Clinton camp puts partial blame on ” internalized misogyny ” for her loss to Donald Trump

If you were hoping for a reasoned, sensible self reflection from the Clinton camp about why they lost to Donald trump last week, don’t hold your breath.

Former Clinton campaign director of communications outreach, Jess McIntosoh, told MSNBC’s Chris Hayes Monday night that it was ” internalized misogyny ” that compelled so many white, college educated women to vote against their self interests and mark the ballot for Donald Trump.

This sounds a lot like what democrats have been saying for years about working class people voting against their own best interests without, of course, bothering much to talk to working class people.

It seems reasonable at this point to suggest that if democrats and the multi-cultural left don’t come up with a better voter persuasion program than ” you’re stupid, or sexist, or racist, or a self loathing woman if you don’t vote the way we think you should ” we’er likely going to looking at a future electoral map that gets even redder than the one we’re looking at right now.

And that’s a pretty frightening looking map indeed.

The Comey, Weiner, Clinton E-Mail Scandals

After fevered efforts to find something damning in the emails found on Anthony Weiner’s server…FBI Director James B Comey says “…the agency stands by its original findings against recommending charges.”

Now, I think there needs to be some serious follow up investigations by the Justice Department and Congress into what was actually on Mr. Weiner’s computer…the news articles keep saying they are Clinton emails…are they actually emails sent from Hillary Clinton herself? Simply someone in her campaign? Or just from his estranged wife?

And did the FBI illegally inject itself into the presidential campaign?

And it wouldn’t be politic to fire him today, but President Obama should fire Director Comey first thing Wednesday morning. Dir. Comey shouldn’t be rewarded if his actions ushered in a Trump era and Sec. Clinton shouldn’t have to deal with it as president.

Donald Trump shows yet again that he has zero class (VIDEO)

On Thursday night Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton and Republican nominee Donald Trump each gave speeches roasting the other at the annual Alfred E. Smith Dinner to benefit charity, as has been an election year tradition for a number of years.

However, Donald Trump’s remarks about Hillary Clinton were notable in that they seemed to cross the line from roasting to attacking, drawing boos from the crowd in attendance.

Donald Trump was booed Thursday night at the annual Alfred E. Smith Dinner after delivering a series of jabs at his Democratic opponent Hillary Clinton, including trying to riff on a controversial remark he made at the latest presidential debate about her being a “nasty woman.” Clinton also didn’t play nice, however her jokes appeared to be more well-received by the crowd.

The dinner in New York, to benefit charity, is supposed to be a light-hearted roast where the presidential candidates take jabs at themselves and each other, but the event came just a day after the particularly nasty third presidential debate.

During the debate, the candidates didn’t shake hands or acknowledge each other before or after the forum.

Trump, who spoke first, tried at first to keep things light-hearted, but quickly turned to harsh criticism about Clinton, who he described as “corrupt.” His remarks drew boos from the crowd, unprecedented for the event in the memories of observers.

If you’d like to watch for yourselves, here’s full video of Donald Trump’s speech at the Alfred E. Smith dinner, with Trump’s remarks crossing from roast to attack at about the 10:41 mark.

And here’s video of Hillary Clinton’s roast of Donald Trump.

I know it goes without saying, but after watching and re-watching Donald Trump’s speech, it’s clear to me that he’s completely and utterly incapable of being anything other than a small, petty, spiteful man.

Remember that time George W. Bush’s White House lost 22 million emails?

For all the caterwauling by conservatives about the deletion of 33,000 emails off the private server of former Secretary of State and current Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, I don’t remember those same conservatives voicing the same level of outrage about the fact that the administration of Republican president George W. Bush “lost” 22 million emails.

For 18 months, Republican strategists, political pundits, reporters and Americans who follow them have been pursuing Hillary Clinton’s personal email habits, and no evidence of a crime has been found. But now they at least have the skills and interest to focus on a much larger and deeper email conspiracy, one involving war, lies, a private server run by the Republican Party and contempt of Congress citations—all of it still unsolved and unpunished.

Clinton’s email habits look positively transparent when compared with the subpoena-dodging, email-hiding, private-server-using George W. Bush administration. Between 2003 and 2009, the Bush White House “lost” 22 million emails. This correspondence included millions of emails written during the darkest period in America’s recent history, when the Bush administration was ginning up support for what turned out to be a disastrous war in Iraq with false claims that the country possessed weapons of mass destruction (WMD), and, later, when it was firing U.S. attorneys for political reasons.

