Yet another example of Sheriff David Clarke’s lawless Sheriff’s Office

The corruption and lawlessness in Sheriff David Clarke’s Sheriff’s Office continues…

A sheriff’s clerk was charged Monday with felony misconduct in office for allegedly stealing cash paid for restraining orders and other court documents.

Damond Watts, 38, was accused of stealing $1,200 between September and December of last year, according to the criminal complaint.

The [...]

Sheriff David Clarke promotes crony despite past misconduct

This is absolutely disgraceful.

Milwaukee County Sheriff David A. Clarke Jr. recently promoted Nancy Evans to the captain overseeing airport security, even though Clarke’s own internal investigation found she had committed a “clear act” of misconduct in office just 18 months ago.

Prosecutors decided last year not to press charges against Evans because they couldn’t [...]

David Clarke hints at desire to take electoral drubbing at the hands of Tom Barrett

As reported by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke is hinting that he’d consider running against Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett in 2016. In an interview this week with the Journal Sentinel, Clarke, who has been highly critical of Barrett’s tenure as mayor, said he was sizing up a possible run. But he [...]

Sheriff David Clarke faces lawsuit alleging he improperly promoted a favored employee

Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke is an absolute joke. The deputies union has filed a lawsuit over Milwaukee County Sheriff David A. Clarke Jr.’s promotion of Nancy L. Evans as a captain in the department.

The union claims the promotion was illegal because Evans lacked law enforcement certification and because Clarke didn’t file a required [...]

More on Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke’s personnel moves

Earlier tonight I posted a guest blog by Graeme Zielinski noting that Fran McLaughlin, the current Public Information Officer for the Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Office, is poised to receive a promotion (possibly to Deputy Inspector) despite having absolutely no sworn law enforcement experience.

What’s notable about Fran McLaughlin is that her position was targeted for [...]

Hushed: Enabled by Cowardly Milwaukee County Board, Tea Party Sheriff David Clarke Promotes Walker John Doe Figure GOPFran

What follows is a guest blog by Graeme Zielinski. Sources tell me that Tea Party nutjob David Clarke, fresh from being coddled by the Milwaukee County board, is giving Fran McLaughlin, a Scott Walker partisan who calls herself “GOPFran,” a promotion, possibly to the position of deputy inspector.

This as Clarke is cutting or demoting [...]

Cue a David Clarke crack about penis envy in 3….2…1….

As noted by Dan Bice of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke, who’s fond of hurling juvenile insults in order to get some cheap publicity, recently wrote a piece for the Wisconsin State Journal blasting plans in Dane County to create a system of community courts. The idea behind the planned community [...]

Progressives on County Board budget committee vote to give David Clarke the budget he wants

Whomever said politics makes for strange bedfellows certainly wasn’t kidding.

Case in point is news today that the County Board’s budget panel, which includes at least four progressives, voted to give conservative Sheriff David Clarke a budget much, much closer to the budget he requested than the scaled-down budget the Sheriff would have gotten under [...]

Murphy’s Law: David Clarke the False Conservative

This is worth a read… If you’re a numbers-crunching fiscal conservative like Abele, one obvious place to look for cuts is the Sheriff’s Department. In the decade prior to Abele’s election, the sheriff’s  budget had risen 61 percent, far faster than any other county department. It was something of a sacred cow under former county [...]

Sheriff David Clarke is a petty, small man

What does Milwaukee County Sheriff David “Keystone Cop” Clarke think of Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele’s proposal to cut $12 million in funding from Clarke’s budget for 2014?

Read for yourself. “Abele should be drug tested. He has to be on heroin to be hallucinating with that wild proposal. He might go to bed [...]

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