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Guest Blog: The Issue of Gerrymandering Legislative Districts in Wisconsin

A recent post from billmoyers.com was brought to my attention. It discusses the actions being taken by the Arizona Legislature to have the power to set Congressional boundaries instead of a non-partisan committee, actions including taking the case to the Supreme Court. The post enumerates a list of reasons why having partisan politicians deciding district […]

GOP Apologist Actually Admits Why Gerrymandering Is Crucial

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel’s resident conservative op ed writer and GOP apologist held forth on why unlimited money in campaigns isn’t really an issue. I am not going to do into that right now…but his most telling reason why the money isn’t that important is? Well, we’ll let Christian Schneider tell us himself:

Campaigns […]

GOP Senate Majority Provided Shills for Redistricting Hearings.

Last Wednesday, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel published an article on the redistricting emails that were withheld from the courts. These emails were withheld even after the attorneys (Michael Best & Friedrich) for the Madison GOP legislators in their gerrymandering scam were fined for doing so. That is a story onto itself and I recommend the […]

The Shark’s Comment Line is Open!

Zach recently posted the links to the 84 pages of emails that the republicans were desperate to keep from the public. While it is somewhat tame, with just a few gems sprinkled in (they admit to “wildly gerrymandering, they continue to go to convicted felon Scott “scooter” Jensen, etc…), one of the interesting emails involves […]