David Clarke supporters must be really nervous about their guy’s chances tonight

According to a report by Jason Stein of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, some Republicans voting in today’s partisan primaries have taken to writing in the name of Democratic Milwaukee County Sheriff David A. Clarke Jr. on their ballots, in an attempt to prop up Clarke in the face of a very strong challenge by his [...]

I’ve been banned once again!

Apparently I’ve been banned from commenting on the Facebook page of the Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Office. I’m assuming I was banned after I left a comment on the Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Office Facebook page noting that during his time as Milwaukee County Sheriff, David Clarke once attempted to assist a drunk driver get back on [...]

Bloomberg PAC makes $150,000 ad buy against Sheriff David Clarke

I can’t remember the last time Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke faced an ad barrage of this magnitude as he faced reelection. Former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s political action committee, Independence USA, has purchased $150,833 in television ads in an effort to defeat Milwaukee County Sheriff David A. Clarke Jr. and support his opponent, [...]

David Clarke, A Legacy of Questionable Judgments

Next Tuesday, August 12th, Milwaukee County residents will be visiting their local polling station. One choice in particular on the ballot will have an immediate impact on the future wellbeing of Milwaukee County and the safety of it’s residents. Before you exercise that most sacred right to vote, I wanted to share a pattern in [...]

Tommy Thompson encourages Republicans in Milwaukee County to vote as Democrats

Yesterday some Democrats in Milwaukee County received a mailer in their mailboxes from former Republican Gov. Tommy Thompson, who wants Republicans in Milwaukee County to cross over and vote as Democrats to help Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke beat his real Democratic opponent on August 12.

Here’s the mailer.

The fact that [...]

Sheriff (David Clarke) who cut half of Milwaukee County Sheriff’s deputies attempts to lecture Tom Barrett on policing

Considering Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke has seen the number of deputies employed by the Sheriff’s Office halved since he took office, he’s got some nerve attempting to lecture Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett on the need for more police officers on Milwaukee’s streets. The Sheriff called for the hiring of up to 500 more officers [...]

Chris Moews: Sheriff David Clarke is a “sideshow” (VIDEO)

During a recent appearance on UpFront, Democratic Milwaukee County Sheriff candidate Chris Moews explained why he believes Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke is a sideshow who lack competency when it comes to law enforcement in Milwaukee County.

Watch for yourselves.

Why vote for Chris Moews on August 12? Because he’s a REAL lawman!

Image Courtesy Moews for Sheriff

Earlier this week, Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke’s reelection campaign sent out a mailer touting Clarke’s law enforcement credentials, and as James Rowen of The Political Environment noted, it’s a very curious mailer.

Sheriff Clarke’s efforts to tout his crime fighting credentials are laughable, especially considering how little the [...]

My thoughts on Marina Dimitrijevic’s record of working with Scott Walker

On Monday Shaina shared her thoughts on Democratic Assembly candidate Marina Dimitrijevic’s statement touting her record of working with Scott Walker as if that somehow qualifies her to serve in the State Assembly, but I wanted to share my thoughts as well.

First, here’s Dimitrijevic’s statement. What sets her apart from her opponents, Dimitrijevic says, [...]

The two degrees of separation between David Clarke & Las Vegas cop killer Jerad Miller

Here’s a photo for you:

As noted in the caption, on the left is Richard Mack, the founder of the Constitutional Sheriff’s and Peace Officers Association, which in 2013 honored Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke (pictured on the right) as its Sheriff of the Year.

Now here’s another photo:

Richard Mack (left) and [...]

Blogging Blue’s “14 in ’14″

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