That Didn’t Take Long: Supervisor Bowen to Run for Rep. Pasch’s Seat.

Just a day after Representative Sandy Pasch’s announcement that she will not seek re-election from the Wisconsin 10th Assembly District, County Supervisor David Bowen throws his hat squarely into the ring.

I don’t think he’ll be the only candidate…seats without incumbents are magnets for political figures wanting to move up and there is no reason [...]

Dissimulation on County Board Referendum Right Down To The Wire

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel is taking the lies and obfuscations about the Act 14 required referendum on Milwaukee County Board pay and benefits right down to the wire. In a front page article in their March 31, 2014 print edition, they continue the nonsense about cutting supervisor’s pay by half will result in a part [...]

Whither MKE County: The April Fool’s Referendum

It’s amazing that the last nail in the coffin of the Milwaukee County Board as we know it is a bogus referendum that is just a week away. Except for two very minor articles in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, this referendum has gone pretty much unnoticed. The left and the supporters of the board realize [...]

Supervisor Bowen To Hold News Conference On Living Wage

From Facebook:

Supervisor David Bowen, with other members of the County Board and community, will hold a news conference on living wage Monday, December 16, at 9:30 a.m. in the rotunda of the Milwaukee County Courthouse. Supervisor Bowen has introduced a living wage resolution that would impact employees of companies that do business with Milwaukee [...]

Sheriff Clarke asks for more money

so I attended the county boards finance committee today where Sheriff David Clarke appeared to ask them to give him more money in the budget

When questioned by Supervisors about patrolling parks and how the HOC was handled etc Clarke got somewhat defensive like usual.

Props to Supervisors Schmitt,Jursik,Bowen and Lipscomb (and any others [...]

Hey, I Think We Found Another Miscalculation In The County Budget!

In an article posted to JSOnline this evening, writer Steve Schultze of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel outlines the staff cuts and budget cuts for the County Board that County Executive Chris Abele has proposed in his County Budget. Of course the majority of these cuts are required under the law passed by the Republicans earlier [...]

Miscalculations In County Budget Now Total $3 Million

So under legislation passed by his new cronies in Madison, County Executive Chris Abele got a hot shot County Controller who gets to check out the budget…and of course County Executive Abele has his own budget director whose total absolutely most important responsibility is to get the budget right…but instead we get a budget proposal [...]

Chris Abele: It’s Time To Start Acting Like A Leader

Yesterday The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel’s JSOnline website published two more articles that outline the dysfunction that continues to plague Milwaukee County government. Now I am not holding the county board blameless in this, but post Act 14, the county executive has consolidated powers…something he fully supported to the detriment of county residents…yet he continues to [...]

Milwaukee’s New Desolation Row

I’ve been sitting on the pictures in this post since last October and have been mentally composing what I wanted to say about them and the area depicted. But I just never got around to writing the blog. Well today my friend Bobby Tanzilo from brought it back to my front lobes.

It’s been [...]

Abele Rejects Hotel Wage Provision

Developers would like to include an extended stay hotel as part of the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee’s Innovation Campus at the county grounds in Wauwatosa. The campus is being developed by an affiliate of the UWM Real Estate Foundation who purchased the site from the county.

Last month the county board unanimously voted to [...]

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