Dan Sebring: conservative majority on U.S. Supreme Court conspiring against Scott Walker

This is bizarre, even for a fringe candidate like Dan Sebring.

Republican Dan Sebring, who is running to represent Wisconsin’s 4th District in the House of Representatives, told ThinkProgress he suspects a political motive behind the Supreme Court’s recent ruling putting the state’s voter ID law on hold.

“The United States Supreme Court said we can’t implement it for this election,” he said at a Milwaukee County Republicans party this week. “My personal feeling is that this is a play to steer the outcome of the gubernatorial election so that Scott Walker wouldn’t have a chance of getting on the ticket in 2016 for the White House. I think that’s what they’re trying to do.”

I’m not sure what tortured logic Dan Sebring employed in order to surmise that the conservative-led United States Supreme Court is conspiring to keep Scott Walker from running for president in 2016, but Sebring’s comments were telling in that they made it abundantly clear that Republicans believe they can’t win an election in which they don’t rig the rules to disenfranchise groups of voters (the poor, the elderly, minorities) who tend to vote for Democrats.

Dan Sebring supporter wants to see Gwen Moore face a firing squad

Earlier today Republican Congressional candidate Dan Sebring posted this to his campaign’s Facebook page:

Among the comments found regarding Sebring’s post was this comment from a Sebring supporter who wants to see Rep. Gwen Moore “face a firing squad.”

K-Man Eastburn Personally, I would rather see her face a firing squad.

Not surprisingly, Sebring has not done anything to distance himself from the comment made by his supporter, nor has he asked “K-Man Eastburn” to tone down his vitriol.

The fact that Dan Sebring seems to support that kind of inflammatory and inappropriate rhetoric from his supporters just reinforces why he’s a poor choice to represent the 4th Congressional district. After all, while Gwen Moore stands up for his constituents, Dan Sebring can’t even stand up to his supporters.

Gwen Moore arrested while standing up for minimum wage workers

Kudos to Democratic Rep. Gwen Moore for standing up for minimum wage workers who are protesting for an increase in the minimum wage.

U.S. Congresswoman Gwen Moore has been arrested by West Milwaukee police during a minimum wage protest on Miller Park Way.

So far 25 people have been arrested by police officers while protesting in front of the Miller Park Way McDonald’s. All ramps leading to Miller Park Way have been shut down thanks to the minimum wage strike.

Fast food workers across the nation will strike again September 4, and following a Labor Day speech from President Obama about their ongoing campaign for more pay, organizers plan to take things to a new level.

The strike is happening in 150 cities September 4 at other national restaurants, including Burger King and Wendy’s.

Predictably Dan Sebring, Rep. Moore’s Republican opponent has already attacked Rep. Moore for standing up for workers.

And to show just how classy Dan Sebring and his supporters are, Chris Johansson, a commenter to Sebring’s Facebook post, opined Rep. Moore was arrested for “impersonating a human being!” Of course Sebring did nothing to correct Johansson’s comment, leading me to believe he condones that kind of vicious and downright disgusting rhetoric.

is the third time the charm for Dan Sebring? No, no, and no.

Showing a stunning lack of understanding about the electoral makeup of the 4th Congressional district, yesterday an anonymous writer at the Wisconsin Daily Independent opined that Dan Sebring may finally be able to beat incumbent Democratic Rep. Gwen Moore because “the black community carried Clarke,” a reference to Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke’s victory over challenger Chris Moews in the Democratic primary on August 12. The unknown author provides no evidence to back up his or her claim that “the black community carried Clarke,” and the author conveniently ignores the fact that there was a concerted effort to get Republicans to cross over and vote for Sheriff Clarke.

The black community carried Clarke and they tend to carry Moore. Could the unhappiness with Obama lead them to Sebring? This last election proved a conservative that talks to the black community can make it. A conservative message can break through and Sebring has a lot of name recognition.

A quick glance at the vote totals in the Milwaukee County Sheriff race seems to indicate that efforts by Republicans to get Republican voters to turn out and vote were successful, given the fact that Sheriff Clarke alone garnered more votes in 2014 than both he and Chris Moews did combined in 2010.

At any rate, despite pie in the sky statements that African Americans will turn out and vote for Dan Sebring, there’s absolutely no chance he’ll beat Gwen Moore in November.

Some post-primary winners and losers

So the results of tonight’s partisan primary election are in, and I’ve got a few winners and losers (and they’re not necessarily all candidates).


Jonathan Brostoff: With a narrow victory in the Democratic primary in the 19th Assembly district, Brostoff is virtually assured of victory in November, with only Pirate Party candidate Joseph Klein standing between Brostoff and a seat in the Assembly that he will likely occupy for as long as he wants.

Susan Happ: Jon Richards appeared to be the candidate the Democratic establishment had coalesced around, and he was certainly the most visible of the three Democrats running for Attorney General, but despite running a bit of a “stealth campaign” in comparison to Richards, Happ prevailed. No doubt Susan Happ will be a formidable opponent to Republican Brad Schimel, and I’m confident she’ll emerge victorious in November.

