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Nothing to see here….

Brian schimming, is letting everyone know that there is absolutely nothing to see here. Seriously, if you cant trust Brian (lobbyist, vice -chair of WI republican party and ex prosser staffer) Schimming to tell you the truth about the Wisconsin Supreme Court election results, who can you trust? Next thing you will tell me is […]

Neumann gets first in-state endorsements

Republican gubernatorial candidate Mark Neumann, whose campaign until this point had not garnered a single in-state endorsement from any elected official or Republican operative of any consequence, finally got not one, but two endorsements, from former Wisconsin Assembly Speaker John Gard and former Wisconsin State Treasurer Cate Zeuske. In addition to endorsing Neumann’s gubernatorial campaign, […]

John Gard’s shady consulting company

John Gard, former Assembly Speaker and the Republican candidate running against incumbent Rep. Steve Kagen in the Eighth Congressional District, has come under scrutiny for his ties to the Gard Business Group, a consulting company that paid Gard $12,307 from January through mid-April 2008 for his work there, according to the financial disclosure report he […]

Gard: “I’m taking my guns and I’m going home!”

Boy, things sure are getting bad for Republicans here in Wisconsin. After learning the National Rifle Association endorsed Congressman Steve Kagen, to whom Republican John Gard lost the 2006 race in Wisconsin’s 8th Congressional District, Gard said he won’t be renewing his membership with the NRA. In an interview with Politico, Gard made it clear […]

Stay Classy, John Gard!

While lots of folks all across the U.S. spent at least a little time yesterday reflecting on the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, Republican Congressional candidate John Gard spent time at a fundraiser with state Rep. Phil Montgomery. Gard headlined yesterday’s fundraiser for Rep. Montgomery at the National Railroad Museum in Ashwaubenon. The fundraiser […]