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Walker administration drops permit requirement for Capitol protests

This is a victory for free speech. To settle a free speech lawsuit, Gov. Scott Walker’s administration agreed Tuesday to pay more than $88,000 in attorneys fees and drop its hard-and-fast requirement that larger groups protesting in the Capitol receive a permit.

The Walker administration faced a federal trial in January over the permitting requirement […]

What’s been missing in the ” singalong ” debate.

Federal Judge William Conley’s ruling. That’s what’s been missing from the back and forth about whether or not the solidarity singalong should be required to get a permit to protest in the capitol four days a week from noon to 1:00 pm.

To my knowledge the only blogger, until now, to post a link to […]

State officials: citations won’t be issued to observers of Solidarity Singalong

This is a victory for anyone who values the First Amendment. Observers of the Solidarity Singalong won’t be cited, state officials said Wednesday, just hours after police told people in the Capitol rotunda they could be arrested for watching the regular noontime protest.

Capitol Police have been issuing arrest warnings to observers since the first […]

Now here’s an idea!

This is a fabulous idea, but I doubt elected Democrats in Wisconsin would/could do it.

Elected Democrats could really embarrass Walker by showing up en masse to the Solidarity Sing Along. Play offense and force the damn issue.

— Mark (@garagemahal65) August 6, 2013

Sen. Fitzgerald lets the truth be known about Capitol Police arrests of citizens singing at State Capitol

Via Democurmudgeon: WSJ: Fitzgerald warns politicians to not get near protesters … Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald’s office sent a note to legislative offices warning staff not to congregate along the balcony during the protests. “If you are in the vicinity of the illegal demonstrations that have been taking place over the noon hour in […]

VIDEO: When a pay raise trumps an oath to uphold the Constitution

Wisconsin State Constitution (Article 1, Section 4) states: The right of the people peaceably to assemble, to consult for the common good, and to petition the government, or any department thereof, shall never be abridged.

Apparently Wisconsin State Capitol Police officers, who the last time I checked swore an oath to uphold the Wisconsin Constitution, […]

An Open Letter to Texas State Senator, Jane Nelson (R) – (VIDEO)

Dear “Honorable” Jane Nelson:

It simply amazes me, that folks such as yourself, spent the entire day of testimony regarding this particular bill, (SB 1), denigrating women using every single slur known to man, and yet, when a woman testifies before you, exercising HER freedom to speak, you censor her by calling in the security […]

Federal judge issues injunction against Walker administration Capitol permit requirements

Yesterday federal judge William Conley, the Chief Judge for the United States District Court for the Western District of Wisconsin, issued an order preventing officials in the administration of Republican Gov. Scott Walker from “(1) distinguishing based on the content of the speech between “rallies” and other events for permitting purposes inside the Capitol and […]

Chalk-drawing protester prosecuted by Attorney General’s office found guilty, ordered to pay $50 fine

This is absolutely ridiculous. The first trial since Capitol Police launched a crackdown on protesters at the state Capitol ended Tuesday with a guilty verdict and a $50 fine for a man who was ticketed for drawing with chalk on a sidewalk on Capitol property.

Jason Huberty, 37, a frequent participant in the daily noon-time […]

Pro-gun Rights Activists Petition to Deport Piers Morgan

Another ridiculous petition:

Tens of thousands of people have signed a petition calling for British CNN host Piers Morgan to be deported from the U.S. over his gun control views.

A petition created Dec. 21 on the White House e-petition website by a user in Texas accuses Morgan of engaging in a “hostile attack […]