Mike Ivey: Should UW pick a business leader for chancellor to jump-start job growth?

Because what would possibly go wrong with choosing a business leader to serve as chancellor of UW-Madison?

With Wisconsin closing out 2012 as one of the worst states for job creation, critics are once again rapping the UW-Madison for failing to turn its research dollars into new companies that could offer jobs.

It’s not a new complaint.

The UW has long been one of the leaders in attracting federal research grants, although it has slipped a bit lately, falling to No. 4 in the latest rankings.

While I certainly support the idea of the UW being more proactive about promoting more startups (especially as relates to its research efforts), I’d be concerned that a business leader serving as chancellor would be more focused on how to turn a profit off of those startups rather than being focused on how to provide the students of the UW with the highest quality, most well-rounded education possible.