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March 2015
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Will Martin O’Malley challenge Hillary Clinton?

It’s looking like the answer to that question is yes…

The swirl of controversy surrounding Clinton has not only called her inevitability into question but also given much of the media an excuse to focus on optics rather than policy coverage, which is just one of the reasons O’Malley’s emergence is a positive development. A […]

Jeb Bush Goes Stone Cold Tone Deaf

Keeping with the theme of our posts today…and Jeb Bush keeping with the hypocrisy rampant in GOP presidential hopefuls…is auditioning for the role of frying pan.

Republican presidential hopeful Jeb Bush on Friday stepped up his criticism of Hillary Clinton, calling it “baffling” that she stored official U.S. State Department emails on a personal […]

Governor Walker Goes Stone Cold Tone Deaf

Anyone not living under a rock this past week is well aware of the controversy being smithed out of Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email account and server for official business during her tenure as Secretary of State. Although of questionable nature, her actions apparently weren’t illegal, but we’ll be hearing about it for […]

What’s wrong with Hillary Clinton’s likely 2016 presidential campaign in two words

Leslie Savan of The Nation has a great piece explaining what’s wrong with Hillary Clinton’s likely 2016 presidential campaign in two words.

“I’m baaack!” With those two words, delivered Arnold-style, Hillary Clinton revealed a lot about what’s wrong with her probable candidacy.

“Hello, Iowa!” she beamed from a stage at the Tom Harkin Steak Fry […]

Bernie Sanders weighs Democratic challenge to Hillary Clinton in 2016

Yes please… Sen. Bernie Sanders (Vt.) is gearing up for a presidential primary challenge against Hillary Clinton and hopes to capitalize on Democratic concerns over Clinton’s coziness with Wall Street banks.

Sanders, an independent who caucuses with Senate Democrats, plans to travel to two crucial presidential battleground states next month.

He will speak at an […]

Losers Paul Ryan and Mitt Romney: Hillary Clinton “beatable” in 2016

This is ironic, coming from two men who’ve demonstrated they know nothing about how to win a presidential race. “Looking at her record, seeing how ineffective she was in securing more security, is going to be a great handicap for her in the general election,” said Romney. “I don’t think it’ll hurt her in the […]

National GOP attacks Hillary Clinton using a giant squirrel

This is almost as bizarre as Brett Hulsey’s chicken suit…

Forget about political attack dogs. The Republican National Committee has a giant squirrel.

As former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton criss-crosses the country to promote her new memoir “Hard Choices,” the RNC is deploying a person in a massive, orange squirrel costume to attend the […]

Hillary the progressive? Not so much.

As a followup to earlier post questioning whether Hillary Clinton is really a progressive, I thought this would be worth a read,

And yet it is on economic policy—not on foreign policy, on Benghazi, her broader record as secretary of state or even her now-ancient votes as the senator from New York—that she is most […]

Hillary Clinton vs. Russ Feingold

Over at The Atlantic, Conor Friedersdorf wrote an excellent piece contrasting presumptive 2016 Democratic presidential frontrunner Hillary Clinton and former U.S. Senator (and staunch progressive) Russ Feingold.

Hillary Clinton vs. Russ Feingold Hillary Clinton Russ Feingold Issue […]

Brian Schweitzer: Hillary Clinton is no populist

Apparently former Montana Gov. Brian Schweitzer isn’t ready for a Hillary Clinton coronation in 2016, according to comments he made in a recent Time magazine interview.

Asked to share his thoughts on the presumption that Hillary Clinton is the heir apparent to President Barack Obama, Schweitzer was blunt in his assessment of Clinton. You can’t […]