Jason Rae announces candidacy for Democratic Party of Wisconsin chair

Earlier today Jason Rae announced his candidacy for chairman of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin. Rae joins former State Rep. Jeff Smith and former DPW chair Joe Wineke as announced candidates, while fundraiser and former DPW finance director Mary Lang Sollinger is said to be considering a run. A Milwaukee political leader and North Woods […]

Mike Tate to step down as WisDems Chair

This isn’t really that surprising. Mike Tate, the face of the state Democratic Party for the past six years, will step down as party chief at the end of his current term.

“This is not a job you do for a career, but one you have the honor of holding for a short period of […]

DPW Chair Mike Tate Wants To Hear From You!

From the inbox comes this missive from the Democratic Party of Wisconsin’s Chairman, Mike Tate:

Thanks for your membership in the Democratic Party of Wisconsin and your work on behalf of Democratic candidates this fall. Even though the midterm elections were hard on Democrats in Wisconsin and around the country, we should all be proud […]

Dave Obey: Democrats’ problems more national than local

In an opinion piece published yesterday, former U.S. Rep. Dave Obey shared his view that the problems that led to the lackluster election results here in Wisconsin on November 4th were more a product of poor messaging on the part of the national Democratic Party, and not because of the failures of Mike Tate, chairman […]

So if you think Mike Tate has to go as DPW Chair, then who’s your choice to replace him?

So there’s been a lot of talk about why Mike Tate needs to “get out of Dodge” as Chairman of the DPW, but what I’d like to hear from you all is who you’d choose to replace him, along with some reasons why.


John Nichols: Wisconsin Democratic Party needs to reconsider itself

This is spot-on. To renew itself now, the party must recognize how it broke through in the past.

First, the Wisconsin Democrats of the 1940s and 1950s welcomed outsiders and moved them quickly into the forefront of the party. Consider this notion: What if, in 2014, the Democratic Party had nominated retiring Republican Sen. Dale […]

What has Mike Tate done in four years to earn his $105,717 per year salary?

In response to criticisms I’ve made of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin leadership in the wake of Tuesday’s awful election results, one commenter noted the “the state party chair is just not a very important position.”

If that is in fact the case (which I’m sure many party establishment apologists will argue it is), then […]

Two post-election predictions

Now that Democrats in Wisconsin have suffered another bloodbath election, I expect calls for Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate to resign to proliferate. In fact, a quick look at my Facebook feed shows more than a few calls for Tate to resign.

In response, I predict the same Democratic Party insiders who think […]

Democratic Party of Wisconsin sends out mailer highlighting Amy Sue Vruwink’s strong relationship with Scott Walker

For the love of God….really?!?!? It’s odd enough to see a mailer for a veteran Democratic legislator that highlights her strong relationship with Republican Gov. Scott Walker.

“Governor Scott Walker trusts Amy Sue Vruwink on agricultural issues,” says the recent flier promoting the Milladore Democrat. “Governor Scott Walker tried to have her as one of […]

What were the “unusual circumstances” that led to the Democratic Party of Wisconsin endorsing John Lehman in a contested primary

According to this report by Dan Bice of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, last month members of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin’s Administrative Committee (30 of whom are Democratic party insiders) voted to endorse state Sen. John Lehman, a Racine Democrat, for lieutenant governor,despite the fact that Madison activist Mary Jo Walters had also registered to […]

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