Dissimulation on County Board Referendum Right Down To The Wire

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel is taking the lies and obfuscations about the Act 14 required referendum on Milwaukee County Board pay and benefits right down to the wire. In a front page article in their March 31, 2014 print edition, they continue the nonsense about cutting supervisor’s pay by half will result in a part [...]

Whither MKE County: The April Fool’s Referendum

It’s amazing that the last nail in the coffin of the Milwaukee County Board as we know it is a bogus referendum that is just a week away. Except for two very minor articles in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, this referendum has gone pretty much unnoticed. The left and the supporters of the board realize [...]

Chris Abele vetoes Milwaukee County living wage ordinance

This is disappointing. Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele on Wednesday made good on his threat to veto a “living wage” ordinance requiring an $11.32 minimum hourly pay for county workers and employees of certain county contractors.

Abele urged the County Board to sustain the veto, noting a warning from the county comptroller saying the wage [...]

County Executive Abele shells out $28,000 to Republican media consultant

It’s amazing what can be found in campaign finance reports. Abele also shelled out more than $28,000 to Thomas Keeley, a media consultant with a roster of Republican clients, including U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson. Keeley handled social media during Johnson’s successful defeat of Democratic Sen. Russ Feingold.

Milwaukee’s living wage: a tale of two Chrises

This is just bad, bad, bad. The “living wage” ordinance backed by the Milwaukee County Board last week — and others like it — would be barred under legislation up for a hearing Wednesday at the Capitol.

The proposed state measure prohibits local governments from enacting or enforcing a minimum wage law. It also would [...]

Abele donates $10,000 to Fair Wisconsin

According to a report by the Wisconsin Gazette, Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele gave $10,000 this week to Fair Wisconsin, an advocacy group for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender residents. According to the report by the Gazette, Abele has given Fair Wisconsin more than $185,000 this year.

While Abele’s support for groups like Fair Wisconsin [...]

County Executive Chris Abele endorses Dan Adams for 19th Assembly District

I have been an avid observer of the race to replace Jon Richards in the 19th Assembly District…which comprises much of the East Side and Bay View neighborhoods in Milwaukee. Things are just starting to heat up with three announced candidates so far. The most recent candidate to announce is attorney Dan Adams who threw [...]

Hey, I Think We Found Another Miscalculation In The County Budget!

In an article posted to JSOnline this evening, writer Steve Schultze of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel outlines the staff cuts and budget cuts for the County Board that County Executive Chris Abele has proposed in his County Budget. Of course the majority of these cuts are required under the law passed by the Republicans earlier [...]

Miscalculations In County Budget Now Total $3 Million

So under legislation passed by his new cronies in Madison, County Executive Chris Abele got a hot shot County Controller who gets to check out the budget…and of course County Executive Abele has his own budget director whose total absolutely most important responsibility is to get the budget right…but instead we get a budget proposal [...]

Chris Abele’s 2013 County budget a mixed bag

Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele has released his proposed 2014 County Budget, and it’s certainly a mixed bag.

Abele’s budget proposes 2% wage increases for non-union workers next year, but those employees will also be required to pay more for health insurance coverage. Considering county employees already pay nearly 25% of the costs of their [...]

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