Saturday Humor or Maybe Irony: On the Teaching Profession

Last Panel: little kid is a Republican…the janitor a Democrat.

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Sex, Lies and Common Core Part II

Last week I posted a blog about an email that is making the rounds that was insanely inaccurate in its description of Common Core educational standards. And earlier this week I posted a link and brief quiz from JSOnline that clarified what Common Core is all about.

Well today, the Wisconsin State Senate began hearings [...]

MJS Presents a Primer on Common Core!

While researching on JSOnline for another Common Core item for Blogging Blue, I came across Erin Richard’s primer on Common Core titled: Common Core 101: A primer to separate education fact from fiction.

Her opening gambit…a cute preliminary quiz on your knowledge of Common Core: (The sender of the email I received earlier would [...]

Sex, Lies and Common Core

I am working on another post related to the opposition of Common Core…but decided to put it aside after I got the email embedded below on Monday.

Common Core should be a boon to education in this country. It will set some standards on student achievement that make sense for math and English…the only [...]

UW Flexible Option and Wisconsin Economic Development Corp!

The University of Wisconsin System is about to roll out its Flexible Option degree program that will allow working adults and other non-traditional college students a chance to earn a college degree online. Although an online program, the fees for the Flexible Option program could still run more than $20,000 according to an article in [...]

Get the Facts on Voucher School Expansion

Sorry that this is so late…I meant to post it yesterday but mislaid it:

Get the Best Research on Vouchers

Efforts to shift public dollars from public schools to private voucher schools has momentum in our state and will likely have significant ramifications for professional educators.

Please join UWM’s Urban Studies Programs for the 7th [...]

Some Ideas on Education


No doubt public education will be a topic of discussion for the upcoming elections in 2014 and 2016, and most likely those discussions will include mention of how crucial education infrastructure is for a healthy economy, which is true. At the same time, what so often gets marginalized in the miring of education and [...]

Nature Hill Teacher Suspension Unwarranted

An award winning 6th grade teacher at Nature Hill Intermediate in Oconomowac, Michael Krill, was suspended after accidentally sending an audio excerpt of his personal journal to his grade school class.

Now I am a man who has an unhealthy distrust of our local state media, but even I was shocked at how the [...]

Wauwatosa Protests Budget Item That Would Treat Them Like Milwaukee

One of the non-budget items that has been included in the 2014-2015 Wisconsin state budget, would allow the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee to charter an independent school in Wauwatosa as part of UWM’s innovation park. Actually the provision is even broader than that but Wauwatosa is the first community that UWM has targeted.

The [...]

Three Open Forums on State Education Budget

another message from the email inbox from the Wisconsin Education Association Council:

Future of Public Education in the Balance

Governor Walker’s budget proposal represents yet another radical break from Wisconsin tradition that will dramatically affect educators and students for years to come. Final decisions on the two-year budget are likely to be made within the [...]

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