Scott Walker and BHD

Me,like many of you were horrified and angry at the revelations in the John Doe emails last week regarding BHD (for those of you outside Milwaukee,that’s short for “Behavioral Health Division” otherwise known as the the county mental health complex). You had top Walker aides who said “nobody cares about crazy people” etc and Walker [...]

Change The John Doe Process Because of Leaks?

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel’s new prince of darkness suggests that it is time to rework the laws defining John Doe because there are LEAKS surrounding John Doe II…aka the John Doe investigating irregularities surrounding the gubernatorial recall campaign.

Leaks have served to prosecute conservatives in the court of public opinion when actual evidence is [...]

Governor Scott Walker and John Doe I

An interesting thing happened on the way from John Doe I to John Doe II. Conservative bloggers and Governor Walker apologists continue to state that John Doe I exonerated the governor! HUH?

Exonerate generally means to free someone from blame or fault or that someone convicted of a crime is proven to be innocent. [...]

BREAKING: MJS seeking access to John Doe documents

Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel managing editor George Stanley told me during a telephone conversation this morning that the newspaper is aggressively seeking access to all public records that were placed under the John Doe secrecy order, including the emails, and that this has been an ongoing effort since the records were sealed. He said that any reporting [...]

John Doe Didn’t Exonerate Scott Walker

Since the announcement by retired Appeals Court Judge Neal Nettesheim that the John Doe investigation around members of Governor Scott Walker’s former County Executive staff was closed, we saw exaggerated weeping and gnashing of teeth on the left and gloating on right…well nothing in the statement from Judge Nettesheim would indicate that either party is [...]

Gov. Walker’s hopes dashed; John Doe investigation remains open

Governor Walker had high hopes that the John Doe investigation would soon be closed, maybe even as early as this week. That’s what he told reporters on Tuesday, anyway. But it seems Gov. Walker’s hopes have been dashed, as the judge overseeing the John Doe investigation just confirmed that it’s still open.

From NBC 15 [...]

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