Justin Moralez: Though he lost in the Republican primary in the 20th Assembly district, Moralez can hold his head high knowing he didn’t compromise his beliefs in order to pander for votes in a primary that quickly devolved into a contest to see which candidate could veer furthest to the right the fastest. While he lost tonight, Moralez likely hasn’t run his last campaign for an office higher than the one he currently holds.

Mary Burke: With her victory Burke becomes the first woman to be either party’s nominee for governor. That’s a big deal, and it’s an even bigger deal that despite a furious barrage of negative ads against her by Gov. Scott Walker and his dark money allies, Burke holds a one percent lead against Walker among likely voters. While some on the left may not be sold on Mary Burke, I believe she can beat Scott Walker in November.


Chris Abele: The two Abele-backed candidates for State Assembly, Tia Torhorst and Dan Adams, both lost in their respective primaries. Adams finished third in a four person race despite the best efforts of a dark money group’s negative mailing campaign towards the end of the race, and while Torhorst finished second in her race, she was beaten by David Bowen by a margin of 55% to 22%. There’s no way last tonight’s results in the 10th and 19th Assembly district races can be viewed as anything other than a loss for Abele, who sought to expand his Milwaukee County power base in Madison.

John Lehman: While Democratic gubernatorial nominee Mary Burke easily beat Brett Hulsey by a margin of over 60 percentage points in the Democratic gubernatorial primary, Lehman beat his opponent Mary Jo Walters by a margin of just 10 percentage points. For a seasoned politician with the backing of the Democratic establishment to prevail by such a small margin against nominal opposition is surprising to me.

Dan Sebring: Though Sebring prevailed in the Republican primary in the 4th Congressional district, his prize for winning is another likely electoral drubbing at the hands of incumbent Rep. Gwen Moore. I’m betting Sebring will lose to Moore in November by a margin approaching 35%, and perhaps then he’ll get the message that voters in the 4th Congressional district simply don’t care for his far right-wing ideology.

I’ve been banned once again!

Apparently I’ve been banned from commenting on the Facebook page of the Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Office. I’m assuming I was banned after I left a comment on the Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Office Facebook page noting that during his time as Milwaukee County Sheriff, David Clarke once attempted to assist a drunk driver get back on the road after said drunk driver had slid off the road in winter weather.

My ban from the Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Office Facebook page is now the third such ban handed down on me by conservative candidates for office. Dan Sebring banned me from his Facebook page several years ago after I dared question him about his views, and former Democratic State Senator Jeff Plale not only banned me from his page – he blocked me from being able to see it.

I’m not sure why David Clarke and Dan Sebring in particular are so thin-skinned, but I can’t help but wonder if they’re really suited for elected office if they can’t bear a little questioning from those who pay their salaries (in Clarke’s case) or those who they aspire to represent (in Sebring’s case).

Dan Sebring’s “viral interview” not really that viral

From the Facebook page of perennial Republican Congressional candidate Dan Sebring comes this gem:

Dan Sebring's "viral" interview

Now I don’t know about you all, but 941 views of a video on YouTube doesn’t really constitute “viral” in my book, but I suppose if you’re Dan Sebring and you know you’re gonna lose in November by at least 30 points, you gotta look for any little ray of sunshine.

Dan Sebring: citizens can do better job of public safety than law enforcement

Says Republican Congressional candidate Dan Sebring, who’s gearing up to get drubbed at the polls again in 2014:

We The People can do a far better job of both personal protection and public safety than any organized law enforcement.

Putting aside the fact that open carry/concealed carry lawsdon’t necessarily produce lower crime rates, I can cite bunches of incidents that completely undermine Sebring’s argument.

For example, there’s THIS, THIS, THIS, and THIS, and I could go on and on with examples to refute Sebring’s argument that “We The People” can do a better job of personal protection and public safety than organized law enforcement.

What’s more, Sebring’s contention that citizens with little (if any) training can do a better job of public safety than highly trained, skilled law enforcement officers is an absolute slap in the face to those officers.

About Dan Sebring’s new ad…

So apparently far-right extremist Republican Dan Sebring, who has decided to run yet again against incumbent Democratic Rep. Gwen Moore in 2014, has a new ad running on the internet. In the ad, an actor impersonating Mr. T says he pities the fool who doesn’t vote for Dan Sebring, followed by a message from Sebring explaining that a Republicancan win in the fourth Congressional district.

While Dan Sebring may be delusional enough to believe a Republican can win in the fourth Congressional district, reality paints a much different story. After all, Rep. Moore beat Sebring by nearly 40 percentage points in 2010 (69.1% to 29.6%) and then followed that electoral drubbing up with an even more resounding win in 2012, beating Sebring by a margin of 72.2% to just 24.8% for Sebring.

According to the 2014 Cook Partisan Voter Index, the fourth Congressional district is a +23 Democratic district, but I’m betting that Dan Sebring will underperform and still lose by at least 40 percentage points in 2014. After all, he’s a lackluster candidate with a bunch of baggage, and voters in the fourth Congressional district clearly don’t like what they see in Dan Sebring.