An honest challenge to Cindy K

Over the last few years, I have pretty much given up on following the conservative bloggers in the state, because 1) they don’t care for me and 2) I don’t care for them so 3) screw that.

But I still follow some of the more reasonable ones on twitter, since it’s not a bad idea to know what the other side is saying.

So I’ve been watching as Cindy Kilkenny rides her new hobby horse:

I was reading an article on the line up of potential Dem candidates and that there will most likely be a primary for that side of the ballot.

What if I ran?

I mean, one doesn’t have to declare a party loyalty to register to vote here, nor is one required to be a dues-paying member of any party organization.

 Sure, it could just be a joke, but in comments to that post she starts laying out a platform that differs from Scott Walker’s.  Not by a lot, you know, but she talks specifically about Act 10, and how she would have pushed changes that “feel less like union busting” and kept local control.

So here’s my challenge to Cindy–and I’m serious here though I have tussled with her in the past:  Run as a Republican.  Seriously, Cindy, you and Tim Cullen would be pretty hard to tell apart in the Democratic primary.  So instead of mounting a challenge to Democrats from the right (or center, if you prefer), challenge Walker from the left (or, you know, center).

If you’re serious about “governing more from the middle” and think that Wisconsinites of all stripes would prefer that to either Walker’s hard right turn or the several flavors of center-left offered by the likely Dem candidates, then run.  But run as who you are, a moderate Republican, and not as some half-winking spoiler.

Let’s be honest, Cindy, you were one of Walker’s most vocal Republican critics during primary 2010.  I doubt there’s much good will left to worry about saving by running on the Democratic ballot.

So do it.  Set up your committee to run as a Republican in the gubernatorial recall, and I’ll be your first $50 donor.

Happy Holidays to My Friends at FC

Cindy @Fairly Conservative blog (one of my favorites on the right by the way), went on a rant today.

I don’t go all “you suck Democrats!” very often, but I’m close. Darn close. I am so disgusted by the desire they have to keep this state torn to shreds. Now the fight is over districts to recall three State Senators.

Ummm Cindy, while I agree it is disgusting that they have a desire to keep the state torn in shreds, its the republicans who are doing it. They are the ones suing over the recalls and trying to get them in the new gerrymandered districts. So the whole basis of your rant is really aimed at the Grand Ole Party of WI.

When reached for comment:

Cindy and all my friends from the right, relax, the recall will go through and we can have an election based on issues. In the meantime might I suggest a nice stroll through the NECA/IBEW Holiday Fantasy in Lights @Olin park in Madison. The Union men and women always put on a great light display and its very relaxing to grab the family and drive through and check them out. Then I would also recommend eating on Willy St. after, the food is amazing there.

Happy Holidays!

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