What Electoral Mixture Will Iowa Surge by Santorum Lead To?

By now everyone knows about the results in last night’s Iowa Caucuses. Mitt Romney, four years after scoring 25% of the Iowa vote in 2008, received 25% or the vote last night, and improvement of. . . nothing. On the surface that should tell everyone that he is not the “Chosen One,” and that Mitt […]

Getting Beyond Today’s Schadenfreude: Cain Dropping Out Leaves the Adulterer and the Mormon

It is time to get beyond the schadenfreude. Oh, sure, it is a delight to see Herman Cain in denial over a 13 year “friendship,” so much that he is thinking of ending his campaign. That’s not going to matter. Sure, conservatives such as Hannity and Huckabee seemingly had no problem with the harrassment accusations […]

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