Hillary Clinton’s #basementdwellers

Yesterday the hashtag #basementdwellers gained a lot of traction on social media after leaked audio of Hillary Clinton speaking to donors about Bernie Sanders’ supporters appeared online.

While Hillary Clinton never actually used the term “basement dwellers” exactly, she came pretty darn close.

“Some are new to politics completely. They’re children of the Great Recession and they are living in their parents’ basement. They feel they got their education, and the jobs that are available to them are not at all what they envisioned for themselves, and they don’t see much of a future,” Clinton said. “I met with a group of young black millennials today, and, you know, one of the young women said, ‘You know, none of us feel like we have the job that we should have gotten out of college, and we don’t believe the job market is going to give us much of a chance.’”

While I’m not nearly as outraged as many Bernie Sanders are regarding Clinton’s comments, I’m not one bit surprised. After all, this is the same candidate who referred to many of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump’s supporters as a “basket of deplorables.”

Interesting Debate Take Away

I watched the debate on C-Span, so I don’t know what the commercial networks showed after the debate had completed. But Hillary Clinton was joined by her family on stage as was Donald Trump.

Mr. Trump and family stood on the high platform and stared at the audience and the Clinton family…as Hillary and Bill and Chelsea shook hands with the crowd at the front of the stage…Mr Trump couldn’t leave fast enough…one candidate was aloof and distant…and one was of the people.

Hillary Clinton hammers Donald Trump on his bigotry and racism (VIDEO)

Earlier this week the campaign of Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton released an ad highlighting the strong support Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has received from white supremacists across the nation.

Here’s the ad.

As a followup to the ad, on Thursday Hillary Clinton gave a speech in Reno, Nevada in which she accused Donald Trump of allying with racists and racist ideas. Here’s just a snippet from Clinton’s speech.

The man who today is the standard bearer of the Republican Party said a federal judge was incapable of doing his job solely because of his heritage.

Even the Republican Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan, described that as “the textbook definition of a racist comment.”

To this day, he’s never apologized to Judge Curiel.

But for Trump, that’s just par for the course.

This is someone who retweets white supremacists online, like the user who goes by the name “white-genocide-TM.” Trump took this fringe bigot with a few dozen followers and spread his message to 11 million people.

His campaign famously posted an anti-Semitic image – a Star of David imposed over a sea of dollar bills – that first appeared on a white supremacist website.

The Trump campaign also selected a prominent white nationalist leader as a delegate in California. They only dropped him under pressure.

When asked in a nationally televised interview whether he would disavow the support of David Duke, a former leader of the Ku Klux Klan, Trump wouldn’t do it. Only later, again under mounting pressure, did he backtrack.

And when Trump was asked about anti-Semitic slurs and death threats coming from his supporters, he refused to condemn them.

Through it all, he has continued pushing discredited conspiracy theories with racist undertones.

If you’d like to watch Clinton’s speech in its entity, you can watch it below.

VIDEO: Bernie Sanders gets booed for urging his supporters to support Hillary Clinton

Watch as Democratic Sen. Bernie Sanders gets booed by his own supporters after he called on them today to support presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton and her running mate Tim Kaine.

As many of you know I was a strong and proud supporter of Sen. Sanders’ presidential campaign, but I can’t support this kind of behavior. While I appreciate the disappointment so many of Sen. Sanders’ supporters feel at the lengths the Democratic establishment went to hinder Sanders’ campaign, there will come a time when the Democratic establishment is held accountable for their undemocratic behavior.

This election is too important to “sit it out” or vote for a third party candidate, because we can’t allow Donald Trump to win this election and turn our country into the worst version of itself.

My reaction to Sen. Tim Kaine as Hillary’s VP pick: “Meh.”

As if to assuage the fears of Wall Street, big businesses, and corporate Democrats who worried she got a little too progressive in her rhetoric during the Democratic presidential primary, today presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton picked Virginia Sen. Tim Kaine as her running mate.

As anyone who follows politics is aware, Sen. Kaine is a moderate who recently signed a letter urging federal regulators to go easy on banks.

Kaine signed two letters on Monday urging federal regulators to go easy on banks ― one to help big banks dodge risk management rules, and another to help small banks avoid consumer protection standards.

Sen. Kaine also supported fast-tracking the Trans-Pacific Partnership in the U.S. Senate, so it’s clear he’s no progressive. Then again, given that she’s admitted she’s a moderate/center candidate, Clinton’s choice of Tim Kaine as her running mate should surprise absolutely no one.

All Hillary Clinton’s choice of Tim Kaine does for me is cement the fact that I will be more unenthusiastic than I’ve ever been in casting my vote for a Democratic ticket.