One Conservative’s Struggle with Math

In this case, it’s my old buddy Cindy Kilkenny! Math, alas, is not her strong suit.


An honest challenge to Cindy K

Over the last few years, I have pretty much given up on following the conservative bloggers in the state, because 1) they don’t care for me and 2) I don’t care for them so 3) screw that.

But I still follow some of the more reasonable ones on twitter, since it’s not a bad idea […]

A Mild Case of Irony [UPDATED]

I recently made the online acquaintance of one Cindy Kilkenny over at the Fairly Conservative blog where she writes. Her post today entitled I gotta be me treads some awfully ironic ground.


Happy Holidays to My Friends at FC

Cindy @Fairly Conservative blog (one of my favorites on the right by the way), went on a rant today.

I don’t go all “you suck Democrats!” very often, but I’m close. Darn close. I am so disgusted by the desire they have to keep this state torn to shreds. Now the fight is over […]

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