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March 2015
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Judge Orders NJ Gov. Chris Christie to repay $1.57 billion taken from public employee pension fund

On Monday a judge in New Jersey ordered Republican Gov. Chris Christie to pay over $1.5 billion into New Jersey’s public employee pension fund after Christie deliberately reduced the state’s payments into the pension fund. A judge on Monday ordered New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie and the state Legislature to put more money into pension […]

New York Bozo!

This just cracks me up… On second-and-2 on the Green Bay Packers‘ opening drive on Sunday against the Dallas Cowboys, quarterback Aaron Rodgers called out an audible that — best guess — had a funny little double meaning.

“New York Bozo! New York Bozo!” Rodgers shouted as he scanned over the defense.

Hmm, let’s […]

Caption This: Chris Christie & Scott Walker, part 2

Scott Walker & Chris Christie up close

Caption this.

Caption this: Scott Walker and Chris Christie

Caption this photo:

Monday Night Humor!

This reminds me of certain Republican governors…one from New Jersey and one from Wisconsin…just sayin’!

Let’s play a game!


1. A bully 2. Former staff with legal problems or convictions 3. Believes he is of presidential caliber 4. Maintains he knows nothing of staff’s bad judgment or crimes 5. Hates unions 6. Enjoys fund raising with 1% more than governing 7. Has a huge GOP image […]

The Progressive: What We’ve Learned from the Walker Leaks

The folks over at The Progressive have pointed out some strong parallels between Gov. Scott Walker and his New Jersey counterpart, Gov. Chris Christie.

Among the parallels between Walker and Christie, both governors were micromanagers of their campaigns, staff, and messaging. Both focused not on serving the interests of citizens but on their next political […]

Former NJ transit official: Chris Christie knew about bridge lane closures

Uh oh…it’s starting to look like New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie’s goose might just be cooked. The attorney representing David Wildstein, a former official at the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, said today that Gov. Chris Christie knew of the closure of lanes from Fort Lee on to the George Washington Bridge […]

Thursday Music: Bruce Springsteen & Jimmy Fallon: “Gov. Christie Traffic Jam”

Watch as Jimmy Fallon and Bruce Springsteen perform a special tribute to New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie’s traffic jam.

2013 Elections and Beyond

On Tuesday night, Chris Christie won a second term as New Jersey Governor by about 20 points over his Democratic challenger, just as most pundits predicted. Many attribute this blow-out victory to the fact that he is perceived as a moderate Republican who can get things done. The fact of the matter is that Christie […]