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Robin Vos must have stayed in a Holiday Inn Express last night

Apparently Republican Assembly Speaker Robin Vos, who has absolutely no law enforcement experience whatsoever, seems to think he’s suddenly an expert on how to fight crime in Milwaukee. “The city of Milwaukee has made errors over time, reducing the number of sworn officers that are actually hired and on the streets,” Vos told Wisconsin Eye.


When will David Clarke apologize to Milwaukee County’s residents?

So when is Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke going to apologize to Milwaukee County’s residents for being such a moron?

In a letter to a Republican member of the U.S. Senate, Clarke has issued an apology “on behalf of my constituents” for Flynn’s blunt Capitol Hill testimony last week in support of an assault-weapons ban.


MPD Chief Ed Flynn testifies to Senate in support of assault weapons/high capacity magazine bans

During testimony given to the United States Senate’s Judiciary Committee, Milwaukee Police Chief Ed Flynn called on Congress to pass a ban on new sales of assault weapons and high-capacity magazines to civilians. “How many people have to get murdered in a mass murder for it to be enough?” Flynn said toward the end of […]

MPD Chief Ed Flynn should keep his mouth shut sometimes

Says Milwaukee Police Chief Ed Flynn of students at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee: “I view your students as ‘guests,’ since most do not own property in Milwaukee and they do not directly contribute to the tax base,” the chief continued. “As guests, they should be exhibiting appropriate conduct.”

Considering Ed Flynn does not actually own […]

Robin Vos & Alberta Darling want fired MPD officers to get paid while appealing terminations

Vos & Darling

Under a proposal co-written by Republican State Rep. Robin Vos and Republican State Senator Alberta Darling (pictured, right), the co-chairs of the Joint Finance Committee, City of Milwaukee taxpayers would be forced to pay fired Milwaukee Police officers while they appeal their terminations.

In a statement about the proposal written by Rep. Vos and […]

Former police chief candidate supports ceasing traffic stops to prove a point

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel is reporting Willie Murphy, a sergeant with the Milwaukee Police Department, has been suspended for 20 days without pay for sending a text message to other supervisors urging them to tell officers to stop making traffic stops until problems with the department’s new digital radio system are addressed. According to a […]

Milwaukee officials express concern about Wisconsin DOC’s early release programs

Milwaukee Police Chief Ed Flynn, Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett and Milwaukee County District Attorney John T. Chisholm all expressed concern Wednesday about the effects that the early release of some prisoners as a result of Wisconsin Act 28 could have on the city of Milwaukee. The Wisconsin Department of Corrections granted early release to 21 […]

Did Flynn continue the affair?

As reported by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, former Waukesha County District Attorney (and current jilted spouse) Paul Bucher is alleging Milwaukee Police Chief Ed Flynn has continued his extramarital affair with Jessica McBride, a journalist and lecturer at UWM. Chief Flynn has denied that the affair has continued, saying, “I regret that Mr. Bucher genuinely […]

Bratton retiring as LA’s police chief

After seven years as Police Chief of the city of Los Angeles, William Bratton is retiring. Under Bratton, Los Angeles has seen declining crime rates since 2003, and during his tenure he pushed hard to reform the LAPD, increase departmental transparency, increase minority recruitment, and institute community policing.

Chief Bratton was a believer in the […]

Citizen files complaint against Flynn

Led by Lamont Harris, an ardent supporter of disgraced former Milwaukee Alderman Michael McGee, a citizen’s group has filed a complaint against Milwaukee Police Chief Ed Flynn after the chief admitted to having an extramarital affair with former Journal Sentinel reporter Jessica McBride, who wrote a story on Flynn for Milwaukee Magazine earlier this year. […]