New Ad for Incumbent DPI Superintendent Tony Evers

Although I haven’t always agreed with Superintendent Evers on some of his decisions with the DPI, he has shown the ability to work with Governor Walker. He is a far better supporter of public education than nearly anyone currently resident in state government. And his opponent, State Representative Don Pridmore (R – Hartford) who recently […]

Don Pridemore to run for Superintendent of Department of Public Instruction

Has there been a less qualified candidate to oversee our state’s public school system than Don Pridemore? Republican state Rep. Don Pridemore launched his campaign to become Wisconsin’s top education leader on Monday, saying he would bring a conservative approach to the job while refusing to talk specifically about what policies he would push.

It’s […]

Pridemore’s DPI Superintendent announcement rife with grammatical errors

We all make grammatical errors from time to time, myself included. But if I ever decided to make a run for, say, DPI Superintendent, you can bet money that the press release announcing my intent to run would be error-free. Nobody in their right mind would hire a candidate who lacks basic writing skills to […]

The Plight of Women in 2012 America

Much has been waged on the war on women recently and I wanted to highlight some more of it and try and bring it full circle. The first story, and as a father of a daughter is the hardest to read, comes from comes from the great NY Time Columnist Nicholas Kristof. Kristof writes of […]

Don Pridemore: women in abusive relationships should not seek divorces

Republican State Rep. Don “white” Pridemore, speaking in support of the bill he co-sponsored with State Sen. Glenn Grothman that says single parenting is a contributing factor to child abuse (emphasis added): The bill’s co-sponsor, Representative Don Pridemore, told TODAY’S TMJ4 he thinks even in abusive relationships, there are other options than divorce.

“If they […]

Adolf Hitler Never Goes Away

Adolf Hitler is one the most vile, disgusting human beings in the history of the world (millions of years to most of us, just a few thousand years if your from West Bend). That being said, his name is still bandied about often so if you are going to use it(you shouldnt), there are a […]

Don Pridemore must think puppy mills create jobs

Republican State Rep. Don Pridemore is focused on creating jobs in Wisconsin.

In fact, Rep. Pridemore is so focused on creating jobs here in Wisconsin that he wants to loosen laws put into place in 2009 to eliminate “puppy mills” where dogs live in abusive and neglectful conditions. Under Pridemore’s legislation, the number of dogs […]

What is the difference?

Yesterday in Madison, they debated the \"Keep Wisconsin from voting act\" in committee. During this committee hearing, there were two events that happened and I am trying to figure out the difference between the two.

Event number 1. Protesters disrupted the meeting.

Protesters disrupt meeting

Three protesters hijacked the Joint Finance Committee, […]

The quashing of the vote

Today the the legislature started debate on the \"Stop Democrats from Voting\" bill. This bill is being pushed by Representative Don Pridemore, who represents Waukesha of all places, and is “worried” about the sanctity of the vote.

The New York Times broke down today exactly who these bills will affect.

Spreading fear […]

Did Pridemore coordinate his questionable press release?

I blogged earlier today about State DPI Superintendent candidate Tony Evers’ use of state resources to engage in campaign-related activities. However, as some bloggers and the Democratic Party of Wisconsin have noted, Republican State Representative Don Pridemore may have violated state election laws for an email he sent off using his state email account, and […]