Sister says convicted ex-Walker aide’s life is ruined

Cry me a river… The sister of Kelly Rindfleisch, the former deputy chief of staff for Scott Walker, has launched an attack on Milwaukee County prosecutors, accusing them of ruining Rindfleisch’s life with their John Doe investigation.

In a letter to the editor of the Baraboo News Republic, Anne Hollinsed said her sister can’t get [...]

Dept. of Transportation legal chief fired after offensive email discovered through John Doe document dump

Well this is good news… John Schulze, the chief legal counsel for the Wisconsin Department of Transportation since last spring, is no longer with the department, an agency spokesperson has confirmed. Schulze’s departure follows the release last week of an offensive email he sent in 2010 to a secret email system in Gov. Scott Walker’s [...]

The Scott Walker Investigation WAS Partisan: Republicans Won and the Milwaukee D.A. Got Neutered

In early 2012, nominally-Democratic Milwaukee District Attorney John Chisholm filed bribery charges against Johnny Thomas, a Milwaukee County supervisor, rising star and shoo-in candidate for city comptroller.

The evidence was flimsy but Chisholm took Thomas to trial. Later that year, Thomas quickly was acquitted (but his reputation was damaged and career was derailed).

Previous to [...]

UPDATED: Walker aides conspired to engage in illegal vote caging?

Update #2: As noted in the comments section, the “caging” in question may have referred to other campaign-related activities, and the following Editor’s Note has appeared on the original entry at The Progressive. Upon further research, the emails referenced in this story appear to relate to the use of software called “Complete Campaigns,” which is [...]

The Progressive: What We’ve Learned from the Walker Leaks

The folks over at The Progressive have pointed out some strong parallels between Gov. Scott Walker and his New Jersey counterpart, Gov. Chris Christie.

Among the parallels between Walker and Christie, both governors were micromanagers of their campaigns, staff, and messaging. Both focused not on serving the interests of citizens but on their next political [...]

James Rowen: At The Heart Of The Email Dump: Walker’s All-Consuming Ambition…

As usual, James Rowen is right on point. Is this reality about who knew what, when and with whom, or:

When the dust settled, one emailer is now Governor, the other’s a convicted felon.

As Milwaukee County Executive, Scott Walker was on the secret email system that has earned his then-Deputy Chief of Staff Kelly [...]

UPDATE: Why are so many of Scott Walker’s aides fond of racist “jokes?”

In December 2013, Republican Gov. Scott Walker’s reelection campaign announced it had fired deputy finance director Taylor Palmisano after it was revealed Palmisano had made a number of racist comments on Twitter prior to being employed with Walker’s campaign.

In case you’ve been stuck under a rock today, over 27,000 pages of documents compiled during [...]

CMD: Wisconsin Club for Growth Makes False Claims to Federal Court

I smell a lawsuit… The Center for Media and Democracy (CMD) today denounced false claims filed in federal court by Eric O’Keefe and Wisconsin Club for Growth (WCFG) who are seeking to derail a bipartisan, multi-county criminal investigation into their electoral activities.

“Eric O’Keefe and WCFG have misled a federal court with false claims about [...]

Change The John Doe Process Because of Leaks?

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel’s new prince of darkness suggests that it is time to rework the laws defining John Doe because there are LEAKS surrounding John Doe II…aka the John Doe investigating irregularities surrounding the gubernatorial recall campaign.

Leaks have served to prosecute conservatives in the court of public opinion when actual evidence is [...]

Scott Walker’s doing a heck of a lot of “legal compliance”

For a guy who has absolutely nothing to worry about in regards to the ongoing “John Doe 2″ investigation, Republican Gov. Scott Walker sure is forking over a lot of money for legal compliance.

Gov. Scott Walker raised more than $5 million in the last half of 2013 — nearly triple what his Democratic opponent [...]

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