How can someone firmly entrenched in government represent a “new generation of leadership”?

Local conservative Bruce Schuknecht, who is currently employed as the City of Cudahy’s Accountant/Finance director, is running for Mayor of Cudahy. In an of itself that’s not terribly surprising, given the fact that Schuknecht’s run for mayor has been Cudahy’s worst-kept secret for the past several months.

If you’re like me, you are concerned about the future of our City. More than ever we need a new generation of leadership who is not afraid to make the hard decisions that need to be made to ensure that our City grows and prospers.

I will rely on my education (Bachelor of Arts Degree in Accounting and Business Administration) and experience (1st District Alderman 2001-2004 and City Accountant/Finance Director 2005-present) to help formulate solutions to problems facing our City.

With that being said I am formally announcing that I will be entering the race to be the next Mayor of Cudahy. I am not running against current Mayor John Hohenfeld but I am running for and to represent the citizens of Cudahy.

It is my goal to operate the City in a businesslike manner, to retain services for the citizens, and most importantly to listen to the people’s concerns and suggestions.

After securing the necessary amount of signatures to place my name on the ballot, I will begin to pound the pavement introducing myself and seeking opinions, advice, and ideas from the citizens of our City.

I look forward to meeting with residents throughout the community as my journey begins to become the next Mayor of Cudahy.

After reading Schuknecht’s posting on CudahyNOW, I can’t help but agree with him that Cudahy needs a new generation of leadership that isn’t afraid to make the hard decisions that need to be made to move Cudahy forward. However, I do take issue with Schuknecht’s apparent assertion that he represents a “new generation of leadership” for Cudahy. After all, Schuknecht has been a part of the Cudahy political establishment for over a decade, serving as an alderman from 2001 to 2004 and then by serving as Cudahy’s City Accountant/Finance Director since 2005. Bruce Schuknecht doesn’t represent a “new generation” of Cudahy leadership; he’s representative of the status quo.

Part Time County Job Available: Supervisor Jursik To Retire

County Supervisor Pat Jursik has announced that she will not run for re-election in 2016. Here’s the whole story from JSOnline:

Milwaukee County Supervisor Patricia Jursik will not seek re-election in April to a third full term on the County Board.

Jursik has represented the 8th District communities of St. Francis, Cudahy and South Milwaukee since she was elected in a special election in August 2007. She was re-elected in April 2008 and 2012.

Jursik announced her retirement in a newsletter distributed this week to constituents.

A district resident interested in running for the 8th District seat in the April 5 spring election can file a campaign registration statement and begin circulating nomination papers on Dec. 1.

Jursik is a former chair of the County Board’s economic and community development committee. She currently serves as vice chair of the judiciary committee and is a member of the finance committee.

Those of you in her district have a chance to be involved in county politics…unfortunately she isn’t giving anyone much time to put together a campaign before the period for circulating nomination papers begins. And that’s a shame. Because I am sure there are some interested parties who wouldn’t run against the incumbent but would love to run for the open seat.

Cudahy alderman calls residents “dip-shit dumb dumbs” (VIDEO)

In yet another example of Cudahy’s elected officials behaving badly, Fox6 News is reporting Cudahy alderman Jason Litkowiec sent out an internal email calling Cudahy residents who didn’t follow rules pertaining to curbside pickup of trash “dip-shit dumb dumbs.”

Kahle was working on his garden last week. It is a memorial to his son, Elliot, who passed away six years ago. Kahle ended up with a big pile of old lumber, and he dragged it to the curb for a special, city-wide garbage pickup for special waste.

“Maximum length is four feet. I had two pieces that weren`t, so they didn`t pick up anything,” Kahle said.

Kahle chopped down the pieces of lumber to meet the city’s size requirement and the lumber still wasn’t picked up, so Kahle called his alderman Richard Bartoshevich.

“There were some emails sent out internally at City Hall,” Kahle said.

Bartoshevich says he provided copies of an email fellow Alderman Jason Litkowiec sent in response to the situation.

“Direct it to the dip-(expletive) dumb dumbs who cannot read, comprehend or follow simple instructions,” Kahle said as he read the email for FOX6 News. “The days of coddling those who can`t , don`t or refuse to follow simple instructions are over. We do not have the time and resources to change diapers for whiners and complainers anymore.”

What’s remarkable is that Ald. Litkowiec didn’t bother to offer even a token apology for his disparaging remarks, and one can only wonder if that’s because he thinks so little of the residents he serves that he can’t be bothered to apologize for a complete lack of tact and civility.

Here’s video of Fox6’s report on Ald. Litkowiec’s disparaging remarks.

City of Cudahy passes new language banning discrimination based on gender identity/expression

At Tuesday’s Common Council meeting, the Cudahy Common Council voted unanimously to approve new language to Cudahy’s existing Fair Housing and Human Rights ordinance. The new language would prohibit discrimination based on “gender identity or expression” as well as sexual orientation. As the press release below notes, Cudahy becomes the fourth community in Wisconsin to have such an ordinance, and they were the first community to pass such language unanimously.

Here’s the press release:

Press Release issued pertaining to new language in Cudahy's non-discrimination ordinance

Obviously this is great news for Cudahy, but I will admit I’m surprised the changes passed unanimously, given the presence of at least one “ultra-conservative” on the Common Council. After all, many conservatives have fought tooth and nail against non-discrimination ordinances/laws, so color me surprised (not to mention pleased) that “ultra-conservative” Randy Hollenbeck took such a progressive stand in favor of an issue many conservatives have stood against.

