Dan Sebring: citizens can do better job of public safety than law enforcement

Says Republican Congressional candidate Dan Sebring, who’s gearing up to get drubbed at the polls again in 2014: We The People can do a far better job of both personal protection and public safety than any organized law enforcement.

Putting aside the fact that open carry/concealed carry lawsdon’t necessarily produce lower crime rates, I can [...]

About Dan Sebring’s new ad…

So apparently far-right extremist Republican Dan Sebring, who has decided to run yet again against incumbent Democratic Rep. Gwen Moore in 2014, has a new ad running on the internet. In the ad, an actor impersonating Mr. T says he pities the fool who doesn’t vote for Dan Sebring, followed by a message from Sebring [...]

Dan Sebring ready to beat Gwen Moore with a $50 campaign war chest!


On a related note, I’m still banned (it’s been over a year now) from commenting/asking Sebring questions on his Facebook page, and I know I’m not alone in being banned. Apparently Sebring cannot tolerate opinions that dissent from his own, which strikes me as a poor quality for an aspiring elected official to [...]

Stay classy, you sour grapes conservatives!

From the files of, “stay classy sore losers” come these nuggets.

First up is failed Republican Congressional candidate Dan Sebring, who rather than accepting the fact that the voters of the Fourth Congressional district simply don’t like his message or lack of substantive solutions to their problems, instead chose to blame the lack of voter [...]

Congratulations Dan Sebring!

I’d like to be the first to congratulate Republican Congressional candidate Dan Sebring on his loss to Democratic Rep. Gwen Moore. Though unsurprising, confirmation of Sebring’s loss brought a smile to my face, and I look forward to seeing him run (and lose) again in 2014.

Some election day predictions

If you’re reading this blog, I don’t need to tell you the importance of tomorrow. It’s election day, and with that in mind here’s my predictions on a few races of import.

Presidential Race In the presidential race, I’ll predict President Barack Obama wins reelection with 303 electoral votes to Republican Mitt Romney’s 235 electoral [...]

Dan Sebring runs radio ad labeled racist

Republican Congressional candidate Dan Sebring running an ad considered to be racist? Say it ain’t so! Moore’s GOP challenger, Dan Sebring, is the man behind the controversial ad. In the ad, Sebring presents a clip of Moore from a prior speech.

“Scott Walker, you gotta go, baby,” Moore said in the clip. “ ‘Cause we [...]

Here’s my question about Dan Sebring’s unpaid back taxes

According to the Wisconsin Circuit Court Access Program (CCAP), Republican Dan Sebring, who’s vying to unseat incumbent Democratic Rep. Gwen Moore here in the 4th Congressional District, has 5 unpaid tax warrants totaling over $10,000. On his campaign website, Sebring explains the circumstances that led to those unpaid taxes, and while I certainly take no [...]

Dan Sebring’s health care “reform” plan? Allow medical professionals to voluntarily care for the uninsured!

During his failed 2010 campaign to unseat incumbent Democratic Rep. Gwen Moore, Republican Dan Sebring put forth a health care “reform” plan that was written by an employee of health insurance company Wellpoint and involved transforming health insurance companies into “medical financing companies” that would provide non-dischargeable (in other words, not erasable through bankruptcy) financing [...]

Dan Sebring attends conservative Leadership Institute, gets butt kicked in 2010 election (UPDATED)

Says perennial Republican Congressional candidate Dan Sebring about the conservative Leadership Institute: “Leadership Institute training is an absolute must for anyone seeking public office,” Dan said. “It is far and away the most comprehensive, indispensable crash course introduction to political activism for activists, candidates, and campaign staffers on the planet. I recommend it highly to [...]

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