On Monday I shared my thoughts about the size of the Milwaukee County Board of Supervisors in an entry that provoked a lively discussion about the merits and drawbacks of downsizing the County Board from the current number of supervisors (18) to some smaller number.

At the time, I noted such a move would result […]

Bruce Murphy offers a possible explanation for Sue Black’s termination

Last week I wrote about Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele’s decision to fire County Parks Director Sue Black, and at the time it seemed more than a little curious that no concrete reason was given for Black’s termination. It’s notable that Black’s termination came only months after she was reappointed to her position by Abele […]

Sue Black fired from position as Milwaukee County Parks Director?

As reported by Bruce Murphy of Urban Milwaukee, Sue Black has apparently been fired from her position as Milwaukee County Parks Director. Milwaukee County Parks Director Sue Black has left her job and all signs suggest she was asked to leave. Executive Chris Abele has announced a national search for a new Parks Director to […]

Political payback is a dish best served cold

Earlier today Bruce Murphy of the “Murphy’s Law” blog over at Urban Milwaukee wrote about the continuing controversy surrounding the delayed confirmation by the County Board of Supervisors of Patrick Farley to a new four-year term as director of the county’s Department of Administrative Services.

What’s most curious about Farley’s delayed appointment is that […]

Why I Love The Republican Party!

Because you just can not make these stories up!

1. As many of you know, BloggingBlue went dark yesterday to protest SOPA. Well it turns out that one of the authors of this insane bill, Rep. Lamar Smith (R- Texas), was caught violating his own bill.

Isn’t it funny when a Republican calls […]

Stone & Clarke mulling runs against Abele? Yes please!

According to a report by Steve Schultze of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Republican State Rep. Jeff Stone and Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke, a Republican too afraid to run as what he really is, are both considering challenging incumbent Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele in 2012.

While I’m hardly a full-throated supporter of County Executive […]

More Paul Ryan…

As a fan of anyone who points out the absurdity that is Paul Ryan, here is yet another. This comes from Bruce Murphy of Milwaukee Magazine, and is worth a quick read.

The ghost of Herbert Hoover is haunting certain Republican leaders and Wisconsin’s Republican congressman from Janesville, Rep. Paul Ryan. Hoover, of course, […]