Scott Walker campaign spokesperson: “I would really love to punch Hillary Clinton in the face”

Image courtesy PolitiScoop

Meet Ciara Matthews (pictured, right). For those of you who weren’t aware, Matthews is the communications director for Republican Gov. Scott Walker’s gubernatorial recall campaign. Matthews previously worked on the campaigns of such infamous Republican politicians as Sharron “When Life Gives You Lemons, Just Make Rape Lemonade” Angle and former Nevada […]

Scott Walker’s Inconsistency

How scott walker has changed his views regarding politics in Wisconsin is enough for Dan Bice to write columns through retirement. In Bice’s latest column he points out how Scott Walker was so quick to criticize Governor Doyle on the conduct of one of his aides! Walker, who we know was perpetually campaigning for Governor(PS […]

Walker’s recall campaign hires Sharron Angle communications staffer

In anticipation of a tough recall fight, Republican Gov. Scott Walker’s campaign announced the hiring of several staffers, including Ciara Matthews, who previously worked in communications for the Senate campaign of extremist “tea party” candidate Sharron Angle in Nevada.

Here’s Ciara Matthews defending Sharron Angle’s extremism on “Face to Face” with Jon Ralston:

All […]