Tavern League of Wisconsin endorses Chris Sinicki over her tavern-owning opponent

On Wednesday Democratic State Rep. Chris Sinicki announced her reelection campaign has been endorsed by the Tavern League of Wisconsin. Rep. Sinicki’s endorsement by the Tavern League of Wisconsin is notable because her Republican opponent, Molly McGartland, is the owner of a tavern (The Country Club in Cudahy), and the fact that the Tavern League [...]

The WisconsinEye interviews: Chris Sinicki and Molly McGartland (or not)

Throughout this election season, Steve Walters of WisconsinEye has been sitting down with candidates both pre-primary and post-primary to ask them some questions about themselves, their campaigns, and the issues that matter in the 2014 election.

As part of that ongoing series of interviews, Walters recently sat down with incumbent Democrat State Rep. Chris Sinicki. [...]

Why won’t Molly McGartland debate Chris Sinicki?

In the interest of allowing residents of the 20th State Assembly district to have an opportunity to hear from the two candidates for that office – incumbent Democratic Rep. Chris Sinicki and her challenger Republican Molly McGartland – a resident of Cudahy who had previously organized/moderated candidate forums had attempted to organize a debate between [...]

Inside the numbers: the money race in the 20th Assembly district

As I mentioned in another post, Monday night was the deadline for campaigns across Wisconsin to file their campaign finance reports for the period spanning from January to July, and so I’ve been like a kid on Christmas morning.

Given my interest in the race in the 20th Assembly district, where three Republicans are vying [...]

Rep. Chris Sinicki: “Protect Wisconsin’s Veterans by Rejecting AB 19”

From my email inbox comes a press release from Democratic State Rep. Chris Sinicki on AB 19, which would create barriers for individuals affected by asbestos-related illnesses (a group to which many veterans belong) from having their day in court and seeing justice done. MILWAUKEE – Rep. Sinicki issued the following statement in response to [...]

Blogging Blue’s “14 in ’14”

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