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Republican State Rep. Chris Kapenga to submit “right to work” for less legislation

According to a report by Todd Richmond of Bloomberg Businessweek, Republican State Rep. Chris Kapenga is poised to submit “right to work” for less legislation here in Wisconsin during the next legislative session. A Republican lawmaker promised Tuesday to introduce a right-to-work bill, prompting warnings from a Democratic leader that the state could see a […]

Republican State Rep. Chris Kapenga has no clue what the federal minimum wage is

This is completely unsurprising, given how out of touch so many Republicans are with what the working poor go through. At the public hearing for SB626 yesterday, bill author Representative Chris Kapenga was asked how much the federal minimum wage was. And guess what? He had no idea. 

Not only is it completely absurd that an […]

Milwaukee’s living wage: a tale of two Chrises

This is just bad, bad, bad. The “living wage” ordinance backed by the Milwaukee County Board last week — and others like it — would be barred under legislation up for a hearing Wednesday at the Capitol.

The proposed state measure prohibits local governments from enacting or enforcing a minimum wage law. It also would […]

Nine Republican lawmakers in WI support arresting federal officials who try to implement Obamacare in Wisconsin

Apparently nine Republican lawmakers here in Wisconsin have boarded the anti-Obama crazy train… As Gov. Scott Walker contemplates whether to create a state health care exchange under Obamacare, he will have to contend in the coming legislative session with nine lawmakers who have said they back a bill to arrest any federal officials who try […]

Rep. Kapenga at Delafield Town Hall: Right-to-work legislation “ready to go” in Wisconsin

Republicans Jim Sensenbrenner and Chris Kapenga held a listening session on Monday night in politically conservative Delafield, Wisconsin; statements made at that meeting left some Waukesha County residents stunned. According to two attendees, Representative Chris Kapenga openly admitted that the GOP has plans to make Wisconsin a right-to-work state and that they’re just waiting for […]