McConnell Brags About Filibuster ‘Reform’ Bill

From DonkeyHotey at Flikr

As reported by my colleague, Nathaniel Downes here at Addicting Info, the Senate passed a filibuster reform bill last Thursday receiving mixed reviews by both conservatives and progressives alike. According to The Heritage Foundation:

Reid envisions a Senate that procedurally mirrors the House of Representatives, not the Senatorial saucer where […]

Why Aren’t Tenthers and Strict Constructionists Screaming For Filibuster Reform?

Perhaps because it’s in their interest not to?

But the truth is, the filibuster and the supermajority are, quite likely, unconstitutional.

In the end, the Constitution prescribed six instances in which Congress would require more than a majority vote: impeaching the president, expelling members, overriding a presidential veto of a bill or […]

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