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Are New Bucks Owners Actually Putting Up Their Own Money

Recently the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel published an article about financing arrangements that are available through the National Basketball Association. And although the Bucks were quoted in the article saying they might use the credit facility to expand business opportunities around the new arena…some of the writing seemed to indicate that the $150 million that they’ve […]

Herb Kohl donates 1,000 acres of Wyoming wilderness to preservation group

Though he’s now retired from the U.S. Senate, former Democratic Senator Herb Kohl is making headlines for something really, really awesome. One thousand acres of Wyoming wilderness owned by retired U.S. Sen. Herb Kohl of Wisconsin is now in the public trust.

The acreage, along the Gros Ventre River, has been considered a top priority […]

What About A New Home For The Bucks?

As any number of ‘civic groups’ line up to lobby for a new basketball arena in Milwaukee, the counties that comprise the suburban ring are voting against a regional tax to build it. Ignoring the fact that the City of Milwaukee and Milwaukee County are the economic drivers that make Waukesha, Ozaukee, Racine, etc viable, […]

What’s the Deal with Progressives and Sexism?

Two of my favorite liberal women talked with me about my earlier post: What’s the Deal with Progressives and Agism?

I was so tuned into the issue of agism in progressive politics, partly because I am of the generation of Americans being dissed, that I may have overlooked another issue entirely.

But it was pointed […]

Hey Vets, What Does Senator Johnson Have Against You?

In the Sunday September 16th edition of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, in their Sunday feature, CONGRESS Following the Vote, we find this little tidbit:

VETERANS (sic) JOBS CORPS Senators on Wednesday voted 84 – 8, to debate a bill launching a Veterans Job Corps at a deficit neutral cost of $1 billion over five years. […]

Milwaukee Bucks seeking a taxpayer handout for a new arena?

I’m not sure how I feel about this…

There hasn’t yet been a study released of how much a new arena would cost. But, based on other arenas built in recent years for pro basketball and hockey teams, the rough range could be between $350 million and $500 million, said Marc Marotta, Bradley Center board […]

Barrett & Falk battle over endorsements

As the Democratic gubernatorial recall primary continues to intensify, the campaigns of Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett and former Dane County Executive Kathleen Falk have each announced a series of endorsements of their respective campaigns.

Earlier this week Falk’s campaign picked up the endorsement of the Wisconsin AFL-CIO, an endorsement that should come as no surprise […]

Compare/Contrast: Wisconsin Senate Race

With Unites States Senator Herb Kohl deciding not to run for re-election, that left an opening for new players in both parties to step up and try and capture this seat.

In the democratic party, Tammy Baldwin stepped up early, announcing her intentions to run. People across the state know the integrity of Tammy […]

Former college Republican makes his case for Tammy Baldwin at Milwaukee office opening


Tammy Baldwin’s Milwaukee Senate Campaign Office officially opened its doors Monday evening, and I’m glad I went, and not just because of the photo ops and the Brownie Bites. Hanging out with Democratic greats like Congresswoman Baldwin and Senator Herb Kohl (among many others) was nirvana for a political nerd like myself. But the best […]

Actions Speak Louder Than Words

With the announcement today by Ted Kanavas that he will not be running for the US senate seat being vacated by Herb Kohl, it brings to mind a question and an observation.

Question: Who?

Observation: With such a weak Republican field (fitzgerald the lesser, professional jobber Mark Neumann and maybe long time retired Bret […]