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Governor Scott Walker Is A Quitter

The Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation (WEDC) was supposed to be the crown jewel among Governor Scott Walker’s first term accomplishments. It was part of his agenda to downsize government and privatize government functions in one fell swoop…as well as serve as a lynch pin in his promised job development in Wisconsin.

Well since then WEDC […]

A Question for Christian Schneider on “Right to Work”

by Jay Bullock

Hi, Christian. Thanks for stopping by to address my question. I appreciate it. You and I obviously disagree on the “Right to Work” bill–I call it the “Right to Freeload” bill–and I’m really hoping you can help me understand where you’re coming from.

I give you credit. A lot of people promoting […]

GOP Apologist Actually Admits Why Gerrymandering Is Crucial

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel’s resident conservative op ed writer and GOP apologist held forth on why unlimited money in campaigns isn’t really an issue. I am not going to do into that right now…but his most telling reason why the money isn’t that important is? Well, we’ll let Christian Schneider tell us himself:

Campaigns […]

Change The John Doe Process Because of Leaks?

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel’s new prince of darkness suggests that it is time to rework the laws defining John Doe because there are LEAKS surrounding John Doe II…aka the John Doe investigating irregularities surrounding the gubernatorial recall campaign.

Leaks have served to prosecute conservatives in the court of public opinion when actual evidence is […]

An Open Letter To The Editors Of The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Dear Sirs and Madams,

For those of you who don’t know me, I am a staff writer for the local liberal blog site, Blogging Blue. I am a regular reader of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel and its companion website JSOnline. However, I generally don’t read other blog sites on a regular basis because I don’t […]

Christian Schneider makes a “funny”

It’s official….right-wing blogger Christian Schneider is a classy fellow. As the 50th anniversary of Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I Have a Dream” speech approaches, it is important to pay tribute to a lost historical figure – the guy who spoke after King.

Here’s the video Schneider thinks is a “really funny” tribute.

Milwaukee Voter Turn Out a Ridiculous 87 Per Cent!

Professional GOP apologist propagandist and Milwaukee Journal Sentinel conservative favorite son, Christian Schneider, tossed off the following bit of jetsam in his analysis of Tuesday’s Presidential Election:

The City of Milwaukee had a ridiculous 87% turnout rate on Tuesday…

The only thing ridiculous about the Milwaukee turnout rate is the fact it wasn’t matched […]

JSOnline launches “Purple Wisconsin”

From the folks at JSOnline comes “Purple Wisconsin.” At Purple Wisconsin, a group of eight community bloggers will comment throughout the year on state and regional issues.

The idea is to try to elevate the level of discussion about the most important issues of the day – especially at a time when the political debate […]

Michael Gableman

In case you haven’t heard, Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice Michael Gableman recieved free legal counsel from Michael Best & Friedrich in return for their services(which helped Mr. Gableman stay on the Supreme Court) he then voted their way in the numerous cases they tried in front of him. Mr. Gableman also forgot to mention the […]

NERD Fight!

Mitt was so adamant that he hates the immigrants as much or more than rick Perry that he had to run up on him. In Christian Schneider land, that was an attack and Mitten was lucky that Rick Perry didnt have the same have the same choke reflex that David Prosser has! […]