VIDEO: Zach takes the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

By now you’ve no doubt heard about the Ice Bucket Challenge to benefit the ALS Association that’s gone viral, helping raise over $41 million to help fund ALS research.

On Wednesday, I found out I was challenged to do the Ice Bucket Challenge by Cudahy Mayor John Hohenfeldt, and in the interest of raising awareness (and hopefully a little more money), I’m posting my Ice Bucket Challenge video here for you all to watch. I hope watching me douse myself in ice cold water will inspire you all to visit the ALS Association’s website and make a donation, because it’s certainly a worthy cause.

So here’s the video of me taking the Ice Bucket Challenge, along with my three challenges.

Please consider taking a moment to visit ALS Association’s website and make a donation to help fund ALS research.

Justin Moralez: “Those on the road simply want [potholes] fixed” (VIDEO)

During a recent interview with Steve Walters of WisconsinEye, Cudahy Alderman (and current State Assembly candidate) Justin Moralez was asked a question about the gap in the state’s transportation fund for road reparis. In response to Walters’ question, Moralez explained that “Those on the road simply want them fixed – they want those nasty potholes fixed.”

Sounds like a pretty unambiguous statement, and it certainly piqued my curiosity, given the state of Cudahy’s roads – including those in the aldermanic district represented by Justin Moralez. Here’s a video highlighting Justin Moralez’s record on potholes.

Now this may seem like a small issue, but I’ve long believed that elected officials should be accountable for what they say and do while in office. While Justin Moralez may recognize that folks who drive on roads simply want those roads to be free from nasty potholes, recognition without results simply isn’t sufficient.

Cudahy Ald. Justin Moralez garners endorsement from Randy Hollenbeck

Earlier this week, Cudahy Ald. Justin Moralez announced he’s running as a Republican for the 20th Assembly District seat currently held by Democratic State Rep. Chris Sinicki.

On the heels of Moralez’s announcement comes his first key endorsement, as fellow Cudahy Ald. Randy Hollenbeck has announced his full-throated support of Moralez’s candidacy.

I am honored and glad to call Justin Moralez a friend, a colleague and soon to call him my Wisconsin Assembly District 20 Representative.

I know of at least one of Ald. Moralez’s aldermanic peers who absolutely won’t be endorsing his candidacy, but it’ll be interesting to see whether any others follow Ald. Hollenbeck’s suit and endorse Moralez.

The time is now! Polish Packard Plaza!

As some of you may or may not know, I live in Cudahy. While Cudahy is a great community to call home, it does have its fair share of challenges (as does any city), and one of the challenges we’re facing here in Cudahy is what’s happening at the Packard Plaza shopping center. Once a bustling shopping center, Packard Plaza now sits largely vacant, with some of the businesses that are currently leasing space at Packard Plaza already making plans to leave as well.

While Cudahy’s elected officials have worked to address the problem, a group of citizens have organized an online petition to Leasing Agent Dana Meadowcroft and the Brixmor Corporation, and they’re asking for support.

As you know, Packard Plaza has become an abandoned eyesore on the main street of Cudahy. We, the undersigned, want Brixmor Corporation to live up to their responsibility as a corporate neighbor. We want Brixmor to repair and rehab the crumbling buildings and infrastructure, work with existing tenants to retain their presence in the mall and to actively recruit quality businesses to fill empty stores.

Please consider signing the petition to ask Brixmor Corporation to work harder to provide Cudahy’s residents to rehab Packard Plaza and live up to their responsibility as a corporate citizen here in Cudahy.

Cudahy Alderman Randy Hollenbeck does a little Facebook “roleplay”

Earlier today, Cudahy Alderman Randy Hollenbeck took to Facebook to post a comment on this thread in the Cudahy Town Hall Facebook community. In his comment (which he appears to have deleted immediately after posting), Hollenbeck posted as if he were a teenager, not a grown adult.

See for yourselves.

Randy Hollenbeck is a kid?

I’m not sure how Ald. Hollenbeck will explain the posting (though I’m betting he hopes no one saw it), but either Randy Hollenbeck engaged in some of the weirdest – not to mention most awkward – internet “rolepley” ever or he got caught sockpuppeting. I’m inclined to believe that Randy meant to post the comment under a different Facebook profile, but that’s just the cynic in me, because I wouldn’t put anything past someone who’s been caught lying before.

Mark Belling delves into Cudahy school board race

Local right-wing squawk radio host Mark Belling sure is a piece of work, and I don’t mean that in a good way. Belling, who once referred to a female school board member as a “whore” and also called breastfeeding moms “sows”, took to the airwaves on Monday to discuss the idea of a married couple serving on the same elected body together.

More specifically, Belling wanted to discuss the fact that Crystal Silkwood, one of the candidates for School Board here in Cudahy, is married to Megan O’Keefe, a current School Board member. Having listened to Belling’s piece more than once, the issue seems to be less about the possibility of a married couple serving together on the Cudahy School Board and all about the fact that there’s a possibility a same-sex couple could serve on the Cudahy School Board together.

Listen for yourself.

There’s no doubt in my mind Mark Belling would not have spent 20 minutes of airtime discussing the possibility of a heterosexual married couple serving on the same elected body together, and as I’ve written elsewhere, the voters of Cudahy should be more concerned about electing the best possible candidates to serve on the School Board without regard for who those candidates are married to.